A home’s interiors speak volumes of the personality of its dwellers. Colour combinations, when used in apt proportions, can do wonders. Strategically painted colours can instantly lift the mood of the entire house. Therefore, a lot hinges on the selection of the home colours. Here, take a glance at the most popular colours combination for Indian homes:

Grey and Purple

When it comes to striking a perfect balance between bright and neutral colours, you can explore one such Indian home colour combinations comprising grey and purple. This combination featuring two trendy Asian colours imparts a distinguished appeal to your home décor. You can certainly expect to fetch compliments by leveraging the power of this colour combination. 

Blue and soft pink 

Aiming to make a striking home décor statement while evoking a bright and luxurious aura in your home? Do give the soft pink and blue colour combination a try. This playful and vibrant colour will go the extra mile in evoking a fresh and joyful vibe by keeping the monotony at bay. 

Pink and Cream

Pairing royal pink with cream sets a high benchmark in the context of colour-focused home décor. This interesting Asian colour combination inspires you to experiment with metallic home decor accessories for a glamorous finishing touch. These two imperial colours are indeed the most sought-after Indian colours for the home to spice up the monochromatic scheme for contemporary elegance. 

Off-White and Red 

Pairing off-white or any other neutral colour with bright colour has remained a timeless method to strike a perfect balance between brightness and elegance. Red and white are extremely appealing Indian colours for home. The starkness of white can be relieved by adding bright home décor accessories. A standard off-white colour gets a shot in the arm by leveraging an impactful red flourish. 

Gold Yellow and Deep blue 

Gold yellow with deep blue is the epitome of traditional-meets-modern. This trendy Asian colour combination is dynamic and indeed one of the best combinations to strike an intriguing contrast in terms of home colour combinations. While yellow takes centre stage, deep blue adds aesthetic appeal to the entire décor. Moreover, where the golden yellow finds a resonance in the wooden home décor furniture and accessories, the deep blue brings the look together cohesively.

White and Orange 

The contemporary home interior trend is all about experimenting with the concept of minimalism. What can evoke a minimalistic vibe better than integrating pastel colours in the home décor? White, Off white, Cream, Light beige, Baby pink, Baby blue are among the most sought after pastel colours that impart a soothing and neutral look to the home. If creating a first impression is what you have in mind, you cannot go wrong with the White and Orange colour combination. Orange, being the colour of joy and celebration when blended with white, creates a striking contrast. This Indian home colour combination plays a pivotal role in unifying the space in your house. The purity of white and the cheerfulness of orange makes it an interesting colour scheme for your house. 

Blue and White 

If you adore tranquillity and crave beach vibes there can be no better colour scheme than aqua blue and cream to create a peaceful and relaxed beach-inspired ambience. When blue takes centre stage, backed by white, expect nothing but elegance that creates a spacious feel. Moreover, this pleasant colour combination looks soothing as well as captivating. 

Brown and Green 

Green and Brown colour combination is recognized as a versatile Indian home colour combination. This evokes an urban elegance inspired by nature’s greenery. Take the theme forward with this nature-inspired Asian colour combination. While the earthy tones of brown create a grounded aura, the green will evoke a rejuvenating natural comfort. Together, this colour combination will go a long way in expressing a quintessential aesthetic balance to the whole space.

The selection of the ideal colour combination would help you strike the desired aesthetic appeal in your home. With the above ideas related to the most popular colours combination for Indian homes, HomeLane will help you transform your home into an ideal place to be. Reckoned as one of the most budget-friendly home interior brands, HomeLane strives to offer customised solutions related to home décor, encompassing apt colour schemes to its customers. From providing online expertise to live 3D Designs, Instant Pricing to designing a home in the best possible contactless way, this resourceful home décor brand offers tailor-made solutions no matter what the budget. 

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