The kitchen is the heart of a house where you spend a significant time cooking and dining. However, managing this space, at times, becomes quite overwhelming for the homeowners. This calls for the right storage arrangements at the right place.

When we talk about kitchen storage, the top two contenders are cabinets with doors and drawers. From which option is the best to their pros and cons and installation, we got you covered. Keep reading on as we outline every single aspect for you.

Kitchen Cabinets With Door vs. Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

Kitchen Cabinets With Door

Do you want to give a traditional touch to your kitchen? If yes, opt for kitchen cabinets with doors. The most striking quality of this cabinet style is that you can install them both above and below the counter.

Above the counter cabinets are the best to store lightweight and durable kitchenware. At the same time, you can store heavy cooking utensils in under-counter cabinetry. Spice up things a bit by using glass doors for the above-counter cabinets.

Raise the oomph factor by adding lights and showcasing your finest crockery here. Why don’t you connect with a professional interior designer to know more about customised pull-out shelves? It is a two-way cabinet style that will offer you seamless access to the entire storage space.

Kitchen Cabinet With Drawers

Imagine how effortless your cooking would be when you get everything at the stretch of your hand. It would be bliss, right? It is what kitchen cabinet drawers do for you. Their prime purpose is to give easy access to essential cooking items.

It is a 360° concept that homes everything ranging from spoons, knives to heavy cookware. A single draw-out can give you full access to space. You also have an option to go for a shallow peg system to store smaller jars, mugs, and bottles.

With cabinet drawers, you need not remove the front items to reach the back items. What a relief it would be. The crux is, cabinet drawers are easy to use, look classy, and can store everything for you.

kitchen storage drawers

Pros And Cons

Are you facing a hard time choosing the right cabinet style for your kitchen? Here are some for and against of both the options to help you make up your mind.

Kitchen Cabinet With Doors

Pros Cons
Offers a traditional look to space Glass doors can be fragile
Can store bulky and heavy utensils Doors can make clutter more visible
Easy to maintain  
Makes the kitchen look spacious  
Multiple design options  

Kitchen Cabinets With Drawers 

Pros Cons
Gives a stylish look to the kitchen Storing heavier items can damage the drawers
Offers a variety of storage options Can take a long time to clean
Ideal for compact kitchen  
Easy access to items  
Better efficiency and organisation  
Easy to customise  

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How To Incorporate Them In Your Kitchen?

As far as aesthetics are concerned, both the cabinets add character to space. They home different types of items, making your kitchen look spacious and tidy. Here are some style-wise installation tips for you:

Kitchen Cabinets With Doors

Cabinets with doors are ideal to create conventional looks. The under-counter cabinets have ample storage for large and heavy cooking utensils. If you are a fan of minimal detailing or symmetrical patterns, you can opt for a shaker kitchen cabinet.

Spruce up things by going for louvred or frosted glass door styles. You can also add drama to your space by giving peppy colours to your cabinets. Last but not least, fulfil your dream of having a cottage-style kitchen with distressed kitchen cabinet doors.

Kitchen Cabinets With Drawers 

A kitchen cabinet with drawers can make your kitchen look more dapper and organised. However,  make sure you go for a combination of the slide, pull, and insert for the best functionality. Using pan holder trays, a knife organiser, and a peg drawer organiser is a great way to create space.

Are you a coffee lover and have a personal caffeine collection? If yes, the K-cup organiser can seamlessly hold all your coffee bottles in place. Consider installing organising bins if you find your counter space congested and cluttered.

They are specially designed to store unrefrigerated fruits and veggies in them. It will make your kitchen look tidier than ever.


You see, maintaining kitchen cabinets with a door is quite easy. All you need to do is take out the items and clean the space with a dry cloth. Simple, isn’t it?

As far as drawer cabinets are concerned, cleaning them can prove to be a messy task. With so many storage sections, cleaning every section can be quite time-consuming.


Cabinets with doors are hands down a cost-effective option. You can get them done with minimal raw material.

On the other hand, installing cabinets with drawers can prove to be a costly affair. Anyone who is looking out for affordable kitchen renovation can go for the former option.

So, this was all about cabinets with doors and drawers. Both the options have their set of pros and cons and offer a unique character to space. If you want some serious recommendations on them, connect with the best in the industry.

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