Who says that a small balcony cannot look dapper and spruced! Yes, the availability of space can be limiting, but only to a certain extent; it is more in mind than in the real world. There are numerous ways that even a small balcony can look chic and sophisticated. Here are some perfect home décor ideas to pep up the tiny space and transition it into a cosy little corner in your house.

Inspiring Small Balcony Designs


One very simple home décor idea for the balcony is to equip it with a swing.  While you may want to do something different, this little idea can transform the space into a favourite zone for everyone in the family soon. To top it, if you live in a high-rise apartment and have a flat on the higher floors, the swing can offer an unobstructed view of the surroundings.

An elegant swing with comfortable seating and back cushions can be fabulously inviting, be it an adult, a kid, or even your furry pet. If you wish to keep it rustic, go in for the old-fashioned wooden bench-style swings. 

 Artificial Carpet Grass

One of the ideal ways to give the balcony a modern, sophisticated look is to add artificial carpet grass on the floor.  Even without adding any other element, the place looks alive and breathing. It is because of the green colour that brings in this immaculate look. 

While ordering for the artificial grass, ensure the quality, durability, and maintenance aspects as there are many varieties available in the market. Premium and high-quality grass carpet might be a bit too expensive, but it is a smarter choice for obvious reasons.

 Hanging Plants

One interesting way to decorate that tiny little balcony is to do it up with hanging plants. It is a brilliant home interior decoration idea that can be easily utilised to make the outdoors elegant and stylish. What is special about this idea is that you have unlimited options for picking the hanging pots or planters. Some can be hung straight from the balcony railings, so no extra work is required, while some need to be hung from the ceiling. You would need to nail some hooks on the ceiling or the wall for this.

One smart aspect about hanging plants is that you save floor space in the small balcony that can be viably used to add other home décor elements and enjoy the view.

Window Blinds (Bamboo)

If privacy is an important factor with you and you wish to keep your cosy little space away from the view of nosy neighbours, then go in for bamboo blinds. You get blinds of all types and sizes, but bamboo is a sustainable choice, and that’s why it is our favourite. It also lends a very earthly minimalistic look to the place.

The blind can cover one side of the balcony, the entire place, and you can add more such pieces, like the door or the windows that open up into the balcony. The blinds also help protect your corner from the sun during the day and can be converted into a nice snugly romantic corner during the night.

Reading Nook

When you hear the term ‘Reading nook,’ you instantly envision a space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A peaceful, serene corner that can be aptly called your very own. Hence, we feature it on your list as an inspiring small balcony design option.

If you cannot think of anything else and do not wish to spend much, go in for this idea. What do you need – a piece of comfortable furniture, a hammock, a rocking chair, or a swing, with some basic elements like plants, an aesthetic statue, an inspirational design on the walls and floors, etc., successfully convert the zone into a top-notch reading space.

Set-up A Patio

A small balcony can effectively work as a patio – a small courtyard of your own. You have the choice to make it smart or chic for contemporary living or tone it down to give a traditional look.

If you are lucky to have a home on the ground floor, this home décor option is an excellent choice. Comfortable seating with a beautiful décor item, a coffee table, or a cafe theme is some of the best options for an interesting-looking transformation.

Add A Small Balcony Garden

The perfect place to set up your very own herb and spices garden is to add a small balcony garden. If you love cooking, this small garden is going to be your point of pride for years to come. Nurtured with care, a small balcony garden can add tonnes of aesthetic looks to the outdoors. Planters, vertical gardens on the wall, flower pots, and hanging blooms are amazing options to add to the balcony.

 Glass Railings

Adding glass rails to the balcony can transform the place into a daring point for family and guests. The glass railings give the appearance that the balcony opens up exactly in the middle of the sky.

Balconies are the cherry on top of your home interiors. Even the smallest of balconies can look intriguing and stimulating. All that you need to do is to find the right small balcony design items. Speak to design experts at HomeLane for some fabulous home décor ideas.

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