Searching for more space in your kitchen that can be used wisely? Whether it is for storage, work or just display, kitchen corners can be optimized in myriad ways. With the amount of work going on in a kitchen, it isn’t surprising to find any counter/storage space unoccupied. Yet, if we look closely, corners often tend to get neglected, carry dead space or look like messy piles of rarely used food boxes and utensils. Kitchen corners can be the right place to begin working on if you want to change the look of a kitchen or add an interesting perspective to the decor.

1. Install A Kitchen Sink

Most kitchens have a sink at one end of a long countertop, essentially following the rules of a kitchen work triangle. Sinks, however, do work wonderfully well in corners, thereby keeping the washing area at the centre of the cooking zone and making it easier to finish tidying the place once cooking is complete.

2. Create An Eating Nook

Create An Eating Nook

We have often seen how an island or the longer end of a G shaped kitchen layout is converted into a makeshift breakfast space or a small eating nook. If the corner in a kitchen is being unused and non-intrusive, it can well be converted into an eating spot, by adding a small kitchen table and compact chairs.

3. Install Corner Drawers

Most modular kitchens in an L shaped or U shaped layout, have corner cabinets with rotating trays or lazy susans. If this doesn’t suit your fancy, another substitute for them is deep, L shaped drawers that cover the corner area completely and provide additional storage.

4. Fix Floating Shelves

Corner areas are great for floating shelves. These look simple, elegant, do not block space and also afford more storage. Open shelves are easier to install and remove. In case there is a window on the adjacent wall, they also let light stream through.

5. Fix A Tall Lazy Susan In A Corner Pantry

Corner Pantry unit


In many homes, one corner of the kitchen may have been converted into a pantry space for storage of food and utensils. A clever way to increase the size of the space even further is to install a lazy susan, a very inventive storage solution.

6. Install A Cooking Range

Corners are often never considered for installing a range, simply because a cooking range occupies enormous space. Corner areas are great for installing ranges, since they help maintain the layout of a kitchen work triangle, brighten up a corner and also offset a backsplash really well.

7. Display Collectibles

If filling up a corner is difficult to decide, stacking it with cookbooks, chinaware or collectables on a shelf or ladder adds a beautiful aesthetic while doubling up as convenient storage.

8. Create A Hobby Counter

If you are particularly fond of baking or rustling up desserts or even experimenting with cocktails and drinks, having a separate counter in one corner helps you indulge in your passion whenever you have the time away from your regular chores.

Designing a kitchen is the best time to decide what you wish to do with a kitchen corner. Rather than leaving dead space, these wonderful ideas can help use the cooking space to its full potential. Reach out to our kitchen designers at HomeLane for decor inputs.

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