Who says that organizing your stuff has to be tedious? ‘ Floating shelves’ is the jargon in the world of home decor for a good reason. They can make organizing so much fun!

As the name suggests, a floating shelf is a type of shelf with its wall fixings concealed within the shelf board. The supporting brackets are not visible, and this is the feature that makes these shelves so popular.

Also, floating shelves are not just meant for the adornment of the wall. They can save your time, energy, and the big bucks in buying some bulky and expensive piece of furniture. Making floating shelves a part of your home interior can augment the storage capacity in no time and rejig your home décor. This is an absolute win-win situation!

It does not matter how much wall space you have. They are bound to work as the only requisite is vertical real estate.

So, let us take you through some of the best floating shelves ideas to get your unorganized stuff within your reach and enliven the blank walls or some drab corners. Happy reading! 

floating shelves ideas for home

Go for Triangular Shelves

Many houses have unused corners and lack sufficient space. But, these neglected corners can be utilized beautifully by means of these triangular floating shelves. You can use these shelves in the kitchen corner to stack up the utilities or anywhere else as an enhancing vignette to showcase your favorite work of art.

corner shelves designs

Look for the Spaces that are Tossed Aside

Almost every house has forgotten or unappreciated corners. All you have to do is- take the wraps off these corners and incorporate these fantastic floating shelves. They can be used in your bathroom to stash the toiletries and towels, or even in the kids’ room to display soft toys and other stuff. 

Your guests are sure to marvel at this smart utilization of space.

floating shelves alcove space

Bring into Play Some Angles

These angular floating shelves can make a fantastic choice to deck up your home interior. These shelves are particularly useful in your study room to keep your books and office supplies or tidy up your kitchen or powder room. Moreover, the clean lines of these shelves won’t subjugate your home decor even when you enclose them in the adjoining walls.

Geometric floating shelves ideas for Linen

Make Some Room for Your Green Buddies

Do you love plants, but you squash them up because of lack of space?

Well, if you love green, and wish to avoid bumping into the potted plants cramming the floor, go for the floating shelves. Entailing plant life in your home interior can liven up the lackluster spaces in a trice and is also easy on the pocketbook.

Floating shelves ideas for Plants

Play on All the Surfaces

When you incorporate floating shelves in your home interior, make sure that you leverage every bit of it. Be innovative and utilize the lower surface too. For example, in the picture, we see the beautiful coffee mugs hanging below the shelves. This is not just a smart utilization of space; instead, it is pepping up the kitchen shelf. Likewise, you can utilize the spaces in other rooms and add zest to your home décor.

floating shelves ideas for kitchen

Make Your Living Room Quirky

You can make use of floating shelves even in your living room to make your home décor remarkably outlandish. You can create an abstract pattern of shelves in your living room and flaunt all your plush centerpieces with pride. 

If you are a connoisseur of unconventional works of art, you can make a bewitching statement by leveraging this incredible home interior idea.

quirky floating shelves

Create a Cozy Reading Corner

If you are a reading aficionado, you are going to love this home décor idea. If you are someone who has stashed a myriad of books and are totally unwilling to do away with them, why not utilise them to accentuate your home interiors?

So, instead of investing in bulky furniture pieces that will consume a lot of your carpet area, go for multiple floating shelves in your preferred space. Place a wing chair adjacent to this cosy space and enjoy reading, maybe with a piping hot cup of joe!

reading corner

Ditch the Exorbitant TV Unit

Wall-mounted TV units are pretty exorbitantly priced in the market. If you are someone who likes minimalism and wish to keep the area spruced up around your TV, you can opt for floating shelves. This is an excellent way to create an immaculate storage space around your TV. Along with the remote, you can jazz up the area with a few beautiful displays.

floating shelves above the TV units with Collectibles

Coming to a halt, we hope that these fabulous floating shelves ideas gave you a brainwave to liven up your home décor and make the best of the dreary and underutilized spaces. 

If you are searching for some stunning floating shelves ideas, check out HomeLane. Our experts will take the best possible care of your requirements in a highly personalized manner. 

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