Designing a home can get a bit stressful but giving it the synergy of the right Vastu is essential. A bedroom is a peaceful space in the house, where the person can relax and rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit. However, if you sense negative energy, feel depressed, and face relationship issues as soon as you enter your bedroom, then you need to dive into the science of Vastu.

To bring harmony to your living space and attract positive cosmic energy, bedroom Vastu plays a crucial role. Let’s find out how!

The Direction Of The Bedroom

For better health, a prosperous life, and a good relationship, your bedroom should be in the south or southwest direction of the home. If the bedroom is in the north or north-east direction, it can result in diseases and fights between couples. However, it would be best to consider the east or North-West direction of the house for a children’s room.

  • It would be best if you built closets on the south wall. The doors on these closets should open towards the north zone.
  • You should not place electronics items in the bedroom. However, if need be, opt for the southeast direction to place the AC, TV or laptop (working desk).
  • The door of the bedroom should follow the north, East or West direction. Remember to have a single door for the bedroom that does not produce a lot of noise.

The Right Shape And Size of The Bedroom

Yes, these two factors, as per the science of Vastu, play a significant role in your well-being, living conditions, relationships, happiness index, etc. The shape of the bedroom should either be a square or a rectangle. Also, the size should be even; no odd numbers. For instance, if the room’s length is 18’, then the breadth should be 9’, not less than that. Also, if you have a master bedroom in the house, ensure its size is bigger than the rest of the rooms.

master bedroom designs Direction Of The Bed as Per Vastu

Positioning things and articles in the bedroom according to the principles of Vastu is quite an exciting task. As per bedroom Vastu, ensure to place your bed in the South or South-West direction. Putting the bed in the right direction will help you sleep better and not hinder your soul’s inner well-being. Nobody likes a cloud of negativity surrounding them as soon as they enter their bedroom, right?

  • Place the bed in the centre of the bedroom.
  • The leg side should be facing towards the North-West direction.
  • The door of the bedroom and the bed should never be parallel.
  • Sleeping position as per Vastu is that the head should be in the South or the East Zone of the room.

sleeping position as per vastu

The Direction Of The Bathroom

Having an attached bathroom to the bedroom is now an essential requirement. Hence, build your bathroom in the west zone of the room. Also, your bed should never be facing in the direction of the bathroom. Keeping the door closed in the bathroom will help you keep the negative energy at bay.

The Mirrors Philosophy 

Who does not like to have a mirror in the bedroom? From a separate dressing area to mirror rooftops, we have come a long way in designing the bedroom. Mirrors have a deep connection with the cosmic energies – negative and positive. Therefore, to seek great relationships and attract money, wisdom, and peace, one needs to know the proper placement of the mirror/mirrors in the bedroom.

  • The room built in the South-West zone of the house, or the master bedroom, should have no mirrors. If that isn’t possible, ensure to place a mirror inside the cupboard or cover it when not in use.
  • The placement of a mirror parallel to the bed is not suitable for health and couples, and is believed to sometimes lead to miscarriage during pregnancy.
  • If the bedroom has a separate closet with a dressing area, ensure the mirror is placed on the North or East wall. It is said that looking in the mirror placed in this area early in the morning helps in enhancing positivity and prosperity in life.
  • Mirrors placed on the roof aren’t a good Vastu sign. It leads to unnecessary anxiety, restlessness, and stress in people’s lives living in that room.

high gloss wardrobe

The Significance Of Wall Clocks In The Bedroom

When assigning items and artefacts to the bedroom wall, a wall clock is an essential piece. However, we pay less attention to its placement. It indeed has effects that can change people’s mental, physical, and spiritual health living in that room. Let us find out more about wall clock Vastu.

  • The ideal walls to place a wall clock are East and North. If these two directions are not available, then you should put them on the west wall. However, the South Zone is a big no-no for wall clocks.
  • To attract money and prosperity in life, you should place a wall clock in the bedroom on the East or North wall.
  • Avoid placing wall clocks on the entrance wall of the bedroom. Also, to attract good luck, avoid putting a wall clock on the entrance area of the house.
  • While you sleep, if your head is towards the South zone, then place the clock in the North direction.
  • As per the Vastu principles, the shape of the clock should be circular/round.
  • Pendulum clocks placed in the bedroom lead to stress and create chaos in people living in that room.

There is no point in spending precious time and money on designing a home or perhaps the bedroom if it is not apt as per Vastu rules. HomeLane ensures to make this job easier for you by mastering the nuances of home and bedroom Vastu.

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