One of the very common décor dilemmas in households is decorating the wall behind the TV.

Till the time the TV is on, the outside world ceases to exist, but once the entertainment box is turned off, the drab wall behind it becomes an eyesore. The thought of jazzing it up indeed is haunting.

Your mind seems to get lousy with ideas, but it’s a herculean task to stick to that one perfect idea that will transform the somber corner into an enlivened space – one that will be good enough to grab your attention; even when TV isn’t on!

So, without dilly-dallying, let’s dive straight into some incredible ideas to decorate the wall behind the TV.

Opt for Dark Wallpaper with Floating Shelves

A black screen on a white wall is undoubtedly outmoded! If you wish your TV to be less of an eyesore, you can use a dark laminate or wallpaper or a veneer at the back of your TV.  Opting for a dark laminate can reduce the contrast and help your TV blend in better.

Also, if you do not wish to waste the space beside your TV, you can put the floating shelves to good use. They look chic and can excellently hold up stuff that was otherwise cluttering up your house.

In order to bring this idea to life, you can refer to the Fevicol Design Ideas book.

Create a Tasteful Monochromatic Space

If bright and bold is not what floats your boat, you can use a monochrome theme with a panache.

As shown in the picture, you could use a fine veneer to decorate the wall behind the TV. The Fevicol Design Ideas book can come in handy when it comes to veneers and laminates for the walls.

To complement this ensemble, you could use monochromatic low-lying cabinets. These cabinets not only look chic but can excellently camouflage the remotes, spare chords, and other gadgets. Going by the same theme, you can deck up the cabinet with beautiful vases or other such displays that create a cohesive look.

A Wooden Laminate Can Never Go Wrong!

Again, if you do not wish to create too many visual stimuli on the wall behind your TV, a wooden laminate on the wall can eliminate the monotony of the corner and give a sophisticated look to space. The Fevicol Design Ideas book can elucidate us on choosing the right kind of laminate for the wall.

You can further accentuate the decor by using a low-lying wooden cabinet and a couple of quirky honeycomb brackets, as shown in this picture. Rather than going for a completely closed cabinet, you can have some of the shelves open to aesthetically flaunt a collection of books or some fancy gadgets or other artifacts.

A dash of greens to this wooden ensemble will indeed breathe life into the whole decor!

Create an Exposed Brick Wall Look

If contemporary is how you define your style, you can venture beyond the mundane and incorporate a textural contrast in your decor. An exposed brick wall look can actually put the spotlight on your TV and the area around it.

You can skim through the Fevicol Design Ideas book to get some brilliant ideas on creating this exposed brick wall look with the help of laminates or veneers.

So, if you want to opt for this look, make sure that you put stellar pieces of art around your TV.

You can make your TV snuggly sit on a console, flaunt a nice vintage clock on the brick wall, and dress up the rest of the wall with some modern wall sculptures or abstract paintings or minimalistic monochrome pictures, even faux wreaths.

Execute Floating Shelves with a Twist

Floating shelves are indeed in vogue. But, instead of bringing into play the usual rectangular floating shelves that are no more a novelty, you can implement the idea with a twist.

As you can see in the picture, these abstract floating shelves definitely do not look plain vanilla! They are super easy to install and yet can ginger up the wall behind your TV.

The Fevicol design ideas book can help us with numerous such solutions regarding the installation of these shelves and drawers or cabinets on the wall. Consider Fevicol HeatX adhesive as your best companion when you are thinking about laminating your drawers.

A Backlit Wall Panel Can Transform the Mundane Into Marvelous!

The backlit wall panel has a mystical vibe about itself and creates a dainty cosy glow as an alternative to the traditional flame fireplace. Also, the underlying cabinet is reminiscent of the classical hearthside.

The Fevicol design ideas book can help you with several handy tips and tricks to enliven your TV panel with the right kind of laminates, highlights, and veneers. You can put into effect any laminate of your choice with a simple idea that can rejig your decor in a trice. Do try out Fevicol Hi-per when using veneer sheets on the TV panel as it lends a plush look to the wall.

If you need any ideas on enriching your TV viewing experience, then visit HomLane for some unique ways to decorate the wall behind the TV. Our experts will help you in the best possible way, in a highly personalized manner.

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