It’s rush hour and you are getting late! You pull out a top from your wardrobe shelf, and alas! The haphazardly piled clothes start to tilt dangerously and the next thing you know, they’re tumbling down on top of you. What a way to start the day. 

Organising your wardrobes is a chore we all would rather put off for some other day. But to stay ahead of the chaos, it must be tackled regularly. To begin with, we spoke to the “organising specialist” from our home decor team to help decode the wardrobe dilemma and spill the beans on maintaining a well-kept wardrobe. Here are the wardrobe  hacks they recommend:

Hack 1: Spring Clean 

There may be several items in your wardrobe that you are holding on to for sentimental reasons. Your college shorts and university sweatshirt. They are stuffed into the back of the wardrobe and you rarely look at them, let alone wear them. If you haven’t worn a piece of cloth for a year, let it go, make way for the new. Think, old t-shirts, pants you don’t fit into, fraying belts, etc. Make exceptions for seasonal wear like woollens sweaters, shawls, silks, monsoon wear, etc. 

Donating your clothes to NGOs is always a good option. You can even swap your clothes at events that encourage clothes swapping. T-shirts can be repurposed as cleaning rags. Re-organizing and repurposing are now the mantras of conscious individuals. You can start your journey by minimizing your wardrobe items. When you do shop, try to pick only quality items that will last you a while rather than a bunch of cheap clothes from fast fashion brands.  

wardrobe organization hacks

Hack 2: Understand The Space In Your Wardrobe.

Often we don’t realize that the wardrobe needs to be constructed to suit our requirements. As a result, we end up owning a standard-size wardrobe that doesn’t fulfill our needs. But where there is a will, there is a way. 

Measure up your wardrobe shelves; use excels sheets if you want to. Excel is for organizing and calculating, right? Why not use it? Understand how your wardrobe shelf is divided. Is there more space for hanging clothes or more divisions for shelves? This exercise will give you a fair idea of the space and how you’d like to organise it.

If there is more area allocated to hanging clothes, you can hand all your jackets, shirts, undergarments and trousers. This way, clothes are visible, and you’ll be able to free up more space. 

wardrobe space and measurements

Hack 3: Categorize Your Clothes 

In a day, we end up wearing 2-3 different types of clothes. On special occasions, the numbers increase. This will give you a fair idea about the clothes we wear on different occasions and the styles we own. 

What you wear at home, at work, or for a casual outing should be organized well. Inner garments, belts, socks, gym wear, loungewear, sleepwear, weekend wear should be separated and arranged according to needs. For example, if you have a hard time finding the matching pair of socks, try putting one sock inside the other like a bundle. This way you’ll never miss the other pair. 

Belts can be kept on the hanger; where they are visible and easily accessible. Inner garments like bras can also be settled in a hanger; this way, they take up less space in the wardrobe and are organised for easy reach. Daily clothes in the front, gym wear should be prioritized according to the frequency of a workout, and special occasion wear on the topmost shelf. This exercise will free up your wardrobe space and help you find the right clothes at the right time. 

how to organized cloths

Hack 4: Learn To Fold Your Clothes.

Folding clothes the right way will ensure that they don’t topple over or take up too much closet space. We understand its a boring chore, but thanks to the OCD clan, there are tons of videos wherein they demonstrate how to fold the clothes efficiently. 

Don’t fold your clothes inside out. Fold them the right way; you’ll be able to tackle uneven seams, and the garment when stacked will look neat. Put all your delicate embroidered, heirloom garments in a soft cotton wrap cloth; you could even use an old pillowcase for this. 

Silks, when kept together as a stack tend to slide and lose their fold, keep cotton between two silk clothes. If all fails, give your clothes for ironing to the local laundry person. This way you will get crisp ironed ready to wear garments that are also nicely folded, helping you stack them well. 

cloth folding tips

Hack 5: Invest In Stackable Boxes.

Psst! We’re letting you in a trade secret of Home Interior Experts. It is boxes. Invest in stackable boxes to neatly organise your wardrobe. Boxes can hold pretty much everything and not let your items get into disarray. 

Socks, which are bundled up, can be kept in boxes to free up space in the wardrobe. You can keep them near shoe boxes for easy access. Small clothing items such as undergarments take up too much space, and no matter how neatly you keep them, they tend to fall over. The solution, as you rightly guessed, is boxes. 

Stackable boxes are available in online stores and local supermarkets. Find the size that suits your requirements and watch your wardrobe transform like Monica’s. 

We hope our wardrobe hacks have made the task of organising your wardrobe less cumbersome now. Our home interior experts would love to share their tips, and wardrobe hacks with you. Contact the experts at HomeLane if you would like to custom make a wardrobe according to your needs and style. 


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