You’ve worked hard all week and are looking forward to putting up your feet and getting into some serious relaxation mode. What you need is the perfect couch to curl into, while you binge-watch your favourite shows in total comfort.

Get one of these couches, and get comfy binge-watching Netflix all day!

Cool Grey Sectional Sofa

Bring out the popcorn, grab the remote, and settle in! Whether it’s the latest tearjerker or a rollicking rom-com, you’ll enjoy watching it all the more with this cool, stylish sectional sofa. You can swap out the cushion covers every time you need to refresh the look.

Faux Leather Style

Perfect for nail biters and edge of the seat suspense, this faux leather sofa could be straight out of a James Bond thriller. If it’s good enough for 007, it’s good enough for you! This sofa requires very minimal care and looks great in any setting. The spindle legs make it easy to clean beneath.

Designer Chic

Ergonomically designed to suit the contours of your body, this chic sofa is surprisingly more comfortable than it looks! The luscious red upholstery is guaranteed to make a stunning impact in any space.

Functional and Reversible

If you’re someone who likes to redo the seating layout every once in a while, this sofa is for you! The individual sections can be pulled apart and realigned to suit your moods. And if you want to stretch out, there’s more than enough room to get comfortable.

Vibrant Comfort

This solid blue sofa grabs eyeballs with its unusual design, buttery-soft velvet finishing and vibrant colours. Two single seaters are placed on either side of a daybed, and we’re sure all your friends will be calling dibs on the middle spot in this comfy sofa!

Movie Night Magic

Movie night with a bunch of friends? This sectional sofa has plenty of room for everyone and seats eight quite comfortably. Marathon your favourite classics, even as you enjoy your time together with family and friends.

Scandinavian Style

Minimalistic, practical and functional, this sofa is everything that Scandinavian style stands for, and more! The cool bolsters on either side are the last word in comfort. Pile on the cushions for a good, healthy dose of colours and patterns.

Leather Love

It’s hard to match the plush luxury of leather. If you are wary of the ethics behind this material, opt for faux leather which looks almost the same. This daybed has a handy armrest that you can rest your elbows on, if you feel like a short snooze.

Pull-out Sofa

Yaaawn! TV watching made you sleepy? This functional sofa pulls out into a Queen sized bed that’s high on comfort and high on style, too! Just the sofa to get when you’re short on space, and looking for multifunctional furniture that can do double duty.

Chaise Longue that Doubles Up as a Bed

Perfect for a modern loft, this sleek modern sofa wraps around a centre table and is all the seating you’ll ever need. If you fall asleep while watching, that’s quite all right! This chaise longue is wide enough for two.

Sustainable Sofas

If sustainability is what really matters to you, this bamboo and wood daybed will tick all the right boxes. Put up your feet on the pretty matching pouffe in wicker, or use it to keep your cuppa chai within easy reach. Don’t miss the lovely handloom cushions and throw, perfect for snuggling into on cold evenings!

sustainable sofa designs to watch tv

Ready to go couch shopping? Here are some helpful tips from our experts!

  • If you can help it, don’t ever opt to buy a sofa from a catalogue or an online store. You must try it before you buy it. Something that looks good may not be the most comfortable choice.
  • Typical seat heights are 45 cm or 1 and a half feet, and the depth should be at least 60 cm or 2 feet. When you sit down and lean back, your knees should be at the edge of the seat for a good fit.
  • If you like to lie down and watch TV, the sides should be padded. A sofa with a long arm is also a good idea.
  • You should invest in a good quality sofa that has a solid hardwood frame if you want it to last. If it has metal or chipboard in the frame, it will not be durable.
  • The sofa seat should be supported on elastic tape bands and with multi-density foam, rather than just polyfill, to prevent sagging over the years. Back cushions should also have some firm support underneath to prevent backaches over prolonged use.
  • The upholstery you choose should suit your décor theme and your colour preferences. If you have pets or little children at home, avoid colours and materials that will stain easily.
  • Synthetic fabrics can get rather hot in sweltering summers, so if you’re planning to spend a lot of time warming up the seats this can get uncomfortable. Opt for cool handlooms or cotton linens instead.
  • A sofa with a low back makes the room appear more spacious.
  • For more comfy viewing, pile on the cushions! Loose cushions can be adjusted any way you want for maximum comfort.

Liked this article? For more advice on choosing the best sofa for watching TV, do check in with the HomeLane team.

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