Your dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in your bedroom, one that helps you put your best face forward to the world.

If you’re looking to refurbish your bedroom, here are some trending functional and aesthetic dressing table designs that you could choose from.

1. Classical Dressing Table Designs

With gentle curves and elaborate ornamentation, this classical-styled white dressing table model will fit right into a bedroom decorated with old-world charm.

Two wall sconces on either side of the mirror provide ample light. Time to put your pretty face on!

classical dressing table designs

2. Space Saving Vanity Unit

Here’s a stylish dressing table design that does double duty! When closed, it’s a regular desk that can be used as your work-from-home space.

Come evening, and the desktop opens out into a fold-up mirror, with cubbies below to house your make-up and trinkets! A lighting strip is also cleverly integrated into the top of the mirror.

space saving vanity unit

3. His and Hers Modern Dressing Table Designs for the Bedroom

Twin vanities like these are for the well-dressed modern couple. No more impatiently waiting for your turn at the mirror! With two sets of storage drawers and twin seats, the large mirror easily makes room for him and her at the same time.

modern dressing table designs for the bedroom

4. Built-in and Compact Dressing Table Designs

Elegance lies in the simplest of designs. In this popular dressing table idea, one of the wardrobe modules is converted into a built-in dressing table, with a long mirror and space to tuck in a stool below the counter.

The mirror can be designed in such a way that it opens out to access storage shelves behind.

built-in and compact dressing table designs

5. Compact Wall Dressing Table Designs

This lovely bedroom does it in style, with a convenient vanity built right into the wall-to-wall cupboard.

Deep drawers below allow you to store all your make-up pots and lotions, while the adjacent floating shelves allow maximum storage and display options.

compact wall dressing table designs

6. Vanity Fair, Hollywood Style!

Get your make-up picture perfect with this Hollywood-style dressing table design fitted with LED light bulbs all around the frame, offering illumination that mimics natural light.

Opt for larger bulbs as they offer better, evenly distributed light that covers all angles.

hollywood style vanity fair

7. Contemporary and Chic Dressing Table Designs

This wardrobe uses white laminate for a clean and contemporary aesthetic. Alongside the wardrobe—but not a part of it—is the minimalistic, highly space-efficient vanity unit, done up in the same colour pairing for a cohesive look.

The unit is mounted on the wall, has drawers below, and provides space below to slide in a small stool.

contemporary and chic dressing table designs

8. Transitional Themed Vanity

This transitional themed dressing table design blends the best of the old and the new, with plenty of warm appeal built into the Shaker-style drawers and storage cabinet.

The mirror tilts back to provide angled views. Wicker trays, lined in pretty muslin that matches the grey palette, neatly corral powders and lotions.

transitional themed vanity

9. Dressing Table Design with a Modern Touch: Vanity in Your Dressing Room!

This spacious bedroom features its own dressing room, set two steps down from the sleeping area and just outside the en-suite bathroom.

Done up in black and white high-gloss laminate, the vanity unit offers plenty of storage in the form of top-lit glass shelves and sleek drawers.

A tall mirror that extends till the floor is fitted next to the vanity, allowing for convenient viewing of dress fittings.

dressing table design with a modern touch

10. Rustic Wooden Dressing Table Designs

When it comes to wooden dressing table designs for your bedroom, you can’t go wrong! Be it modern or traditional wooden dressing table designs, you have plenty of options to explore.

Rustic wooden dressing table designs such as these exude timeless beauty—they look regal and accentuate the vibe of your room.

Besides, wood is incredibly durable and can withstand continual usage with basic maintenance. If you already have wooden floors or ceilings, acquiring a wooden dressing table for your interior design will add to the rustic aesthetics.

Wooden dressing tables come with the added advantage of being able to be refinished. They can be painted, stained, or sanded to improve their appearance.

rustic wooden dressing table designs


Have more questions, or need more ideas? Whatever may be your décor theme or personal style, HomeLane has dressing table designs to suit your every need! For more décor ideas and inspiration, step into a HomeLane Experience Centre today.


1. My Bedroom Is Very Small. How Can I Still Make Space for a Dressing Table?

A great way to make room for a dressing table in your tiny bedroom is to incorporate it within the wardrobe. If even that isn’t practical, why not just have mirrored shutters on the wardrobe instead of a separate dressing table design?

2. I Believe In Vastu. According to Vastu, Where Should the Dressing Table Be Placed?

According to Vastu, it is not advised to have a mirror in the bedroom as it will interfere with the energies in the room. However, if it is not possible to have a separate dressing room, then place the dressing table in such a position that the mirror does not reflect the bed while sleeping. Ideally, mirrors should be placed on the western and northern walls of the house and never on the southern or western walls.

If you have a locker in your bedroom and the mirror is placed in a way that reflects it, your wealth will be doubled. Vastu also opines that wherever you place the mirror, ensure that it does not give a distorted reflection of your image, and also ensure that the surface of the mirror is kept absolutely clean and spotless at all times.

3. Which Are the Dressing Items That Should Be Concealed?

This depends on your convenience. Organise your dressing table in a way that whatever you use on a daily basis is within easy reach. Anything that looks cluttered should be kept hidden; for instance, a collection of hair scrunchies or bindis can be put inside a drawer.

4. What Kind of Mirror Should Your Dressing Table Have?

Always use a plane mirror that reflects your image in the same size so that you get an accurate representation of how you look. It could have a rectangular, oval or circular frame to go with the aesthetics of your room.

Plan to have bright lighting above or all around the mirror so that you can see yourself in the best light. A mirror that tilts is a value-add, as you can see your whole image from head to toe!

5. Which Mirror Is Best for the Dressing Table?

When it comes to stylish dressing table designs, you can go for a full-length standing mirror in a wooden frame, a sturdy mirror with a mahogany finish, or even a simple mirror that can be mounted on the wall.

6. How Do You Make a Beautiful Dressing Table?

If you’re looking for modern dressing table designs for the bedroom, there are so many styles you can incorporate!

Depending on the size of your bedroom and your budget, you can set up a compact yet pretty modern dressing table design for a small bedroom or go for a luxurious queen-size master bedroom wardrobe design with a dressing table.

Whatever your choice, make it beautiful with accessories like a lampshade, photo frames, and a flower vase.

7. Which Material Is Best for the Dressing Table?

Different types of materials are suitable for different kinds of dressing table designs. The most common dressing table materials are engineered wood, rubber wood, metal, glass, or vinyl. Wood is widely regarded as one of the best materials for dressing tables.

8. What Type of Wood Is Used for the Dressing Table?

Different types of wood are used in dressing table models. Some dressing table designs are made of solid wood, while others are made of engineered wood.

Engineered wood is a more popular choice as it’s durable, sustainable, and more economical than other varieties of wood. Plywood, MDP (medium-density fibre), and HDF (high-density fibre) are some commonly used engineered woods available in the market.

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