Shelving systems are an innate part of any well-organised kitchen. Open shelves or closed cabinets, any storage space can use a little pizazz. The idea is to look both interesting and pulled together. The first step, of course, is to declutter any defunct objects and clean the shelf thoroughly to remove any dust. Wooden shelves may require a new coat of varnish.

Shelving systems

Once that’s done, try any of these 10 tricks to make your kitchen look magazine-worthy:

1. Use Mixed Materials

Add texture and interest to an open shelf by displaying objects made from different materials next to each other. A plant can be added to break the monotony of dinnerware. Cookbooks can be used to support utensils. Mix objects made of ceramics, glass, metal, and wood on the same shelf. If you have closed cabinets, choose handles and door pulls in metallic colours, or try ornate ceramic drawer handles.

Use Mixed Materials

2. Trays and Organisers

Large, un-sectioned spaces can become unwieldy. Introduce trays on big shelves to create neat zones for particular items. Cutlery trays are easily available to stack silverware, for example. Use simple plastic bins or metal hooks for closed cabinets and label them if required.

kitchen organisers

3. Add Layers and Depth

Storing everything in a single-file manner will make the layout flat and boring. Place the least often used objects at the back. Keep frequently used objects at the front of a shelf.  Two or three layers work best for most shelves. Larger objects can be placed at the back.

Add Layers and Depth

4. Plan Corner Storage

Add shelves to an otherwise awkwardly shaped corner of the kitchen. It will help by adding storage to an otherwise neglected part of the kitchen. If the area is hard to reach, open shelves may work best here. For closed cabinets, add rotating shelves that can pop out. A rotating shelf or a lazy Susan might also be great for hard to reach areas.

Plan Corner Storage

5. Keep Symmetry and Balance in Mind

If possible, create symmetry shelves on either side of a focal point in the kitchen. For example, you could add an open shelf on either side of the sink at the same height. Or, add cabinets on either side above the stove. This can make a kitchen look incredibly neat and curated.

Symmetry and Balance in Mind

6. Create Zones

Organise the pantry by zones. Use separate sections for spices, grains, oils and sauces. It makes cooking easier because it is easy to see where everything is. It looks elegant as well, which is a definite bonus. You can also zone by recipe – keep all pasta supplies on one shelf, and all baking supplies on another.

Create Zones

7. Add Art and Plants

The kitchen may be a very functional part of the home, but that should not make it devoid of joy. Place art prints that bring you joy or display decorative utensils. Plants make any room better, and the kitchen is no exception. Place easy-to-maintain plants on a kitchen shelf or on top of a cabinet to add breathability. Add edible herbs, such as basil, mint, coriander or oregano, which can be used directly while cooking. A printed quote that lifts the spirits is also a good idea.

Add Art and Plants

8. Don’t Forget Pops of Colour

Creating a stunning backsplash is a great way to add texture and colour to the kitchen. Shelves can look especially chic with an accent wallpaper or an interesting material that matches the backsplash. Wood panels and colourful tiles can be used as sophisticated options.

Don't Forget Pops of Colour

9. Add Some Hanging Storage

If storage is running short, try using vertical space. Add a ceiling hook to store pans or ladles. Ensure that it is not uncomfortably high or dangerously low. Alternatively, add hooks to a towel rod to store pots and pans on the wall. This can add some quirk and charm to your kitchen.

Add Some Hanging Storage

10. Choose Your Palette Wisely

Too many colours can be distracting to the eye. Try to place objects in the same colour family on one shelf. It can look cohesive, especially if followed symmetrically on either kitchen side. Matching dinnerware sets can also be displayed in this way.

Choose Your Palette Wisely

Modular kitchens and open shelving have become the interior design choices du jour, and they have to be styled to look good. A few simple tweaks can make shelves look well-organised and aesthetically pleasing. Creating a storage system in the kitchen is also important from a functional perspective. In the end, the best way to organise a kitchen is to allow you to cook in a relaxed environment. The best place to find modular kitchen designs is HomeLane. You can find kitchen designs that are both practical and graceful.

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