Contemporary décor and modern, minimalistic styles can sometimes be considered lacking in warmth and personality. It’s a good idea, therefore, to infuse some elements that are warm and traditional into your contemporary theme. When you marry modern and ethnic styles, you can pull off a unique aesthetic that perfectly complements your lifestyle. Here Are Some Do’s & Don’ts To Help You!


Do Work Around A Focal Point

Typically, a modern style of décor is defined by a neutral colour palette, clean lines and simplicity. You can add punch and focus to this palette by creating a focal point that is the highlight of the room. A patterned ethnic rug on the floor, mirror worked cushions on the settee, or a lovely wall hanging in a Kutch theme could be just what you are looking for. modern style of décor

Declutter Your Room

Modern décor is all about simplicity, and if you add too many elements to your room you are losing the essence of what makes it modern. Keep it clutter-free as much as possible. The simple, contemporary seating area showcased in the picture below is brought into vivid focus by the colourful backdrop: an aqua block printed bedspread with traditional Jaipur prints.clutter free room

Play Around With Textures

Shaggy bedspreads, textures with gold or silver paint on the walls, bamboo furniture and handloom pillowcases blend together beautifully with the clean-cut modern lines of this spacious bedroom. An antique leather trunk has been repurposed into a side unit beside the bed. We love the cool collection of sombreros that are comfortably grouped together on the wall!

Add Ethnic Artwork And Statuettes

Ethnic statuettes in brass, terracotta or ceramics can add a lovely traditional touch when placed on your tabletop, used as bookends, or in your living room showcase. Go with your gut feel to see what elements work well together; be careful not to add too many conflicting artefacts to the same space! You can hang up ethnic puppets or metal bells, brass lanterns or wind chimes in terracotta to add an ethnic feel to your favourite corner.Ethnic Artwork and Statuettes

Use Ethnic Upholstery For One Armchair

Try upholstering just one armchair or seat in warm handloom fabric, while the rest of your seating is in neutral solid colours. The colours in the handloom fabric can be picked out in the cushions you use for the rest of the space. Using some ingenuity, you can cleverly blend colours, textures and tones without losing out on the basic modern theme running through the room.Ethnic Upholstery

Use Cane, Rattan And Macrame

Natural materials like bamboo, cane and jute go well with both modern and ethnic styles. Make the most use of these sustainable materials to add beauty to your décor. Also, there’s no such thing as too much of greenery in your home; plants transcend all styles of interior décor and tie up the whole look together, so go green! Another great idea to add an ethnic touch is to experiment with traditional brass or copper pots as plant holders.bamboo decor ideas


Don’t Use Too Many Colours

Neutrals, pastels and white are the colours most used in modern décor. While black is often used to define the theme and to ground it, adding too many colourful elements will detract from your main theme. This family space uses ethnic handloom cushions and woven cane baskets that do not detract from the basic colour palette of browns, white and room decor

Don’t Put Out All Your Ethnic Pieces At The Same Time

To keep your interior always fresh and interesting, consider rotating the ethnic pieces that you have on display. Rugs and carpets, cushion covers, art pieces, paintings or murals on the wall can all be mixed around from time to time. Your décor will always stay eye-catching and look different.

Your home décor can always evolve over time. Once you are done decorating a room, live with it for some time; and add, remove or move around pieces as you wish. When it comes to creating spaces that you love, you can step away from the rules once in a while….it pays to follow your heart! And of course, if you need style tips or advice, you can always count upon the interior design experts at HomeLane.

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