Space is at a premium these days, and apartments are more compact now than ever before. This doesn’t mean that having a small bedroom should cause you to worry about storage. There are many clever ways to make the most out of your little space and organize your things beautifully. Here is the design storage for a small bedroom.

1. Sliding shutters will free up space

Design your wardrobes with sliding shutters rather than doors that are hinged and open outwards. This way, the bed can be placed right against the wardrobe, the wardrobe will still be perfectly functional, and you will have more circulation space in the room. Having mirrored sliding shutters not only multiplies the space visually but also does away with the need for a separate dressing table with a mirror.

storage for small bedroom

2. Play in the right colours!

Colours play an important role in any interior but assume greater importance in a compact space. Dark colours will make your walls appear closed in, while light colours open up your room and make it appear larger than it is. Match the wardrobe colours to your walls to create a near-invisible look that does not look cramped. If space is in short supply, white is always your safest bet. It is cool and refreshing and adds an elegant touch to any room. Always remember that dark shades of laminate or wood on a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe will compromise the entire look and feel of your bedroom.

3. Aloft creates extra space

If your bedroom design has more-than-average ceiling height, you can design a fitted wardrobe that goes all the way up to the ceiling, with separate shutters for the loft. You can stow away travel suitcases or other items that are not needed on a daily basis.

storage for small bedroom

4. Make use of the right accessories to maximize the utility of your small wardrobe

If you have storage till the ceiling, you can make use of garment lift accessories to bring the clothes hanger rack down to a manageable height. Anything over 8 feet is not easily accessible.

Design the drawers and shelves thoughtfully to provide optimal storage for all your small items. Make a list of all that you need to put away, and tailor the spaces so that every inch is accounted for. Pull out drawers on extendable channels can help you access the space all the way at the back.

storage for small bedroom

5. Open shelving is a great idea too

This compact bedroom for a teenage boy below incorporates two great storage ideas. Beside ­the vibrant green sliding shutters that serve to neatly stash away typical teenage clutter, there are open shelves at the two sides where a lot of youthful paraphernalia can be stored. Open shelving is very versatile and can be put to multiple uses; books, gadgets, clothes, sports gear, towels and bags are just a few of the many items that can be stored. Do remember that while they do definitely save on space, open storage shelves can get messy if they are not organized neatly.

open shelves for small bedroom

A great way to organize open shelves is to use storage boxes. These can be simple patterned cardboard boxes in various sizes, wickerwork baskets, or clear plastic tubs or trays…anything that looks neat and is functional will work well!

open shelves for small bedroom

6. Try a chest-of-drawers and storage below the bed

If your bedroom is too small to accommodate a full wardrobe, then you could try having a sleek chest of drawers instead. Your bed can be made to do double duty as well. Create some extra storage in the form of hidden drawers below your bed, and your storage needs will be taken care of.

chest of drawers for small bed room

7. Make your headboard work extra hard

Another simple idea that works well is to use the space on either side of the bed for additional storage. Cabinets above the bedside units can offer some really valuable extra storage.

We also love the idea of a headboard doubling up as additional storage. Open shelves can house not just artefacts but also essential items in boxes. Cut back on the clutter though, as you surely don’t want to have to sleep in between a disorganized mess!

tips for small bedroom

8. A fancy storage rack can look pretty and work smart

If you’ve used up every scrap of closet space and still find it inadequate, a fancy fashion designer’s clothes rack can be a pretty addition to your small bedroom.

If you do some more out-of-the-box thinking, you can come up with more creative and fun ideas to live big in your small space! We hope these tips have helped you to get past your tiny space dilemma without compromising on your storage needs or your style quotient.

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