If you live in Ahmedabad and have recently got a chance to build your dream house, you need to have a clear idea of all the Interior Design Trends In Ahmedabad. By doing so, your house will stand tall among all the beautiful homes in your vicinity. 

Everyone wants to have their dream house in a big city such as Ahmedabad, and you do not wish to miss out on any chance to make your house look elegant. So here is a brief description of all the Design Trends In Ahmedabad that you can inculcate in your home. 

Living Space

Many residents in Ahmedabad want to have a house whose living space is connected with a garden. Nature is the key attraction in this design. Hence the interiors are very soft and not at all overpowering nature’s beauty. However, to feature that will make the interiors of your house look way more elegant is a lamp hung from the ceiling of the house. This lamp brightens up the living space at night, making your house look more beautiful than ever. 

However, in most houses of Ahmedabad, you will find a swing in the living space. This swing is movable and adds to the charm of the living space. You can add any colour to this swing and have custom designs carved on it. Along with all these elements, people prefer a movable partition made up of wood or curtains that can divide the kitchen and living space whenever you want.


Most of the houses in Ahmedabad have stairs right into the heart of their living room. Surrounded by a transparent glass wall on one side, the staircase looks magnificent. However, to save space, you can add an L-shaped staircase constructed with metallic plates with steps made up of hardwood that impart agility to the design. 


Nowadays, everyone wants to have a functional home for themselves. And if you are designing a kitchen, ensure that it has all the amenities that will make your cooking experience hassle-free. To do so, install drawers, cabinets, chimneys in proper places to make your kitchen look attractive. 

Kitchens in Ahmedabad are adjacent to the living space, and it subtly merges with the living space. Therefore, you need to pick colours that will comply with the living area. If you are hosting a party at your home, you probably want to have some privacy in your kitchen. For that, you can install a glass shutter or blinds, which will partition the two spaces whenever required. 


Bedrooms are your personalised spaces that every individual wants to curate themselves. However, there are specific points that you should be mindful of. Bedroom design for every family member is unique in itself. The colours in the children’s room are vibrant and brighten up the interiors. In some cases, the bedrooms have balconies attached to them, providing extra space for children. 

For adults, it is the fabric and the quality of the bedding that matters the most. Most of the adult bedrooms in Ahmedabad have a glass wall on one side, giving a beautiful view of nature. The fabrics and colours are used to create a calm and serene interior.  

Add Ons

Design Trends In Ahmedabad are one of a kind and are found in almost every house in the city. Some of these standard features are as follows – 


In Ahmedabad, houses have majestic chandeliers in the living as well as dining spaces. These chandeliers impart beauty to the house and have a magical effect on the interiors at night.  


Gujrat is a state known for its fabrics, and from this fabric, exquisite designer curtains are cut out. Houses in Ahmedabad, as we discussed, have transparent glass walls in the living area and bedrooms. So to cover up these spaces at night, these beautiful curtains are used.


Torans are handmade ornamental pieces of clothes hung on the entrance of every house of Ahmedabad. These torans are believed to have mystical powers that will keep the evil spirits away from home. 

Ornamental Pottery

Beautiful pots with eye-catching designs are common in every Gujarati home. These pottery items are made by local handicraft workers and have colourful patterns printed on them using paints obtained from nature. 

Exterior Home Design Trends In Ahmedabad

The exterior of a house is equally significant as its interiors. Homes in Ahmedabad have a wooden covering on their outer walls, giving the place a premium outlook. Let us discuss the designs of the other areas of the house. 


The stairs that we discussed earlier lead to the terrace of the house. The terrace in most places has a small garden, and this garden has a bar counter made of granite. The terrace has a lot of open space, which has adequate sunlight for plants to grow. In addition to these elements, a pergola is installed in this area, which creates a space where friends and family can sit together and spend their evening.

Pond or Swimming Pool

Residents in Ahmedabad prefer to have a small pond or swimming pool in their backyard. Furthermore, the pond houses beautiful water flowers and beautiful fish. 

Viacheslav Lopatin

All of the designs above are winning over the hearts of the residents of Ahmedabad. If you want to add such beautiful Home Design Trends In Ahmedabad into your house, get in touch with HomeLane today.

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