Your bedroom should represent your style and personality. It should be as unique as you, no matter how big or small it is. Just because you have a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you cant go extra-large on style. Here are 10 quirky ideas from Homelane’s experts to help you create a bedroom that speaks to you.

1. Choose Light Colours

Light colours can open up any kind of space, and the bedroom is no exception. While keeping the walls white, try adding a hint of wooden textures on the floor, bedroom accessories or the bedspread to infuse vibrancy and warmth.

light color combinations

2. Earthy Tones

Warm earthy tones in browns and deep greens make the bedroom cosy and not cramped. Floor rugs, carpets and bedspread in browns keep the focus centred towards the bottom and opens up the bedroom.

3. Handloom & Handicraft

Handloom fabrics in cotton, linen and silk add a touch of warmth to a small room. The handcrafted and printed fabric lends a beautiful vintage feel to the space, making you forget about the constrained space available.

4. Photographs

Photos don’t just add brightness and intrigue to space, but in small bedrooms, they add depth. They can be placed above the bed to give a sense of largeness.

5. Defined Colour

We realize that this contradicts our earlier tip of keeping a light colour palette, but if done well, small bedrooms can benefit greatly with colour. When colour is used intelligently and in well-defined areas, it can help make your room look lively and fresh. It can also define different areas.


6. Heavy Drapery

This may seem like an oxymoron, but heavy drapes hung around the bed, actually makes the bedroom space appear larger.

7. Vintage Touch

Old furniture such as beds and bedside tables may look too heavy, but keep just one of these and you will see how dramatically they transform small bedrooms. The wall panel and headboard amp up the cool vibe. This luxurious vintage themed bedroom is a haven for someone looking for a unique and dramatic bedroom.

8. Wallpaper

If you’ve never tried wallpapers for your home, test the waters by trying a bold print in a small bedroom. Your room will be transformed, we promise! Wallpapers add loads of character to a space and you don’t need any other kind of decor to dress up the room. Its art on its own.

9. Fabric Wall Hanging

Just one piece of fabric on your small bedroom wall, instead of adorning your bed, can make your room look quirky and bright. Try fabric wall hangings to add a different style statement.

10. Uniform Color

An interesting way to give the illusion of size to small bedrooms is to paint all the furniture in a single colour. Painting everything in white or brown makes it possible to add several elements without making it look cramped.

There are tonnes of ways to make small bedrooms look interesting and bigger than it is. Experiment with different elements and see how you feel. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, you just might find something that works for your particular bedroom.



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    love these ideas! These are the best designs for the bedroom. I am so inspired and got some great ideas from this article. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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