When it comes to painting our new home, we find ourselves searching through a wide range of colour palettes, moving from one page to another, wondering about the huge range of colours to choose from, getting tired of the task, and leaving it for the next day. Only to repeat the cycle. Ask the experts and you will know home decor isn’t simple but once broken down, it definitely gets easier.

When we look for colours for our lovely home, we look for appealing colours that pop and do not make our home look like a lonely boring place. The term given to the use of complementary colours together is known as colour block colour combination. It refers not only to contrasting wall painting but also to complementary and colourful furniture.

Those times have become medieval when people used to paint their homes with light and simple colours, like beige or cream. The trend, now, is ideas inspired by colour blocking. The term itself is quite confusing for blocks are intended to refer to bricks, however, the idea is that colour blocking combines opposite colours of the colour wheel to form a visual representation that is attractive to the eyes; the complementary colours only cover a certain amount of blocks.

Colour Blocking

Colour blocking refers to the combination of opposite colours in the colour wheel for home decor. The idea can be applied to colour block walls, colour block cabinets, wardrobe, wall designs, and sofa upholstery. Thus, colour blocking isn’t limited to walls and may be used for furniture as well. In fact, colour block colour combinations can be used for both walls and furniture to make your home look beautiful.

Steps to Use Colour Blocking as a Tool to Create Vibrant Spaces in A Home

Colour block colour combination is an easy way to fill a section of your home with vivid complementary colours and create a workspace, play area, or breakfast corner. You can use the technique to decorate your home using your designs. Follow the given steps to create an aesthetic design for your home: 

  1. Gather all the necessary supplies which include tapes, rollers, poles, and brushes.
  2. Plan the design that you want to create on the wall. Choose the colours beforehand.
  3. Carefully use tape to create the design that you imagined onto the walls. Seal it with your thumb.
  4. Paint the colour onto the wall.
  5. Once you finish painting, peel off the tape.

Besides using it for walls, you can also add colour blocking to cabinets, wardrobes, sofa upholstery, etc. 

Home Interior Ideas Inspired from Colour Blocking

  1. Paint half or two-thirds of your wall with a dark colour and the top portion with a light colour. This will create a visual illusion of a raised ceiling and larger room. It also gives a touch of modernity and sharpness to the room.
  2. You can paint the walls with geometric patterns creating mountain effects, checks, and horizontal stripes. Be as imaginative as you can and choose vibrant colours for colour blocking.
  3. Add a neon border to walls and the edges of doors for a bold and modern look.
  4. Frame the entire doorway with a bright sunshine yellow colour which signifies energy.
  5. Create a Mondrian Inspired look. In this design, masking tape is used to create borders and boxes which are later coloured.
  6. Frame the bed using painted headboards. These are specially used for twin beds to create an illusion of a common headboard.
  7. Paint the walls with rainbow stripes using unexpected colour combinations.
  8. Use yellow inside arched hallways and below the dado line.
  9. Paint the floor by creating a small border for a decent and appealing look.

Colour Block Cabinets Are Still Trending

You can use the colour blocking technique in cabinets as well, especially in the kitchen. You can either colour all of them with a different colour or use tape to create geometric patterns. The best thing about the colour blocking technique is its usefulness for both walls and furniture.

Colour blocking is a great way to add oomph to your home. You can self-design your home with the cool ideas above. But if you feel the need for a professional, HomeLane is here to help you!

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