Owning a private outdoor space is gaining a lot of popularity now more than ever, especially among those residing in city apartments. Whether it’s for occasionally having meals in pleasant weather or just having a mindful stroll, balconies have become an essential feature of housing infrastructure.

A balcony isn’t meant for just housing plants; it is your space, and you owe to make the most out of it. Irrespective of the dimensions, more and more people are going for decorating their balconies most efficiently. DIY ideas are mostly preferred for this purpose because they are cost-efficient and add a personal touch to your balcony décor.

You can accomplish your balcony décor with a wide range of accessories, including hammocks, folding furniture, pendant lights, floor pillows, ceramics and customized DIY arts.

The Good Old-Fashioned Swing

Bench swings are the go-to add-ons for balcony décor. They are comfortable, relaxing and serve as a great viewing spot. Place cushions with bright upholstery on the swing. Besides, you can use a tarp and foliage to cover up any additional space on the balcony. Make adequate usage of the wall space with hanging planters or custom art.

Material required and method: Bench swing, cushions, hanging planters, tarp, crafts.

Light It Up

Fairy lights are known to add life to just about anything. They are easily available everywhere and are cost-effective too. You can add other basic furniture to the balcony but do not overdo the décor. A couch set with modest cushions is good to go. You can also pair up the fairy lights with a small canopy to give your balcony a dreamy look. 

Material required and method: Place multiple fairy lights horizontally from one corner to another, over your balcony. Set up a small canopy at one of the corners and place a square mattress and velvet cushions inside it. 

Wine and Dine

If you have a spacious balcony, you can turn it into a complete dining area. All you need is a small table and some accompanying chairs. You can accessorize your balcony by using string lights, fancy vases, and flower pots. Another great idea is accommodating a private screen on your balcony to go with your meals. Use candles or lamps to give your balcony an accentuated look in the evening.

Material required and method: Table-chair set, string lights, vases, flowerpots, screen, candles/lamps.

Go Green

Using artificial grass for spacious balconies has become very common. It is easy to maintain and gives your balcony a fresh look at the same time. Get an accompanying basic table and chair set to set up in the balcony with a huge restaurant umbrella in the centre. You can go for multiple table sets if there is more space to allocate. Place fruit baskets on the tables, and use your balcony as the perfect spot to have your meals in tranquillity.

Material required: Artificial grass, table set, restaurant umbrella, fruit baskets. Arrange in a spot that gets enough sunlight.

Get Artsy

DIY crafts always come in handy when you want to customise your home décor. There is a wide range of options to choose from for your balcony décor, including dream catchers, frames and centrepieces. Using a combination of bright coloured DIY arts can give your balcony a vivid and vibrant look. You can also paint along the edges of the balcony or its corners and use scented candles/diyas to add to the aesthetics.

Material required and method: Use items like shells, strings, bangles and colourful beads to put together a dreamcatcher. For frames, you could go for a basic cardboard frame with polaroid pictures.

Your Reading Nook

Turn your balcony into your reading spot. Find a safe spot on your balcony and fit in a tiny wooden stand to hold your books. Adjacent to it, place a small wooden bed frame or mattress with some cushions to provide you with a comfortable space for your reading sessions. You can also use a rocking chair or a hammock as alternatives.

Material required and method: Wooden stand, bed frame/mattress/rocking chair/hammock, cushions, rug. Place the book stand in the corner of the balcony with proper access to lighting. 

Plant Them With A Twist

If you are a person with green fingers but don’t know how to make the most efficient space allocation, stress no more. This trick particularly comes in handy for smaller balconies. Instead of scattering your pots or arranging them in grids, stack them vertically. You can also use hanging pots as an alternative.

Material required and method: You will need a basic wooden frame with 3-4 shelves, planters, strings and some hooks. Place the wooden frame near the entrance and stack the plants on it. For the hanging planters, tie the string from one end of the balcony to another and hang them from it with the help of hooks and strings.

As exciting as materialising the idea of balcony décor might sound, it requires a lot of commitment and paying attention to the minutest of details. A lot of research on the back-end is needed. With years of experience in home décor, our experts at HomeLane are dedicated to providing you with the best home interior experience, tailor-made to suit your needs. 

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