As every interior designer knows, the right lighting can make or break the ambience of your home. Just by flicking a light switch, we can create intrigue, spark romance, evoke calmness, or set the stage for a busy workday. Lighting can be cleverly designed and positioned to showcase prized possessions, dispel darkness from corners, or cast fascinating shadows or patterns on the floor and walls.

In this article, we’ll show you lovely, simple ways to beautifully decorate your home using LED strip lights. LED lights are a great way to update your home lighting design without shelling out serious money, or making your energy bills hit the roof!

Here’s how you can elevate your home décor and your mood!

#1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The warm, mellow glow behind the circular mirror in this bathroom is beautifully captured on the reflective walls on either side. The wood-panelled walls and floating cabinets make a stunning statement that is accentuated by the clever lighting.

#2. Bottoms Up!

A simple strip light discreetly inset in the upper side of the shelf throws light on the glasses and bottles in this bar unit. Time to gather friends for an evening where wine and the conversation both flow freely!

#3. Light Up your Wardrobes

Being unable to find the shirt you want in a dark closet can be annoying, indeed! Dispel the shadows with strategically positioned strip lights under each of the shelves. Recessed spotlights in the ceiling add to the no-nonsense ambience in this functional walk-in closet area.

#4. Zen Lighting in the Bedroom

Zen embodies a minimalist philosophy, which is perfectly captured by this soft lighting that’s cleverly hidden in the headboard of the bed. Beautifully balanced and appealing, this lighting completely does away with the need for bedside lamps. You can swap around the colours to create different moods.

#5. Living Room Elegance

Here’s a living room that is a melange of creativity and practicality, with a series of hidden cove lights that cast a pretty glow, complementing the natural light that floods in through the windows to one side. The same design thinking is carried through to backlight the large TV screen.

#6. Functional Lights for the Staircase

As functional as it gets! Simple, yet ingenuous, strip lights below the stairs prevent missteps, while creating instant drama and adding a delightful ambience to any stairway.

#7. Magic in the Kitchen

Kitchen lighting must be functional as well as aesthetic, and should incorporate a combination of task lighting, ambient lighting and mood lighting. This lovely kitchen uses LED strips to great advantage under the cabinets, inside open shelves and in the toe kick space below the lower cabinetry. The warm yellow lights help to brighten up and add colour to the all-white kitchen. Magical lighting indeed!

Why LED lights?

LED lighting is not only energy-efficient, it is also extremely cost-effective and easy to install. If you are an avid DIYer, you’ll find that you can easily set up and install LED strip lights on your own. Here are some tips:

  • Do make sure to measure the correct length required before you make your purchase, and ensure a stable and reliable power supply.
  • Always plug in to check whether the lighting strip is working before you leave the shop.
  • If you have to connect two lengths of lighting together, use connectors.
  • It might help to draw a rough lighting diagram that helps you to determine the length of lighting you will need, along with the connector points and power supply.
  • Strips can be stuck in place with tape or adhesive, or clipped into position using holders.

Design ideas to help you make the most of LED Strip lighting in your home:

  • Strip lighting under cabinets will illuminate the space below, and throws light on worktops in kitchens and desktops in study areas. Especially if you’re looking at a bright computer screen, this lighting will prevent eyestrain without making the room too bright.
  • Installing lights inside your wardrobes will help you pick out clothes easily.
  • Lights all around the mirror cast a lovely glow and are functional too.
  • Blue hued lighting is said to have an uplifting effect, while lights with orange accents are cozy and spark warmth. Soft violet hues are relaxing and induce sleep. Choose a different colour for every mood!
  • If your little one is scared of under-the-bed monsters, a strategically placed LED light strip can help her sleep tight!
  • Colour changing lighting strips could set the right mood before a party or an evening get together with friends.
  • Smart lights can be controlled by apps like Amazon Alexa, which can turn the lights on or off, change the brightness or even swap around the colours.

Accent lights have been found to reduce anxiety and cheer people up, besides adding the required functionality and elevating the aesthetics of your spaces. Whether you are looking to get a better-lit workspace, or to create the right mood, installing LED strip lights could be the answer you’re looking for!

Need help with your lighting decisions? Call a HomeLane designer today, and give your home décor an upgrade!

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