Does your kitchen look really outdated? Instead of spending tonnes of money on getting your kitchen re-done completely, spend a fraction of that cost to upgrade the style and functionality to give your kitchen a new look and feel. How? By just upgrading your kitchen cabinets! Cabinets are a large portion of the kitchen, so doing anything to them will impact the look of your kitchen quite drastically. Here are some crafty ways your kitchen cabinets can be upgraded in your budget.

1. Re-Do Laminates

If the kitchen cabinet carcass is still sturdy, you can replace the worn-out-looking outer laminate with fresh ones. Go for a different look- colour, style, etc. If you had the same colour cabinets for the lowers and uppers, try a dual-toned cabinet colour now. Or pick a shiny finish if you had matt before. You could even go for designer laminates that will give your kitchen a completely unique look. The options are really endless. But remember to make sure that the backsplash and floor tiles go with the new shade of cabinets you picked. If you go with interior design companies like HomeLane, you will be able to see how the kitchen will look in the colours you pick using the software. That way, you won’t make any expensive mistakes.

renovate kitchen cabinets

2. Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Painting your kitchen cabinets may not be a viable option for you if the carcass material used is MDF or particleboard – as is the case in most Indian kitchens. If the base material is wood, you can put a primer and repaint it to a colour that you want. Going the painting route gives you unlimited options – from painting a solid colour, to an ombre shade or even beautiful designs of your choice. You can make your kitchen look quirky and fun!

creative ideas for the kitchen cabinets

3. Remove Doors

Removing the doors from cabinets can really help to make a kitchen feel lighter and more open – perfect for a small kitchen. This is a really cheap way to give your kitchen an overhaul.  Open shelves can store just as many cutlery and utensils. It also lets you showcase all the beautiful pieces that you collected over time.

open shelves kitchen designs

4. Glass Door Panels

When upgrading your cabinets, replacing just the old cabinet doors with new ones can do the trick. You could also replace them with glass panels for a chic and stylish look. Glass panels give you a similar open look that open shelves do. But it also keeps the dust-out. If you are going for glass you can pick from different types of glass including coloured, patterned, crackled and more. Replacing doors with a mesh or kitchen wire is another way to have an open look.

creative glass panel cabinets

5. Wallpaper it

If you decide to replace your old cabinet doors with glass ones or remove them altogether for an open-shelf look, make sure that the wall behind looks good. You could paint it or pick a peal-on wallpaper in a fun print to really bring your kitchen alive with a pop of color and pattern.

kitchen wallpaper

6. Install Crown Moulding

Install crown molding along the top of your top cabinets to add height and sophistication instantly. You could either match the color of the molding to your cabinets or choose a contrasting shade for a striking look.

crown moulding

7. Swap Out the Hardware

Replacing old knobs and pulls is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to freshen up your cabinets. You can find plenty of options online, at hardware stores and antique shops. You might need the help of professionals to replace the hardware, especially if the width of the new pulls is different from your old ones. A little sanding, drilling, and touch-ups may be required.

You can always try and spruce up your old kitchen yourself, but employing experts like HomeLane will ensure that the process is smooth and you end up with a kitchen that you envisioned all along.

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