With consumers seeking functional, space-saving and multi-utilitarian amenities, modern-day houses have undergone a massive transformation.

From fancy sofa-cum-beds to TV units that double as showcases to beds offering ample storage, every piece of furniture now serves more than one purpose.

This is why the combination of a wardrobe with a dressing table makes absolute sense, given the complementary nature of such a design.

combination of a wardrobe

We have rounded up a few wardrobe with a dressing table combinations in the sections below which will help you decide on the best one for your home.

Full Wall Wardrobe with Built-in Dressing Table

One can go on and on about the advantages of a wardrobe with a dressing table. It can make your room appear spacious, offer more than enough storage space, and so on.

But most importantly, everyone loves full these wardrobe with a dressing table combinations as they ensure privacy from prying eyes and ensure that your room continues to look flawless.

While designing this wardrobe, you can also reserve a panel that can be converted into a dressing table, as seen in the image below. Simply install a mirror and some soft lights, and slip an Ottoman under the table to optimize space usage!


built-in dressing table

Open-Concept Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

Open-concept wardrobes (or cloakrooms) are all in vogue right now.

As the name indicates, this wardrobe with a dressing table follows a “show it all” approach and can function as a statement wall. It grants quicker access to your clothes and makes your room airer, informal, and relaxed.

The design can vary from the conservative wooden frame to funky warehouse concepts made from PVC or metal pipes!

You can set aside one end of the wardrobe with a dressing table to set up other assorted accessories etc.

Make sure that you follow the same theme as the master bedroom wardrobe design with dressing table to create a sense of balance and harmony in the overall design.


open-concept wardrobe design

Walk-in Wardrobe with Floating Island Dressing Table

This uber-cool wardrobe design with a dressing table can come in handy if you live in a spacious, luxurious house with some room to spare. You can convert the small room into a walk-in closet.

You can also use this design as a hall wardrobe design owing to the nature of the design.

This design works best if the room is attached to your bedroom or bathroom. You can also go for a sliding wardrobe design with dressing table combination to allow for more flexibility.

Feel free to get as creative with it as you want; you can opt for an open-concept wardrobe for your shoes, a wall-to-wall sliding wardrobe with a dressing table for your clothes and so on.

And in the middle of this walk-in closet, you can have a floating island dressing table with a two-sided vanity mirror and seating space on either side, which will make you feel like royalty!

floating island dressing table

Compact Wardrobe-Cum-Dressing Table

As much as we would like to live out the luxury painted above, not all of us can afford it, especially with space being a major constraint.

So, if you are looking for a compact wardrobe with a dressing table, then here’s what you need to do – install a full-size mirror onto the wardrobe doors.

You can do it just on one door or both, while the space inside the wooden wardrobe design can house all your beauty products.

You can always have an ottoman that you can pull up and sit on while getting ready.

wardrobe-cum-dressing table

Multi-Wall Wardrobe with Corner Dressing Table

Quite often, corners are the most underutilized section of any room. And for this reason, it makes absolute sense to convert them into usable parts like a dressing room.

This wardrobe with a dressing table works well if your wardrobes continue from one wall to the adjacent one.

You know that the corner section will hardly come to use for holding anything as it will only make the items hard to reach or inaccessible. So, install an L-shaped mirror and corner table (quarter-circle) to supplement your l-shaped wardrobe design.

Since corners can get a bit dull and dark, make sure that you have sufficient lighting to make the wardrobe with a dressing table as functional as it would be aesthetic!

multi-wall wardrobe

Modern Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

Here’s an example of a master bedroom sliding wardrobe design with dressing table that you can make your own.

If your wardrobe is designed to be encapsulated within one corner of your room, do not crowd the area further by having the dressing table inside too.

Instead, take inspiration from the example shown below and create a modern wardrobe design with dressing table.

The sleek mirror within an industrial style dressing table and blush pink stool is the perfect addition to this walk in wardrobe design. It completes the look of your wardrobe area effortlessly modular wardrobe design.

Don’t miss out on the soft rug placed right outside the wardrobe, especially if it is an indian wardrobe design with dressing table which gives it a cosy and comforting vibe.

modern wardrobe design

Master Bedroom Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

If you are looking for an innovative and space-saving wardrobe design with dressing table, take a look at the image below.

This is the perfect example of a wardrobe design with study table and dressing table.

This bedroom wardrobe design is taken to another level, thanks to the addition of the longstanding mirror on the right side of the bedroom.

The beauty also lies in the use of a study-cum-dressing table where you can see an artwork placed. This becomes the centre point of the bedroom.

This wardrobe with a dressing table is next to the window, which allows for natural lighting. The design is such that you can store necessary items of everyday storage. Plus, you can use this as a study table and/or a dressing table as needed.

Instead of placing a small mirror on top of the table, you can add a long mirror, which will make the room look, bigger, more open, and spacious. You can also opt for a small hanging wardrobe design as seen in the cabinet-sized below.

Notice how even the open ultra modern modern wardrobe design with dressing table has a mirror placed in one section.

wardrobe design with dressing table

A Wardrobe Design of Our Dreams–Made Better

Here’s a modular wardrobe design that is sure to find many takers. If you have the luxury of space, you can carve out a dedicated space in your room for your wardrobe design with dressing table.

In the example shown below, this gorgeous and highly-useful wardrobe with a dressing table can be made better with a dressing table strategically placed within the space.

The transparent divider makes the room look bigger. You can also go for hinged wardrobe designs to make optimum use of the space.

wardrobe design of our dreams

A Minimal Wardrobe Design that Exudes Simplicity

Here’s an amazing wardrobe design for bedroom with dressing table that can transform the look and feel of your room.

If you have space on one side of the bed, why not build a separate minimal wardrobe design unit like the one shown below?

You can add a wardrobe with a dressing table unit to keep the space outside clean, free, and minimal.

minimal wardrobe design

A Simple Wardrobe Design with Potential for Creativity

Looking for a sliding wardrobe design with dressing table? Take a look at the example shown below. The first thing we’d like to change about this wardrobe design is the use of curtains.

It lends a bulky look to the overall design. Instead, we suggest you go for a sliding wardrobe design to keep the look neat and chaos-free.

To elevate this minimal wardrobe design, add a smart and modern dressing table on one side and complete the look.

simple wardrobe design

Your story of beauty starts with the dressing table and bleeds into the wardrobe. However, designing the wardrobe with a dressing table can be as easy or as tough as you make it to be – it all boils down to the vision you have in mind.

Hopefully, the ideas shared above will spark some creativity and help you make the best of what you have at hand.

That being said, if you find yourself feeling stuck, you can always consult the experts at HomeLane and they would be more than happy to help!

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