Constructing a house is not just a building project anymore. Every corner has the essence that makes it someone’s blissful abode. When it comes to home décor, a kitchen is the soul of any house. From fantastic coffee to delicious meals, a lot is brewed in tiny corners of the kitchen.

Therefore, it is crucial to put every ounce of creativity into designing it. To begin with, open shelves are always the preferred choice of both house owners and interior designers. Here is a list of reasons why open shelves work wonders for Indian kitchens.

Extra Space is a Virtue 

For a kitchen, the more space, the merrier it is! When designing an Indian kitchen, there is an endless number of spices, utensils, and much more. Open shelves allow house owners to utilise the small corners of a kitchen efficiently. Customisation is possible with shelves but cannot happen with cabinets. Small spaces and tiny corners can be designed to make the kitchen look brighter and more elegant. 

A Collection to Flaunt 

Home interiors aid in giving a home a look one desires. It provides an uber vibe to every nook and corner of the house. Where is the fun in owning breathtaking culinary sets when they are locked up in cabinets? One can easily display exquisite crockery items, dishware, and more in the kitchen with open shelves. 

House owners may often wonder why one should hide the most expensive Bone China dinner set when you can easily display it in the kitchen to dazzle your guests! It is indeed impressive how open shelves add elegance to the overall look of your kitchen.  

Convenience at Hand

Indian kitchens have a plethora of items that need proper placement, from pickle boxes to dinnerware. Cabinets can make it difficult to pull out a specific item amongst others when you are in a hurry. With open shelves, however, this is not the case. You have easy access to everything which is on display. 

Also, the struggle of searching for something in those dark cabinet corners is no longer a problem with open shelves. Finally, with open shelves, you will not forget about an item kept inside the cabinet, which you will only find once you clean it out. 

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Projects a Style Statement

As mentioned earlier, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any house. The way you design and style your kitchen says a lot about your personality. Therefore, open shelves allow you to display those hidden yet expensive and magnificent tiles and brilliantly painted walls. It takes much innovation to build a kitchen that attracts the eye, so cabinets should not hide the creativity of your kitchen. Remember, every bit of styling contributes to the way you present your kitchen to others. 

An Economical Alternative 

Why burn a hole in your pocket by building cabinets in the kitchen when you can save money by opting for open shelves? These are easier to install and do not require much maintenance. In fact, a wise decision would be to save money by installing open shelves and remodelling the kitchen in areas where it is needed the most, rather than choosing expensive kitchen cabinets. We know that when building a house, every penny you save counts! 

A Well Organized Kitchen 

Whether it is a cook, the man or the woman of the house, the kitchen is the space where you will spend at least three hours of your day preparing meals. With open shelves, the extra perk you get is a well-kept kitchen without time-consuming cleaning. Every item is easily seen, kept neat and clean, and does not make your kitchen look clumsy. Now, who does not want a kitchen that makes your job easier!

Getting Rid of Dust Becomes Easier

Most people think that open space adds to an extra pile of dust. But fortunately, that is not the case with an open shelving kitchen. This is because you end up using everything available on the shelf regularly. Plus, when you clean your items on the shelf, a single wipe with a damp cloth can help you get rid of those dust particles. On the contrary, this is not possible with cabinets. Cleaning cabinets daily does not fit well with kitchen chores. 

Building a kitchen might seem like a piece of cake, but it takes more than that to make it look stunning. Is it the right place for the stove, what colour should the walls have, where should the refrigerator go  – these are some of the questions one needs to figure out? HomeLane can answer these questions by sharing expert insights related to choosing open shelves over cabinets. For more, visit HomeLane. It goes without saying, that from convenience to being budget-friendly, open shelves are a win-win in every possible way. 

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