Most people prefer to use themed wallpapers for home decor. However, many homeowners want to go beyond that and want to add new elements to the wall.

One of the easiest and fastest ways of doing that is by adding some stylish bricks. Brick wall design living room ideas have gained immense popularity in recent times.

As the heart of your home, it is important to have a living room that exudes style, regality, and elegance. If you have a brick wall design living room and you are looking for ideas to give it that elite look, then you have come to the right place.

This blog will give you some of the best ideas to give your living room the luxe touch it deserves:-

brick wall design ideas

Mud Brick Wall Design

A muddy wall look is your best bet in terms of nostalgic interiors.

muddy brick wall design

Backdrop Brick Wall Design Living Room

Create an aesthetic living room interior by adding a classic brick backdrop for the TV. You can go for a soothing grey brick wall living room.

backdrop brick wall design for living room

Brick Wallpaper

It isn’t possible for every homeowner to strip down the walls to have a graceful exposed brick wall design. Worry not! You can stick the rustic brick wallpapers to get a 3d wall look. It adds that perfect earthiness to your space without actually compromising authenticity.

brick wallpaper for living room

Add Pastels to your Brick Wall Design Living Room

Who said you can’t do a pastel makeover in your brick wall design? Go creative and add the spark of some light pinks and yellows on the bricks. You won’t believe the way your interior is going to transform!!

pastel brick wall design


Now you are all set with a plethora of ideas for decorating the brick wall design living room. Are you ready to transform your living room with a classic brick makeover? HomeLane is your interior partner. Give us a call and we will handle the rest!! For more interior décor ideas, keep exploring our inspiring blogs!!


1. What colour goes with a brick wall?

Here are some vibrant tones available to support your exposed brick living room decorating ideas:-

Winning White: The colour white adds a modern punch to your brick accent wall living room. It’s a compliment for your living room interiors.

Tangy orange: Orange brick wall living room decor brings a pop of colour and goes pretty well with the exposed bricks!!

Grand greens and mints: The calming green hues can be your best bet for a brick wall design living room.

2. How do you build a living room with a brick wall?

Many homeowners look for exposed brick wall living room ideas because it imitates historical richness in the space. You can simply consult with professional interior designers for helping you build a brick wall living room design.

If you can’t go with a naturally exposed brick wall for your modern living room interior design, there are many other ways to add the elegance of bricks.

You can prefer faux-brick in a variety of colours. It’s an accessible way to peel and stick brick wallpapers on the walls. Faux brick wallpapers present a 3d effect on your simple walls. You can instantly revive your living room aura without blowing your budget.

3. How can I make my interior brick wall look good?

Getting a living room brick wall design is not enough. It should be the expression of history, elegance, and perfection. Here are some living room brick wall ideas to let your interiors glow differently:-

Spread the magic of frames: Do you want to decorate your Indian living room interior design or small living room interior design? Well, when nothing works, a gallery wall is always holding your hands. You can frame your family pictures and precious moments on the exposed brick wall.

Add some creativity: you can turn the heads of all your visitors and guests with your artistic creations. You can put some mural art on the exposed brick walls to create an enchanting and minimalist living room interior design!

Give a punch of pop colours: why compromise with red-coloured brick walls in your elegant living room interior design? You can spread your favourite colours on the exposed bricks in your contemporary living room interior design and voila! You are ready to flaunt.

4. How do you make the exposed brick look nice?

You need to put a graceful effort to make your brick wall a much-coveted feature of the interior design.No matter if you have a small bedroom design, a modern bedroom design, a simple bedroom design or a luxury bedroom design, you can still add the brick look there. Here are some simple yet elegant ways to doll up your brick wall décor:-

  1. Clean the brick thoroughly

  2. Paint or whitewash the brick for a uniform look

  3. Create a contrast with the surrounding walls to spruce up your brick-feature wall living room design. Say, a dark shade sofa perfectly in contrast with a light-coloured brick wall.

  4. Incorporate brick into furniture or decor

  5. Highlight brick with lighting

  6. Balance brick with other textures in the room.

  7. Add some beautiful windows to enhance the look of your brick wall design living room.

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