Today’s kitchen cabinets have moved away from the monochrome designs of the past and are embracing the two-tone theme. Whether you are designing a brand new kitchen or looking to refurbish your existing one, a two-colour format is a great way to amp up your style quotient. Here are some dynamic two-tone themes to pique your interest:

Off White and Spring Green Kitchen

This contemporary combination of verdant spring green and off-white is fresh, calm and soothing; all at once! The neutral wall tiles provide an interesting textured backdrop to the white countertop and the solid coloured cabinetry. The plain glass overhead cabinets give us glimpses into the pale green interior of the boxes, and the open shelving provides visual relief.Two toned kitchen cabinets

A Burst of Sunny Yellow Cheer

This pretty kitchen mixes and matches pale wood grains with sunny yellow, letting a pop of sunshine into your kitchen. The patterned tiles define and demarcate the backsplash behind the hob and chimney, while all the remaining tiles fade into the neutral background. Truly a show-stopping interior for a chic contemporary home kitchen!

dual tone kitchen

Black and White Can Never Go out of Style

This classic black-white duo is a design that you are sure to love for years to come. This bold contrasting theme always looks highly refined and has a timeless elegance that few other colour combinations afford. The patterned tile on the kitchen floor makes a strong statement as well. Here, the owner has opted for a dark brown backsplash, but you could choose just about any shade on the spectrum and it will look just as good!Two toned kitchen cabinets

Bold and Beautiful…and Oh, so Elegant!

Red has always been a colour that’s close to our hearts, and you are sure to fall in love with these deep red kitchen cabinets that wrap around the oak coloured cabinets below the counter. A sense of balance is offered by the open shelves that are set into the solid red cabinetry. Sexy and sensational, this kitchen design will not be forgotten in a hurry!

two tone kitchen designs

Quiet Elegance That’s Ageless

There’s something just so soothing and refreshing about this timeless combination of wood on white. The kitchen design below works beautifully with just two classic shades; all-white cabinetry contrasted with the same warm shade of beech wood in the countertop and the dining table. This is, indeed, serenity personified! wooden and white kitchen designs

Matte White on Glossy Wood Makes a Lovely Story!

The play between glossy wooden shutters and warm matte white makes for a very popular combination. The minimalistic and streamlined look is easily achieved with the neat lines of brick pattern in the wall tiles behind.

two colour kitchen


A Pop of Cherry in Your Kitchen

Bright high-gloss choral works as a sharp pop in this tiny white kitchen, tying the upper and lower cabinets together with the same accent hues. The cabinet designs are strictly utilitarian and very functional, and the ubiquitous black granite countertop is very easy to clean.

red and woodgrain colour kitchen

Things to Consider While Choosing Two-tone Kitchen

  • Pick a focal point. It’s easy to design your colours around the hob and chimney, which would usually be centrally placed.
  • As a rule of thumb, we like to go darker for the cabinets below the counter. Lighter overhead kitchen cabinets will open up space and make your room look larger.
  • Splashes of colour will draw the eye in, so plan the spaces well.
  • The colours are not restricted to the cabinet shutters alone; your choice of wall paint, tiles, countertop and flooring will also add to the overall colour palette.
  • If your cabinets are looking very ‘boxed-in’ and heavy, you can create a lighter aesthetic by adding a few glass and aluminium shutters.
  • Use the same hardware accessories, handles and so on — to tie the whole look together.
  • Consider repeating the same colours in other elements in the room, like the breakfast counter stools or the curtains at the window.
  • Compare and contrast textures for added interest; high gloss against matte, or textured wall finishes against smooth ones. Unconventional materials and textures can heighten the drama in your kitchen.

We’re sure that all these kitchen cabinets have made a compelling case for abandoning the monochromatic style and falling in line with the two-tone trend in your kitchen! If you need any more help in making up your mind, do contact the design team at HomeLane and get started on the kitchen of your dreams!

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