One of the charms of any bedroom is its wardrobe. Standing tall with pride in the given space, the choice of wardrobe for a bedroom directly complements the room’s overall look. Whether you choose to buy a wardrobe in 2022 which is simple yet elegant in design or opt for a loud, stylish one, they all contribute towards acing your bedroom décor look within minutes.

With high demands to invest in the most stylish and unique looking wardrobes, you can come across dozens of options in the market today. Right from different shapes and designs to stunning colour combinations and material types, they will make you fall in love immediately. If you wish to go with the trend, check out the list of best selling wardrobes for 2022 that we have delivered to dozens of happy homes.

Desert Sun Floor to Ceiling Wardrobe

One of our bestsellers, the Desert sun Floor To Ceiling Wardrobe, is a stunning floor to ceiling straight wardrobe perfect to meet any stylish wardrobe requirements. This best selling wardrobe for 2022 comes in attractive green and sunset yellow tones, with fine finishing of lacquered glass to give that illusion of vastness. What makes it even more remarkable is its sliding door that provides space in the room, and the availability of multiple drawers helps you organise your stuff.

Indigo Blue and White Matte Finish Wardrobe

Another stunning product that you can consider if you plan to buy a wardrobe in 2022 is the Indigo Blue and White Matte Finish Wardrobe. This wardrobe features a beautiful matte finish, and the use of colours indigo and white makes the product a special purchase. It comes with a sliding door to save up space and a chest of drawers to hold your different items in an organised manner.

Cream and Aqua Blue Straight Wardrobe

While the Cream and Aqua Blue Straight Wardrobe may look simple, it is an attractively subtle modern designed wardrobe that can be placed in any bedroom. The exotic wooden finish helps you place the wardrobe within walls of all kinds of colours and décor finish. Buying this wardrobe piece will also offer you additional furniture items such as a study table, chest of drawers and wall unit to complete the furniture requirements of a given bedroom.

Dusty Brown Multitone Lacquered Glass Wardrobe

Sleek, colourful and high in quality, the Dusty Brown Multitone Lacquered Glass Wardrobe is an unmissable piece of wardrobe that should be added to at least one bedroom of the house. This floor to ceiling multi-tone straight wardrobe is the best cupboard to buy in 2022 because it features a gorgeous lacquered glass finish and sets of drawers to help you organise your stuff. What makes this an exceptional piece is the pop of yellow that promises to brighten up your room every minute, no matter the kind of day outside. It also comes with a long mirrored panel to help you make the best use of the same.

Exotic Creme Straight Hinged Wardrobe

Another luxurious looking wardrobe boasting an exotic wooden matte finish, the Exotic Creme Straight Hinged Wardrobe is perfect to set the mood of your cosy bedroom décor. The contrast of bright creme shade with pops of patterned brown brings about a modern-looking subtle look to give your bedroom an elegant finish. It features a long mirror to complete the look and use and multiple drawers and cabinets for an adequate storage opportunity.

Groovy Gray Study Table Cum Wardrobe

Grey is the new Black, and our Groovy Gray Study Table Cum Wardrobe makes for a smart purchase for any bedroom size and design. The multi-tone straight hinged wardrobe boasts a modern design, and the use of the shade grey with a tone of white gives a smart look. What makes this design unique is its exposed midsection giving you quick and easy access to store and access items from the wardrobe. Other features include an attached chest of drawers as well as a study table.

Mallow Mauve Sliding Door Wardrobe

The primary beauty of the Mallow Mauve Sliding Door Wardrobe lies in the stunning set of colours used for the piece. The multi-tone floor to ceiling wardrobe is straight in design and boasts the perfection of a wood finish. It also features a sliding door to give more space in your bedroom, along with multiple sections and drawers to organise your items.

SpearMint Green Wooden Finish Hinged Wardrobe

If you are a fan of fresh and natural colours that brighten up a space, then this Spear Mint Green Wooden Finish Hinged Wardrobe is the perfect one for you. This straight wardrobe is a modern design piece that features an exotic wooden finish. What makes this another best cupboard to buy in 2022 is its contrast of green with cream colours allows it to stand away from the rest and promises to make heads turn. Like many other wardrobes from our collection, it comes with an attached dresser and multiple drawers.

Bedroom wardrobe design trends at HomeLane offer you a list of some of the best selling wardrobes for 2022. Each piece is elegant, quirky and perfect for revamping your bedroom into something unique and stylish. You can always connect with our HomeLane experts, who can help you decide the best cupboard to buy in 2022 that complements your personality and lifestyle. Call us today and allow us the opportunity to personalise your interiors.

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