When it comes to parallel kitchens, it’s easy to think of them as utility havens. In terms of layout, they are a great solution for small spaces. And, as far as storage goes, they provide plenty of room to accommodate all the kitchen requirements one could have.

But the coming year, 2022, is taking things up a notch. Accompanying the new year is a variety of trending designs for parallel kitchens. These trends address both aesthetic appeals as well as functionality challenges.

So, if you’re looking to spruce up your parallel kitchen, read on and be on your way.

Get Grooving with Islands

Islands have always been a popular design element amongst homeowners. They add dimension to any space and also do wonders for the purpose of multifunctionality. Well, in 2022, they’re entering the parallel kitchen world to add a little extra flavour.

In terms of design, the coming year is all about improving and prioritising functionality. And, islands prove to be a great design solution in that regard. Since a parallel kitchen typically features two parallel counters (both for utility), consider making one counter an island that can be used for multiple functions.

While parallel kitchens are usually built to fit a small or cramped space, a space can be transformed to retain the parallel layout and accommodate an island as one of the surfaces. While it may seem like a bit of work in terms of renovation and construction, it’s totally worth it.

Backsplashes Call for Attention

In a traditional parallel kitchen layout, there is plenty of ‘backsplash’ room. Backsplashes refer to the surface area behind the counters. And, in 2022, design trends suggest taking a closer look at all the fun one can have with those areas. And, parallel kitchens provide a fantastic blank canvas to unleash creativity on.

Use different colours, materials and textures to funk it up in the kitchen. Marble, coloured stone, bold-coloured laminate, wall inserts, or even easy-to-clean wallpaper prove to be great ways to elevate the aesthetics of one’s parallel kitchen.

parallel kitchen layout

Handle-Less is More

Handles are so 2021. Well, at least that’s what design experts are saying. Parallel kitchen design trends suggest that the sleek, handle-less look is going to rule 2022. While it may seem inefficient to have a parallel kitchen without handles (considering how much space kitchens of this type usually offer), it’s quite the opposite.

A parallel kitchen with magnetic drawers, groove handles, press and pull doors or even slide doors can work wonders for efficiency. What’s more – they’re durable, long-lasting and give the kitchen a decluttered look. It’s surprising how many handles can feed into a space.

Zen Zones

One of the oft-cited disadvantages or cons when it comes to parallel kitchens is that they can become extremely crowded and can appear cramped. While that is the reality of this type of layout, 2022 is bringing a great design trend to change perceptions – zen.

This coming year, incorporate neutral, calming and serene tones to your parallel kitchen and let the space give off zen vibes even if the space itself can become quite chaotic. The impact that colours can have on a space are well known by now, and in 2022, that philosophy is entering the kitchen.

Once again, parallel kitchen trends for the new year suggest working with dual tones. So, why not combine browns and creams, creams and pastels, or other neutral tones – for the top and bottom half of your kitchen space.

Go Wood, Go Green

As has become known, sustainability is primed to be one of the determining factors for interior design trends in the coming year. And, that applies to parallel kitchen design trends too. Experts predict that the coming year will see a lot of emphasis on sustainability (through the use of materials, construction techniques, energy use, and more).

Wood, too, will become a preferred material. Be it countertops, cabinetry, backsplashes and more, wood will enter the parallel kitchen world and stay. While this may seem counterintuitive to the purpose of sustainability, wood is a long-lasting and durable material that can accommodate makeovers over the years and be morphed to fit evolving trends.

parallel kitchens

Parallel kitchens, like all else, have their pros and cons. But, when it comes to design trends, it’s important to make use of them and alleviate some of those pros. If you’re keen on starting the new year afresh and giving your parallel kitchen a trending makeover, the creative and insightful team at HomeLane is always buzzing with ideas. So, get in touch and get going!

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