Be it getting ready for a business meeting, dressing up to catch up with friends, or putting up your favourite casuals for a walkabout town, your wardrobe plays a huge role for every occasion. And with an overflowing wardrobe, it might take hours to dress the way you had planned to. An overstocked wardrobe might not be found in every home, but it eventually happens with changing seasons and regular shopping.

That’s why having a well-organised wardrobe is of huge importance. And not just a sorted wardrobe, it pays to have space-saving furniture in your bedroom. Because, once you have a wardrobe with expandable storage, you can easily cut the clutter and keep your favourites within reach.

Let’s take a look at some storage hacks and fun ways to add value to the wardrobe to make dressing up a joy again.

Wardrobes with Mirrors to Add Volume, Value, Light and Drama

Whether you have a bedroom that’s low on space or a large bedroom with poor illumination, a wardrobe with mirrors can change the mood and add functionality to both. With mirrors on the wardrobe doors, you can avoid the need to buy a dressing or wall mirror separately, to save both money and space. It will bathe the space in light by reflecting natural and artificial light and add a sense of volume.

Wardrobes with Sliding Doors

Smart furniture like a wardrobe with sliding doors is a great choice for bedrooms where the space is low for moving around. These smart wardrobe designs can also become multi-purpose items if there’re mirrors on the doors.

Collapsible Racks in Wardrobes

If you are planning to buy a new wardrobe, go for a wardrobe that has collapsible features like racks and drawers. With these flexible modules, you can always enjoy rearranging and get extra space to easily fit new additions to your closet.

Introduce a Pop of Color in Your Bedroom with Colorful Wardrobe

In your bedroom, no other piece of furniture occupies the sheer visual volume as much as a wardrobe. The right colour of a wardrobe provides a great opportunity to set the tone of the bedroom and the entire home décor.

Remove the Old and Unused Pieces from Your Closet

Overflowing wardrobes happen only because you tend to forget to let go of once loved but otherwise rarely used clothing and accessories. So, we recommend to take stock of your entire collection and remove the pieces that you simply don’t use anymore.

Maximize Floor Space of Your Wardrobe

It is not uncommon that the large hanging clothes end up occupying your wardrobe’s entire floor space with time. The trick here is to keep the large pieces on one side and the foldable ones on the other side. By smartly arranging your hanging clothes, you can create valuable floor space and utilize the same to keep the other favourites in reach.

Illuminate Your Wardrobe to Locate Stuff Easily

While planning to buy a new closet or getting one custom designed, keep in mind the value of lighting in your wardrobe. With properly placed light sources in the wardrobe, you can find a particular colour or style quickly.

Utilize the Upper Space on Wardrobe

Many wardrobes come either with no upper storage space or are simply too high to utilize for keeping anything there. So consider a wardrobe that offers storage on top, so that you can utilize it to place the bulky or seasonal pieces there.

Wardrobes with Door Storage

A wardrobe’s prime purpose is to provide maximum space. Apart from collapsible racks, this can also be achieved by having storage hooks and fixtures on the wardrobe doors. These can be used to store the most frequently used small accessories that might get hidden under bulky pieces.

Rearrange Your Wardrobe Once in a While

Rearranging the wardrobe has many advantages. It can infuse a new look in the closet, and second, it will automatically create more space once you try various combinations to store your clothes and accessories.

With these easy to follow tricks, you can always steer clear of messy and overflowing wardrobes. Utilize these fun tricks to keep your wardrobe organized so that you can switch from one look to the other in a jiffy. These handy tips will also be of great value to plan your bedroom layouts to move into a new house or set up a new look of the existing space.

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