Rich, saturated hues that recall the luxe glow of jewels are all the rage right now, and if you like to go bold and make a statement in your home décor, you should consider using a jewel tone colour palette. These strong, fiery colours are imbued with the personality of the stones they are named after and have a timeless elegance that will never go out of style.

Here’s how to fill your home with glittering colours that recall Aladdin’s cave!

1. Look for Bold Contrasts

Showcasing a mix of saturated jewel hues embellished with gold, this room takes a maximalist approach to design. Lush emerald velvets in the furnishings make for an arresting contrast against the rich satin finished walls in ruby red. This room is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

2. Pretty Patterns in Sapphire and Turquoise

A subtle take on jewel tones is afforded by the use of intricately patterned Moroccan tiles, with jewel hues against a backdrop of white. All shades of sapphire through turquoise make their mark in these pretty one-of-a-kind tiles that can be used as a carpet inlay on any floor, or on the kitchen backsplash for a decorative touch.

3. Use a Statement Piece

If too much colour isn’t your style, choose to make a bold big statement with accent furniture. This sophisticated two-seater has skinny square legs and velvety-soft tufted seats that are every bit as comfortable as they look! The deep emerald grabs attention and is accentuated by the dull gold lampshade and leaf accessory.

4. Embellish with Crystals

Gemstones are said to concentrate energies within them. Energy healers suggest that by using crystal lamps in our homes, we can amplify this therapeutic effect and radiate this energy into our homes. This lovely amethyst crystal lamp is said to have the power of cleansing the energy of any space and radiating pure, peaceful calmness all around. Placed at your bedside, it can promote restful, refreshing sleep.

5. Say it with Glass

Hand blown glass has a beauty all its own. Accessorize with glass vases and figurines in bejewelled shades that take on an iridescent shine against any light source.

6. Add a Splash of Citrine

This delightful sofa in citrine yellow dazzles and defines this living room, and is beautifully offset by the raw silk cushions in solid colours. Silk-sashed curtains in the backdrop add to the air of opulence.

7. Harmonize the Colours

The pairing of emerald green and ruby red never fail to inspire, and when set against a deep charcoal grey backdrop they can make a major style statement. This industrial style bedroom uses sleek, minimalistic black metal furniture and pairs it with plush velvet furnishing in colours that shine.

industrial look with jewel tone colours

8. Glam up with Jewel Tone Cushions

If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by bold colours, add subtle touches of jewel tones in the form of raw silk cushions. That way, you can easily swap out the look when you tire of the colours and feel like it’s time for a change!

raw silk cushions

9. Upcycle old Silk Fabrics

One way of adding glam to your home décor is by upcycling old silk saris or skirts to make furnishings such as cushions and Roman blinds. Use the borders in creative ways for a unique designer look. Mix and match neutral shades and textures with jewel-toned colours to water down the aesthetic, if you feel it’s coming on too strong!

yellow jewel tone silk fabric

10. Soothing Blues

Aquamarine, sapphire, turquoise and tourmaline are glittering gemstones in shades of blue that run the gamut of translucent to deep. This lovely room plays shades of blue gemstone colours against each other, creating visual poetry. The metallic gold and silver accessories act like neutral shades, softening the depth without taking away from its intensity.

jewel tone sofa with accent mirrors

11. Bejewelled Lamps

Jewel-toned stained glass lamps certainly make an impact and are a great way to bring in these brilliant colours. What’s more, the coloured shards of glass throw intriguing patterns of light and cast a lovely glow that warms up any room.

jewel tone colours for interiors

To nail the Jewel tone look, do keep these tips in mind!

  • Jewel tones can be used with any décor style and will go with the flow of any space.
  • Always use a base colour that will work as a neutral backdrop and ground your space. Add jewel tones around your base, as much or as little as you would like.
  • When working with a jewel tone colour palette, appropriate use of texture will heighten the drama. For instance, silks and velvet finishes will add to the glamour, while dull finishes like cotton weave or linen will tone down the effect.
  • Gold, silver and copper accents work well with these colours, and play up their brilliance; much like in jewellery! For instance, gold accents set off the fire of ruby red, while silver adds to the elegant perfection of cool sapphire blue.
  • Citrine yellow, golden topaz, ruby red and amber orange are warm shades, while sapphire blue, emerald green and turquoise are cool hues. When it comes to jewel colours, though, remember that even the cooler shades have brilliant fire at their heart.
  • A textured accent wall in shades of silver and turquoise, or copper and amber would make a stunning statement in any room.

Like the look, but not too sure how to put it together? Help is at hand! Call a HomeLane designer today.

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