Exposed brick walls were originally used as a form of insulation in the past, but now they have become a popular design feature. An exposed brick accent wall instantly transforms any interior space, making it look warm and welcoming. These brick wall designs add character and personality to your décor and go with just about any theme, be it Scandinavian minimalistic, cottage-style, vintage, industrial or urban loft styles! Further, exposed brick walls, when treated correctly, can add durability and give a vintage look. They are also rather easy to maintain.

Looking for décor ideas that use brick wall texture? Whether you’re looking for classic red brick tiles for walls or a shabby chic distressed brick wall background, we’ve got the ideas to inspire you.

Layers of Rustic Earthiness

Exposed brickwork brings a sense of warmth and textural contrast. The raw brick wall adds a layer of earthy sophistication to this industrial-themed design. The earthiness of the aged bricks in this brick wall interior design resonates with the Shaker-style cabinetry, beechwood island tabletop, and metal-framed shelving.

raw brick wall

Whitewashed Walls

Adding a lime wash to your exposed brick wall retains the rustic look but adds a softer, more charming effect which works well in cottage-style décor. The porous bricks draw in the whitewash, giving an uneven, distressed texture that many people love.

whitewashed walls

Exposed Brick Column

Even just a brick column can make a world of difference to your home, as we can see in this charming galley kitchen. The old-fashioned wall tiles and wooden beams add to the rustic aesthetic of the brick wall interior design.

exposed brick column


Clean, Minimalistic Lines

This contemporary bedroom finds the perfect equilibrium between earthiness and comfort. The clean and clutter-free brick wall design paint allows the free flow of space, with the brick accent wall in sharp contrast to the rest of the elements.

clean and clutter-free brick wall design

Courtyard Living

This courtyard redefines the rules of open living, connecting the indoors and outdoors seamlessly through tall pivoted French doors. The smooth glass against the rugged brick wall adds a textural element that vibes well with the garden theme. The comfy rocking chair tempts you to take a lazy afternoon nap!

courtyard living

Outlined in White

Neatly delineated with white borders, the brick wall in relaxed and rustic
living room interiors is the focus of attention. The warmth of the yellow-toned bricks is drawn out by the sunlight that streams in from the skylight in the ceiling above. Outside the large windows, the wall brick design repeats in the garden.

yellow-toned bricks

Loft Lifestyles

Cool and effortlessly chic, this loft epitomizes urban sophistication at its best. All exposed brick walls are set off perfectly against the industrial-themed ladder in black metal and the elements of natural wood around the room.  It also helps regulate the temperature of your home and can help to keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Try the German Smear Look

The German Smear effect on exposed brick is achieved by spreading lime mortar on exposed brick tiles for walls and using a trowel to remove some of it off the surface before it sets. This gives a very uneven, rough finish which has plaster in some parts only, while the brick shows through in other parts. ‘Shabby chic’, German smear brick wall painting, is a very happening look at the moment!

It is a cost-friendly way to revamp your exposed brickwork while ensuring that the structural integrity of the wall is not compromised.

german smear effect on exposed brick

Brick Cladding

If you want the look, but your walls are already built, then you could consider cladding a focal wall with exposed brick tiles. Made out of earthy terracotta, these tiles are available in 10 mm thickness and add the same warmth to your interior space that an exposed brick wall does! They are more evenly spaced than brick, as their edges are sharp and well-defined. Or, you can even consider installing a brick wall painting to achieve the same effect.

brick cladding

Here’s How You Can Keep Your Exposed Brick Wall Looking as Good as New!

Brick is a timeless material that has been used for centuries to make walls and buildings. It is durable and very aesthetically pleasing. As such, exposed brick walls require minimal care to keep them looking good. Do keep in mind:

  • However you style them, try not to lose the natural integrity and raw earthiness of the brick surfaces.
  • If used in a bathroom or kitchen, the surface should be treated with clear matte waterproofing sealant. In the kitchen, you should ideally not use exposed brick near the cooking area as oil fumes, and splashes can discolour the brick wall design over time.
  • If you want the brick look but not the original colour, try a coat of very rough whitewash without plastering it for a distressed effect.
  • Exposed brick walls tend to gather dust, especially in the grooves. If possible, you should wipe down with water once a year (be careful to work around any electrical points or light fixtures on the wall). Otherwise, regular vacuuming should suffice.
  • Brick is a natural material, so it will not decay or peel like some other materials. However, any gaps in the brick or cracks that may develop will add to the aged look. If you are not a fan of this look, get the gaps filled with mortar or replace any damaged bricks.

exposed brick walls

Without too much extra effort, a brick wall interior design looks chic and modern and draws attention. Would you like to use an exposed brick wall in your home interior? For more creative ideas, get in touch with our HomeLane team of designers!


1. How Do You Make a Brick Wall Look Good?

Here are a few tips and tricks for making your brick wall look and feel exceptionally good:

  • Make use of open-backed furniture like shelves, cabinets, bookcases, etc., so that they may stay exposed.
  • Since brick walls are typically used in industrial-style decor, try incorporating decor that fits such a theme.
  • Prop oversized mirrors and picture frames against these walls rather than hanging them.
  • Since exposed brick walls may appear plain and monotonous, consider adding a pop of colour through stunning artwork and statement art pieces that make the brick wall stand out.
  • The rustic, earthy effect of brick wall interior design goes exceptionally well with other natural elements like wood (think picture frames, shelves, side tables, ladders, etc.)
  • Create colour or textural contrast by using different hued bricks and pairing them with sleek tiles or wooden panels around.

2. What Are the Different Types of Brick Walls?

Brick walls can be broadly classified into the following three categories:

  • Solid Brick Wall: These contain two or more layers of brick, which are secured together with perpendicular header bricks or metal ties for added security. Such walls do not have any empty space between the bricks and can be used for both exterior and interior work. The strength of this brick wall depends on its thickness and durability of the brick and mortar.
  • Cavity Brick Wall: Such brick wall designs feature an air pocket that acts as a buffer to prevent water seepage. The outer layer of brick is situated 2-4 inches away from the inner support wall, which could be made from concrete blocks, poured concrete, or even brick. They are suitable for exterior work as they are non-load-bearing.
  • Veneer Brick Wall: It is a brick wall interior design where a single layer of brick tiles for the wall is attached to steel or wooden studs. It is used for aesthetic reasons as well as for insulation from external elements.

3. What Is Brick Interior Design?

As the name indicates, brick interior design features exposed brick wall that lends aesthetic value to a home. From acting as a bold accent wall to adding a textural element to the decor – it can add character to any room.

Moreover, it can blend into any home decor theme, be it industrial, Scandinavian, warehouse, or contemporary. If you already have a wall in place and want to transform it into an exposed brick wall, then you can even opt for cladding, wallpapers, or paintings. Such alternatives would have an equally striking effect without weighing down your pockets.

4. What Colours Go Well with Brick Wall Designs?

Brick wall designs complement almost any colour. However, your choice could draw attention to it, take away from it, or simply blend in. Here are some excellent colour combinations for brick walls:

  • Red brick tiles with black, white, grey, teal, turquoise, and navy blue.
  • Rust brick tiles with slate grey, powder blue, mint green, pale yellow, and emerald green.
  • White brick tiles with black, grey, tan, sage green, gold, mustard, and cerulean.
  • Black brick tiles with white, cream, beige, gold, or any other metallic colour.

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