Once considered a luxury piece of furniture possessed by only aristocrats, the dressing table is an integral part of the bedroom suite in modern houses. An excellent dressing table helps add character and functionality to keep everything – from jewellery to makeup and self-care products organised.

When choosing a dressing table, lighting is the essential element. Choosing the right dressing table lighting can make all the difference. If your bedroom doesn’t have enough natural light or you have to squeeze your dressing area into a corner due to small bedroom space, then ambient light will be your saviour.

There are other dressing table lighting ideas to incorporate better light into your dressing table space and make it stand out. Before we explore dressing table lighting ideas, let us take a look at various dressing table lighting options that can add a special touch to your beloved grooming space:

  • Ambient Light: Since mirrors accompany dressings tables, natural light works the best to have proper visibility and assist you in grooming. You can make the most of natural light by using ambient lighting. It is essentially a soft and simple light that can be achieved using fixtures such as wall lighting, a spotlight for dressing tables, table lamps, track lights, and more.
  • Accent Light: Accent dressing table lighting is used to focus on a particular object to create a dramatic effect and can be achieved with the help of wall-mounted fixtures, slimline bars, under cabinets, strip lights, and more.
  • Task Light: Task lights provide desired illuminance in a specific area to improve the overall performance of tasks by maximising visuals aid. These makeup table lighting ideas can either be installed over the dressing table in LED bulbs or underneath wall-mounted mirrors or cabinets.
  • Mood lighting: Mood dressing table lighting helps elevate and beautify any corner with the help of soft lighting options and bright colours. It can be incorporated into the dressing table with lights using mirror backlighting, fairy lights, etc.These vanity table lighting ideas often come with advanced options that allow users to adjust the intensity and colours concerning the surroundings and usually consume less energy than others.

5 Best Dressing Table Lighting Ideas for Modern Spaces

When considering dressing table lighting, it is essential to choose modern dressing table lights that are both pretty and practical. Make sure that it resonates with your home aesthetics as well as your style.

After all, your dressing table is a place where you spend a lot of time getting ready and looking picture-perfect. We have compiled a list of practical and elegant dressing table lighting ideas to make yours look Instagram-worthy:

1. Hollywood Glam for Luxe Lighting

Create a Hollywood-style dressing table with luxe lighting options that include task lights or mood lighting to look picture-perfect from day till night. The LED light bulbs create a Hollywood-style dressing table mirror with lights that you often spot in movies or glamorous shoots.

You can have your very own portable makeup studio with the vanity mirror light kit that comes with adjustable light options.

hollywood glam for luxe lighting

2. Minimalist Dressing Table with Strip Lights

Elevate the look of a sleek dressing table with strip lights that are perfect for a minimalistic décor set-up. If you are not a fan of flashy or bright lights, investing in a strip light will be your best bet.

Alternatively, you can go for a backlighting mirror or even an LED dressing table mirror that adds a touch of sophistication and enough illumination to light up the mirror and the top surface of the table.

minimalist dressing table with strip lights

3. Fairy Lights to Sit Pretty

You can go for mood lighting using fairy or string lights to create an inviting space while brightening up the dressing table designs and storage drawers. Fairy lights are easy to install and can be paired with another makeup vanity with light ideas to create a cohesive LED light for dressing table units that provides style and functionality to your dressing table area.

Such dressing table designs with lights come in numerous sizes and shapes and are easy to move around as well.

fairy lights to sit pretty

4. Retro Lamp for the Victorian in You

Retro designer lamps can transform your dressing table into a work of art while doing what they are intended to. You can imbibe the retro or vintage dressing table light-up mirror effect by using wall-mounted lights that bounce off the floor or using a portable lamp.

You have the luxury to move the lamp and decide on different placements or angles as you please. It is also easy to move the lamp around to another room according to your needs. A wall-mounted lamp in vintage brass or Victorian-era scone will evoke classic period vibes and re-create the medieval charm.

retro designer lamps

5. Simple Vanity Lights

There are many simple dressing table lighting options for your vanity area that cater to different aesthetic styles and remain functional. If you are looking to add something extra to your dressing table yet not overdo it, then simple lights are your best option.

You can choose from wall sconces, false ceiling lights, pendant lights, light bulbs covered with decorative glass, lamps, hanging lights, or energy-efficient LED light fixtures, depending on your requirement and the size of the area you want to illuminate.

Such a dressing table with mirror and lights offers even distribution of light and is perfect for even your everyday grooming. Unlike LED bulbs on the mirror or tabletop lamp, they provide a soothing lighting effect for the entire room, depending on light intensity.

simple vanity lights

6. The Perfect LED Focus Lights on Mirror

When you think of installing the perfect lighting options for your dressing table, you must consider aesthetics and functionality. LED focus lights attached to the panel boundaries of your mirror will give you enough light to get decked up.

The ingenuity of this design also adds fun and design elements to your dressing table space, making it look classy and modern. This sleek dressing table lighting design offers the best solution to illuminate your tabletop and the attached cabinets. This dressing table with mirror and lights style can be chosen for better productivity than an extravagance.

perfect led focus lights for mirror

Well-designed Dressing Table with Subtle Lighting

This beautiful master bedroom looks exquisite, with a separate area for a majestic dressing table. The clear high-definition LED dressing table mirror is brightened and illuminated by the statement lamp and the sophisticated arrangement of floating lights on the walls.

The dressing area is well-lit from all ends, which makes it easier for you to do your makeup with enough light. Besides the lighting options, the placement of the dressing table is beautifully done to get enough natural light, which is the highlight of this dressing table lighting design.

well-designed dressing table with subtle lighting


Getting your dressing table lighting right is essential to enhance the look and feel of your vanity space. If you need further inspiration to pick the best interior lights for your vanity space, get in touch with HomeLane design experts today to guide you in the best way possible.


1. Which dressing table lighting option is considered the best?

When considering the best choice for dressing table lighting, you must always opt for LED lighting or Halogens. These lights tend to project a natural look and don’t cast shadows or blur the view, especially when you are applying makeup.

2. How do you install dressing table lighting?

When installing the dressing table lighting, make sure it looks classy and chic and complements the lighting options in the rest of the space. You can install dressing table lighting by using a tall lamp that can brighten up the mirror, countertop, and cabinets.

You can pair it with small light bulbs that through warm light at you from all angles. You can also accentuate the look of the dressing table by installing a pendant light in the centre, glowing lamps on side tables, or using downlights.

3. How do you get good lighting for makeup?

If you want the right dressing table lighting option for makeup, then nothing is as suitable as Natural light. Pure white light is ideal for makeup. If natural light isn’t available, you can get a white-light bulb or decorate your large vanity mirror with built-in bulbs.

However, if you have the option of getting your makeup done in an open space where you have enough natural light or on skylights, then grab it immediately.

4. What is the best lighting for a dressing table?

As mentioned earlier, natural light works wonders and is the best dressing table lighting option. In the absence of natural or skylights, you must opt for ambient lighting options that are functional, cost-effective, bright, and ideal for makeup and help you save on your energy bills.

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