The latest interior design trends have seen a spurt of jewel colours interiors flooding the market. Ideal for drawing rooms and spaces that bring the family together, a jewel tones interior oozes out a sense of calm and placidity. Jewel tone is a rich saturated colour high up in the colour spectrum. These tones get their names from the eponymous luminous gemstones.

The luxe glow of these jewel tones ensures that they can never go out of vogue. These timeless jewel colours are bold, fierce, and dynamic in every styling sense.

So here are the top-notch jewel-tone interior designs that will add a unique and exotic charisma to your modest home space:

top-notch jewel-tone interior designs

Hunt for something bold

You would love to play around with the bold contrasts while planning for jewel tones interior design. For instance, you can add a spark of gold and embellish it with densely saturated jewel tones.

This mixture is a deadly creation of elegant interiors. If you want the charm of ruby red on your walls, add the relishing emerald velvet furniture as an alluring contract. This lush combination is the recipe for an ideal home interior!

bold contrasts for jewel tones interior

An Astonishing Statement Piece Can Do Wonders!

If you do not intend to use too much colour, then do not go for it. A jewel colour interior design does not need to limit to wall paint. You can jazz up your space with bold statement pieces to add the spark of jewel tones. From study room design to a ravishing dining room design, accent furniture is your way to go! It is

You can consider the deep emeralds and the glitz of gold for an awe-inspiring statement creation. It makes people turn an eye to see your jewel tones interior design without fail.

bold statement pieces for jewel tones interior

Play with the Synchronisation of Jewel Colours!!

Are you looking for a jaw-dropping jewel colours interior design? No matter if you have a modern living room interior design or an Indian living room interior design, you can always play with the colour palette. Pick the finest emerald green furniture and pair it with stunning satin finish ruby red walls. A charcoal grey or an off-white backdrop can be the icing on the cake. A classic style statement can inspire every soul!

synchronisation of jewel colours

Welcoming Patterns in the Hues of Turquoise and Sapphire

A jewel-tone interior can be the epitome of gorgeous patterns on Moroccan tiles. It can brilliantly complement your 1 bhk design, 2 bhk design or even 3 bhk design. Go for the drop-dead white tiles and pair them with the grace of jewel hues. No sapphire and turquoise hues can justify the jewel-patterned tiles. This idea can be your best bet for a kitchen backsplash or floor décor for creating a divine jewel tones interior.

jewel-patterned tiles

Spruce Up the space With the Majestic Crystals

Did you know that gemstones and various crystals are the powerhouses for energy? They can escalate the aura of your small living room interior design or a minimalist living room interior design. Yes, the subtle-looking crystals are the best companions of an energy healer. According to healing experts, decorating crystal pieces in our space can glow up the aura of a home.

Crystal energy radiates a therapeutic impact on the surroundings, amplifying prosperity and bliss.

Do you have glorious desires for your elegant living room interior design? Well, you can invest in a supreme quality amethyst crystal lamp to create a jewel tones interior design. It has the ability to cleanse the dull and negative energy in your home. Moreover, you can observe that soon your space is transforming into a more restful and calming spot. You would get a night of sound sleep, positive energy, and blissful vibes all day.

amethyst crystal lamp


Now you are well-acquainted with the top-notch jewel tones interior designs to punch up your existing decor and make you feel more at home. However, coming up with new and unusual colour schemes that bring harmony of spaces to life is challenging.

There are many ways to incorporate jewel tones interior into your home, but if you’re unsure where to start, let the professionals at HomeLane manifest your dream interior design. We will have a design plan that is just right for your needs and within your budget.

If you are looking for more home decor ideas, keep exploring the inspiring interior decor blogs on HomeLane!!


1. What are considered jewel tones?

There are some rich colours that have got their name after exotic gemstones. A radiant jewel tone colour palette consists of enchanting hues such as charming ruby red, bright citrine yellow, blissful sapphire blue, soothing emerald green, and alluring amethyst purple.

You can enliven your home space with jewel tones interior design. To begin with, add some jewel tones to your living room interiors.

2. What goes with jewel tones?

You can jazz up the jewel tones with:

The brilliance of silver, copper, and gold accents

  1. Embossed lamps

  2. Intense blue accessories

  3. Jewel-toned silk pillow covers

3. What makes a colour jewel-toned?

There is a significantly high level of saturation in jewel-toned colours. This colour palette with highly saturated jewel tones is distinctively exquisite and regal. Nowadays, many homeowners find the jewel tones eye-catching and lively. Hence, they are showing a green flag for jewel colours interiors.

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