The Covid pandemic has taught us all quite a few new things—baking cakes, spending quality time with family, and most importantly, working efficiently from home. The rising need for an optimal, comfortable home office has prompted people to explore new options to deck up a place to sit and work peacefully.

However, one big challenge that arises in a WFH situation for most of us is not being able to set up the perfect home office to work efficiently and deliver our best. We often try to put up with inconveniences at home that can over time prove distracting. Here is a list of ten mistakes that you should avoid when you create your home office.

Using Boring Office Desks

WFH is not just about being in informal attire and sitting in front of laptop screens. Having a plain, rectangular, wooden desk can kill the vibe and keep you from trying out new things. Consider buying a desk that looks a bit different and allows you the flexibility to try out different positions and working directions. Try using a small dining table for a change. Another useful feature you might consider in your desk is one that comes with a footrest.

Not having enough storage space

One of the biggest mistakes we make while styling a home office is not giving importance to storage. An office has a hundred things that can be accessed at different points, but a home office for WFH should be sufficient to store multiple items. Ensure that there are enough desks, shelves and boxes around your home office to keep things well-organised as well as within your reach.

Keeping Items Within Reach of Children or Pets

For those of us who have very young children or even pets around the house, keeping our workspace away from them is essential. So, it is important to consider the reach of little children and pets while styling our home office. WFH can be a boon if things are properly arranged and do not get misplaced by children in your home or damaged by pets. Fit shelves at a height and keep important files and paperwork away so that children or pets cannot easily access them.

Choosing A Busy Corner for Work

WFH is difficult as there are many distractions to keep you away from focusing on work. Fortunately, choosing the right corner to set up your home office can be a real saviour. Setting up the home office in your bedroom or hall is among the most common home office mistakes one can make as there are always people coming and going. You should select a space that is seldom visited by family members, like the guest room or another quiet corner.

Not Personalizing The Space

It is always a misconception that offices have to be dull and monotonous as they are serious workspaces. Leave behind such beliefs because you can and should decorate your home office the way you want to for maximum comfort and productivity. You will feel happy and the place will invite happy energy. Bring your favourite coffee mug, wall hanging, some vibrant sticky notes, small planters, etc. to brighten your workstation.

Overdoing Things

Styling is about making a space look good with the resources you have and not about filling up space with things that serve no purpose. An office is where you work, so keep only the stuff that adds value to the space. Do not go for unnecessary items like flower vases or stationery that have no use in particular.

Using Basic Stationery

Not having unnecessary stationery does not mean using only the boring ones. You can keep a few items that are unique and inspired by things you like in your life. For instance, you can even have items related to your favourite fictional characters or sportspersons. Doing so will help you be creative and have a creative home office setup.

Not Having A Space Away From Distraction

WFH doesn’t mean that you can compromise on your work hours. You should have a home office that enables you to focus on work rather than a space that attracts distractions. Set up your office away from entertainment areas or spaces meant for relaxation in the house. Doing this will help you work better.

Using Uninspiring Colour Themes

A wooden work desk, white background, some blue and black pens, pencils, and a regular notepad. This is how an everyday home office looks. If you want to ace your WFH, get away from these repetitive patterns. Bring in a pop of colour to make your home office a better place to work comfortably even for longer hours.

Not Having A Proper Background For Video Meetings

In a WFH situation, video calls, discussions and collaborative efforts are a given. You do not want to have a background that distracts your colleagues from focusing on the topic of discussion. The safest way is to have a wall behind you instead of a space that is used by other family members.

Hope you find these tips helpful. You can visit Homelane’s website for more such décor hacks. HomeLane aims at helping you decorate your house according to your preference, budget and the latest interior design trends. A happy place promotes happy living. Decorate well and live well.

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