Picking the right colour combination is the foremost step in redesigning your interiors. The yellow colour combinations for living rooms are the new favourite and are regarded as one of the most potent hues that can brighten your room. Yellow can add a dash of joy even if used sparingly. It sits well with natural light, helps illuminate the room and imparts a sense of contentment.

However, before incorporating a yellow colour combination for your living room, it is essential to consider the size and natural light in the space. With smaller living rooms, you can add pops of yellow sparingly through accessories such as throw pillows or artwork. However, if you have a large room with plenty of natural light, you can go bolder. One exciting way to use yellow in a living room is to paint an accent wall or use it as an accent colour through furniture or accessories.

Curious to know more about it? Here’s a list of the finest yellow colour combinations for living rooms you could steal for your home.

1. Blue and Yellow Colour Scheme for Living Rooms

A blue and yellow colour scheme can work in various design styles without going overboard. The striking combination of yellow and blue creates a visual contrast and adds depth. Picking a blue and yellow colour combination for your living room allows you to choose from a broad range of chic interior design ideas. This colour combination brings out the best of the two hues and can be an excellent choice for your living room designs. Blue and yellow combination living rooms create a sense of tranquillity, can be used in multiple design styles and add an eccentric look to your home.

blue and yellow colour scheme for living rooms

2. Slate Grey and Yellow Colour Combination for Living rooms

If you want to know what colours go well with yellow, slate grey should be at the top of your list. When grey is paired with yellow ochre, the contrast creates a dynamic look and elevates your living room. Grey walls are trendy and form a soothing touch, plus they make for a great backdrop against bright yellow furniture. Hall colour combination with yellow may feel overwhelming, and to even that out, it’s essential to pair it with muted colours like grey. Yellow colour combinations for living rooms can be further enhanced with modern furniture.

slate grey and yellow colour combination for living rooms

3. Yellow White Combination Living Room

When paired with yellow, white creates a sharp contrast revealing visual details that make the living room look bigger and brighter. If you’re going for a yellow colour combination for your living room, taking a chance with white is your safest bet, especially working with a smaller area. Yellow white combination living room creates a sophisticated and minimalistic look with a two-colour combination that says a lot about your personality.

yellow white combination living room

4. Grey and Yellow Sofa Combination

A muted grey colour can help you create a backdrop to balance the brightness of yellow. You can go with a yellow sofa as a statement piece and glam it up with quirky decor items. Use accent grey walls with a yellow colour combination for your living room and style up your space. The grey and yellow sofa combination creates a dynamic, rich and immersive look. It speaks volumes about your taste and lifestyle.

grey and yellow sofa combination

5. Brown with Lemon Yellow Colour Combination for Living Room

If you’re fond of darker tones, this colour combination is a great choice for that offbeat look. You can also pair yellow with neutral colours and add wooden furniture to create a vintage feel. Living room yellow colour combination with brown works best when used in the right proportion and order. You can refer to the 60-30-10 ratio, meaning you can use 60% white, 30% brown and 10% yellow to balance the darker shades.

brown with lemon yellow colour combination for living room

6. Green Yellow Combination for Living Room

Green goes well with yellow, especially if you’re very connected to nature. If executed properly, the green and yellow combination for the living room can do wonders for your space. You can pick a darker shade of green, like moss green with yellow and white – our preferred colour combination for your walls.

green yellow combination for living room

Summing Up

Having a home of your own is challenging enough; setting it up shouldn’t be. We at HomeLane are here to help you whether you need inspiration for a bedroom design or a nudge to take action. If you’d like to choose a yellow colour combination for your living room but are unsure about it, feel free to reach out to our team of expert designers. You can also look at more articles for your home design whenever you feel stuck.


1. What colours go well with yellow for a living room?

The living room colour combination with the yellow wall can be grey, creating a stunning colour palette or a dark blue that harmonises the entire space. Shades of beige, white, and brown also blend well with yellow. Yellow, as it is, creates a warm and inviting ambience. You can consider using lighter shades of yellow and pair them with white or darker shades for a bolder effect. Dark blue and brown are great options for deeper shades of yellow. Green is also a unique choice as it creates a soothing vibe inside your living room.

2. Which colour combination is best with yellow?

For a yellow colour scheme living room, the best colour combinations are:

Yellow and grey

The combination of bright yellow and neutral grey creates a sophisticated and balanced look. The yellow and grey combination was chosen as Pantone’s joint colour of the year in 2021, representing a hopeful mood. Hall colour combination with yellow and grey can create a variety of vibes, from a rustic, welcoming feel to a modern, bold look.

Yellow and blue

Pairing blue with yellow can form a dynamic colour scheme for your living room. You can give thought to unusual colours like ocher and indigo, something that feels edgy and fresh. The richness of yellow usually balances the coolness of blue, making the blue and yellow combination living room a classic combination.

Yellow and white

A yellow white combination living room has been a first choice for many as both colours give a clean, simple and modern touch creating a high-contrast look. Not only is it attractive, but it also opens up various possibilities.

Yellow and brown

The combination of brown and yellow is another favourite for living room designs. Since yellow and brown are dark colours, using the 60-30-10 rule works best. Painting 60% of the room with white or any neutral colour, 30% with brown, including furniture, and 10% for a yellow accent wall. The living room colour combination with yellow wall and brown goes a notch higher if used in the right proportion.

Yellow and green

Yellow and green can create the brightest of spaces perfect for your home. It primarily works for occupants who have a fondness towards nature. The colour combination for the hall with yellow and green creates a vibrant atmosphere perfect for living room designs.

3. Is yellow suitable for the living room?

To create a vibrant living room design, yellow is your go-to colour. The versatility of the colour allows you to work with different styles, from ochres for a dramatic setup to lighter shades for redefining living rooms. It creates a cheerful environment perfect for bringing life to a room and can be used in various design styles.

4. What paint colours go with yellow?

The great thing about yellow is that it goes well with various colours like grey, white, blue, green and brown. Yellow colour schemed living room allows you to experiment with colours and style. From bold and vibrant shades to soft and calming hues, your options are endless with yellow. Consider pairing yellow with white, black or grey for a contemporary look, whereas, for a subtle look, you can go for pastel shades such as teal, pale pink or navy blue.

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