Amid our daily life struggles, our home is the one place that offers us serenity and to which you can return at the end of a long, trying day. 

However, to attain the desired calm and peace, you have to pull up your socks and turn to those home décor plans you have been postponing for the last year! It’s time to turn over a new chapter and start with beautiful interior designs to change the look of your house!

Take a look at our list of remarkable interior design trends in Noida to spruce up your home décor.

Light Shade Woodwork

Each type of wood is different in colour. Some are light while others are dark (such as Teak, generally dark, whereas Maplewood is light). 

The past few years have all been about light wood. Thus, designing cabinets, closets, side tables with wood like maple, red oak, white oak, bamboo, and so on will add some much-needed elegance and grace to your home décor.

How to Use it?

Wooden work in the home brings warmth and texture. With light-shaded wood designs, it makes the place look more spacious. This is what makes it a common décor trend in Noida for those with compact homes. It’s safe to say that light wooden flooring will be a major trend in the coming years.

living room interior design trends in Noida

Pantone Colours

Every year, Pantone releases colour shades for the entire decoration industry. In 2020, it was classic blue, and in 2021, it is brooding grey. Pantone colours bring about a sense of resilience, strength and calm in the house. Pairing it with dark yellow will add a dollop of charm to your home.

How to Use it?

Use a grey tone on your home walls and pair it with the yellow shade of furniture such as cabinets, sofa, chairs, etc. You can use a bright yellow headboard to complement the grey hue of your walls. The yellow furniture will spice up the look of your living room.

interior design colours trends in Noida

Rounded Furniture

The last decade was all about straight-line sofas and furniture. But today, people are going gaga about rounded furniture. Whether they are compact sofas, dining table, or balcony chairs, rounded furniture is all set to rock this season.

How to Use it?

If you want to redecorate your living room, pick a couch or sofa set with curves. For the dining room, you can choose rounded back chairs with shapely curved legs. You can also add a round coffee table to your living room accompanied by a patterned rug to complete the look.

Furniture trends in Noida

Eco-friendly Décor

People love plants and greens, but with how busy modern lifestyles have become, it becomes hard to stay connected with nature and gardening. However, you can still get an eco-friendly home space with indoor plants and enjoy the gardening vibes. Indoor plants have become a desirable option in Noida homes, as they are easy to maintain and provide a sense of calmness within.

How to Use it?

In Indian metro cities, houseplants are the new natural. As travelling to the hills is not always possible, houseplants can be a great way to bring some greenery to your doorstep. You can purchase indoor plants like jasmine, money plant, orchids, etc., to bring a positive essence to your home.

sustainable interior designs trends in Noida

Victorian Era Décor

One of the most popular trends throughout the world is Victorian-era décor. It is a timeless and classic décor trend that several households in India are slowly waking up to. The Victorian era was the time of oversize furniture, dramatic, warm, and complex designing. However, it is a nightmare for a minimalist, but a dream design for people with big houses.

How to Use it?

You can start with dark shades and big furniture like a king-size bed, carved wooden add-ons, wall decoration, classical accessories, patterned carpets, etc. Victorian style designs bring out a sense of grace and style in your home.

Carved Furniture design trends in Noida

Wall Patterns

To turn a plain and dull house into one that’s creative and trendy, you need to go above and beyond. The walls of your home are the first thing that anyone walking in for the first time would notice. So, shift from bare walls to varied wall patterns to amplify the ambience and artistry of your home.

How to Use it?

You can add POP panels, both attractive and budget-friendly, with solid wood patterns to the living room wall, storage wall designs, etc. Wall patterns make your living space look aesthetic, so try to implement any of the trending wall patterns and transform your home décor.

wall patterns design trends in Noida

Accessorize with Artefacts

Noida is a city that’s deep-rooted in tradition, but at the same time very modern and contemporary. Dress up your home with an eclectic collection of artefacts, both old and new, that speak to your personality and align well with your home décor theme. Wall art, sculptures and accessories add the final touch to your home décor and tie the different elements together beautifully. 

False Ceilings

One of the very popular trends in cities like Noida is false ceilings. Today, home interiors seem incomplete without a beautiful fifth wall. Metal frames and wooden ceilings are two of the most common décor trends that bring out the beauty in the fifth wall of your home.

How to Use it?

POP has been around for decades. Some other trends include gypsum and wood ceilings that have caught the attention of millennials. You can use it as a single-layer or multi-layer to add a beautiful finish to your house.

false ceiling trends in Noida

A beautiful home brings excitement and serenity, all at the same time. With the latest style statements and trends, you can easily amplify the overall look of your house. HomeLane brings you the latest home décor trends in Noida to help you transform your home into an ingenious work of art!

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