Gurgaon, the ‘new’ New Delhi, is the newest hangout for the well-heeled. Also known as the corporate hub of the country, this city is booming in terms of real estate and even after a decade is still developing and beautifying itself. Right from skyscraping apartments to luxurious villas, Gurgaon has it all! 

Let’s take a look at the hot and happening interior design Trends in Gurugram that are ruling the hearts of city dwellers:

Green Is The New Chic Colour

Indoor gardening has been one of the hottest trends of 2020, and the same is continuing to grow in 2021 as well. As per an Instagram Survey, the indoor gardening hashtag usage increased from 35% to 52% in just one year. With more and more people spending time at home, indoor greens are a must-have as they refresh the ambience, enhance the indoor air quality and rejuvenate the space.  A little green corner brings fresh air to your home as well and uplifts the mood too.

home design trends in Gurugram

Terracotta Is Still Here

This earthen clay colour has been ruling the interior trend for ages. If you want to go for a natural and vintage look at your place, then terracotta must be your pick. You can use terracotta-based paint on the walls of your living room, or lay terracotta tiles as flooring for a rustic look. Wall murals using broken terracotta have a lovely natural appeal as well.

terracotta material

Bold Colors

Pantone has deviated from tradition to name two colours as shades of the year – ultimate yellow and a pale grey. Both of these colours offer plenty of options for creating vibrant home décor themes. You can also go ahead and pick a statement wall for your living room. Bold colours add cheerful vibes and become a major head-turner in the house. 

interior design colours in Gurugram

Wallpaper Craze

When it comes to home décor trends, wallpaper is in the spotlight at the moment. Right from bold prints to Mughal look to abstract prints, botanical prints and more, wallpapers have become a big statement piece, and they are here to rule the home décor even in 2021. We are sure the numerous pros of wallpapers will be a “Super Hit” among the Gurgaon folks. 

Metal Décor

Metals are slated to be one of the biggest home décor trends in the days to come. Not only are they inexpensive when compared to wood, but they are easy to maintain and add that edgy and stylish look to your place. Be it copper accents, cool chrome, warm gold, brass, nickel, and steel applications; metals are here to stay and rule the Gurgaon homes. 


People who lead a busy lifestyle, just like the Gurgaon peeps, have very little time for the regular chores at home. So, the need for the hour is to become minimalistic. Home décor must be functional, solution-based and less cluttered. Choose to pare down your belongings and keep only what you absolutely need.

Colourful Décor

If you have gone through the Instagram or Pinterest home décor images, you must have witnessed that most of the houses have white walls with colourful décor. Pops of colour will steal the show in your Gurgaon home, whether it’s a bold bedspread with accent pillows or a vibrant piece of artwork on the walls. 

Home Office

Thanks to the pandemic, more people are opting to work from home and our homes need to have extra space for a well-designed and utility-based home office as well. You can keep your home office simple but yet edgy. Organize your storage in such a way that there is plenty of room for your stationery, books and files. Plan to have focussed artificial light in case your table is not close to a window.

home office trends in gurugram

Bolder Kid’s Room And Softer Bedroom

Children need freedom of expression and parents must do all they can to give them wings to fly. Thus, bold kid’s rooms are in fashion. Cartoon print curtains, train-style double-decker beds, and even map wallpapers are seen quite frequently. Whereas when it comes to the bedroom, then soft pastel colours rule the place. In the bedroom, there is the need to create privacy and time for relaxation, so you must work your décor around soft and minimal vibes in the room. 

wallpapers designs for teenagers

Airy Atmosphere

Gurgaon’s office spaces are quite claustrophobic and the city’s skyscrapers make it a concrete jungle, which means that open lung spaces with greenery are spots to be cherished. Fill your home with indoor plants and keep furniture or any other showpieces minimal so that the whole area is open and simple. 

home design trends in Gurgaon


Gurgaon is known as the Millenial city. Millenials lay a lot of stress on class and sophistication, and the same is reflected in their homes as well! Cushion fabrics that are classic, like royal monotone velvet, are on-trend. Gurgaon apartments are chic and modern, with prices that run into crores, and home décor must be sophisticated to match. 

residential interior design trend in Gurugram

Looking for interior décor experts to do up your home? The HomeLane team can help you put together the perfect home décor in your Gurgaon home, that complements your taste and is perfectly suited to your needs.

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