Eclectic kitchen designs are quite rare, but they are on the rise. They generally have a less cluttered appearance because you’re mixing and matching various styles as well as eclectic colours in one place. The term eclectic kitchen can be applied to any design trend: retro, modern, casual, classical, or modern, and with some additional thoughts, you can come up with an excellent and trending eclectic kitchen design.

What are Eclectic Kitchen Designs?

Eclectic kitchens emphasise two or more individual aspects of the cooking area. For instance, rather than running a full-scale appliance and sink kitchen, one can incorporate a bar area with stools. Then the sink area can be run along with the bar area, leaving just a simple countertop for food preparation and waste removal. Eclectic kitchen designs are unquestionably amongst the most challenging home décor types to master, but they can also be very satisfying. Instead, this is a look that seems to be unapologetically and thoughtfully for ‘yourself’!

Trending eclectic kitchen designs are also known as ‘interior synergistic’ because not only do they look great, they work great too! Corollary eclectic colours and materials for a proper eclectic kitchen include soft, pastel shades, natural wood effects, and earthy hues like greens, silvers, and browns.

Eclectic kitchen designs allow bringing new items into your kitchen, working well with the others already there, or they can make the kitchen seem entirely fresh and new.

And the style certainly necessitates a lot of imagination via experimentation. The entire area caters to the impression of being retro but still luxurious and inviting.

Eclectic Colours for the Kitchen

Eclectic design is all about breaking up the ‘blocks’ and making them seem less rigid and ‘stuck in one place’. It’s all about experimenting and having fun with different eclectic colours.

The kitchen design is ‘fluid’ and can fit in with most current designs. There’s no absolute rule that says a kitchen has to be a riot of colours, but when you do see one, it needs to look like it came right out of a painting. You can mix and match colours or have a monochromatic set of tiles.

  • Eclectic colour choices are all about contrast. If you have a whole room of solid white and black, it can be dull and boring. A splash of red in an all-white room will immediately make it look more lively.
  • A lemon yellow wall with a cream ceiling can be a fresh and stylish colour choice.
  • Sky blue can be difficult to incorporate into many kitchens due to its tendency to clash with other colours. Combine it with pale blue monochromatic tiles to bring out the best qualities of the paint. With the right accessories and a creative eye, this mixture of colours will enhance the natural beauty of your kitchen space.
  • Muted green is a perfect and popular colour for kitchen design. This colour makes the kitchen look spacious while catering to a natural touch. For this, you can use all the green elements such as plants, fresh flowers, grass and foliage. To create a more homogenous environment, try using green flooring material, such as linoleum or ceramic tiles with a natural pattern on them.
  • Turquoise is a stone that has gained popularity for kitchen countertops due to its rich colour and natural patterns. It is one of the most versatile and affordable stones, easily suiting any type of kitchen design. Moreover, owing to its durability, it is easy to maintain.
  • Toned down walls with blue doors, a marble backsplash and stainless steel appliances, or a compact kitchen island are examples of eclectic kitchen colour and texture variations.
  • An eclectic kitchen design centred on a grey quartzite beadboard is yet again one of the trending ones. Go for dark wood cabinet doors and plain white marble counters, with the backsplash serving as the critical focal point.

How to Incorporate This Style in the Kitchen?

Incorporating eclecticism into your kitchen design can be very easy and perhaps one of the best ways to bring a modern sense of comfort into your home. Eclecticism is a term used to describe several interlocking styles, ranging from the French Quarter’s ‘parallel style’ to the New England’ colonial look’ of the early settlers.

  • When styling an eclectically styled kitchen, the first step is to consider negative spaces. Negative space is one of the essential elements in culinary art. It can be used in home decorating and improve the flow and coordination of a room. Using this simple concept in your design planning, you will be able to achieve a unique and stylish kitchen.
  • The layout of a kitchen has become one of the essential things for styling an eclectic kitchen. It can be said that the design should have three important things in it, and they are the kitchen worktops, cabinets and sinks.
  • The utility of a kitchen is something that one cannot ignore while styling the place. If your kitchen has no cabinets and your food and utensils are stored in the open area, then the chances of spillage or leakage are very high. It becomes necessary for you to consider the space utility while styling an eclectic kitchen.
  • Eclecticism in the kitchen is a delightful way to bring together textures and forms. It is not about sampling only or striving for uniformity. Instead, carry eclecticism throughout the kitchen to create flow and harmony.
  • Using a basic paint palette and integrating the smooth or rough textures brings appeal to a kitchen space. Take into account ‘bushy’ throw carpets or cushions, furnishings with rubber nubs or dense weave materials, rugged wooden objects or soft furnishings, and steel or other metals with delicate, sleek finishings.

Trending Eclectic Kitchen Designs

Eclectic kitchens have been very common in homes all over the world. The idea of a charming, eclectic kitchen is also gaining momentum. With homeowners shunning the clean-cut kitchens of yesteryear, now is the ideal time to embark on this exciting, one-of-a-kind kitchen design.

  • The condo’s primary focus is your eclectic kitchen design. Offer the small room a somewhat more organised appearance and emphasis enjoyable storage features and flexible shelves. To spice up this small room, you require an attractive looking lemon-coloured fridge, vibrant red cooking utensils, or brightly coloured kitchen appliances!
  • One clever tactic is to keep one of the two components constant, such as the cabinet style or colour while playing with the other. A kitchen counter is another essential element of the puzzle, and like most homeowners desire, eclectic styling allows you to choose whatever concept you want.
  • The eclectic kitchen resembles a crafted artwork that has been built up over time in successive layers. Bare brick walls, wide openings with a dark steel frame, commercial-looking pendant lighting, futuristic cabinets, and exuberant dinnerware are indeed examples of the above, transforming it into a ‘magical’ kitchen!
  • Provide a vibrant and unpredictable background for the kitchens by daubing in a vivid and unconventional hue. Colour-blocking may often be used to create a dazzling ideological point by the genuinely bold.
  • Textural panache has been the talk of the town for eclectic kitchen designs and patterns. The panache has the power to excite the senses, enliven the mind, and elevate a dedicated cook to the status of a king among his peers!

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Tips that will freshen up your eclectic kitchen

Eclectic kitchen design tips can spice up your new kitchen. Mixing different styles and colours helps to add a more exciting dimension to your kitchen. Here are some tips that you might want to consider:

  • Dispense with the cupboards and go with an open plan.
  • Rigid yourself of the subtleties.
  • Add an array of different elements.
  • Re-use old, worn-out objects into something more stylish for your pantry.

Decide whether you want a modern, contemporary, antique design or trending eclectic kitchen design for your cooking space. Think about what colours and materials you would like your appliances to be made out of.

At HomeLane, you get excellent design services and kitchen aids, many of which can save you money while providing you with eclectic kitchen designs. Choose from floor plans, cabinets, countertops, and furnishings, as well as lighting, flooring, and accessories, and make your eclectic kitchen the envy of your neighbourhood!

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