Have you ever wondered why in some places, the ceiling looks lower than it actually is? This is because of some great home interior tricks. Such tricks are amazing as they create a desired low ceiling effect when the actual ceiling is pretty high. If you want to know more about how interior designers create this low false ceiling effect, keep reading! 

There is a wide range of tricks that home interior designers use to create different effects in your home. A home is more than what meets the eye; it’s a place where you are going to stay for the rest of your life. Some of you might already know some home interior tricks, but you should be aware of these creative tricks mentioned below to create a low ceiling.

The easiest way to achieve the look of a lower ceiling is most certainly by installing a false ceiling. A low false ceiling creates an illusion of a low ceiling. It is a fitted ceiling that is suspended under the original ceiling using metallic or wooden frames. Sometimes the parts of the original ceiling are visible, and therefore, a low false ceiling is also termed as a ‘dropped ceiling’.

stripe lights for false ceiling

How to Make Your High Ceiling Look Lower

If you’re looking for ways to lower your high ceiling, you have landed at the right place. Creating a low false ceiling is not a very complex task as it can easily be done if one follows the right instructions. Here are nine different and easy ideas or tricks that will help you to create a low ceiling. 

The different home interior tricks to create a low ceiling are as follows:

Paint the Lower Portion of the Wall

If you wish to make the ceiling look lower, paint the lower portion of the wall with a stripe of the same color used for the ceiling. This will create the desired illusion.

Use Short Curtains

Drapes or long curtains make the ceiling look taller. On the other hand, short curtains do the opposite of that and create an illusion of a low ceiling.

Decorate the Ceiling

When we decorate a ceiling with the help of wallpaper, ornate patterns, or mouldings, it creates a visual effect of a low ceiling. The same applies to walls and roofs.  

Add High Furniture to the Room

Adding high furniture to the room makes the room beautiful and creates the effect of a low ceiling. The closer the furniture is to the ceiling, the more the vertical space increases and causes the ceiling to look lower. On the other hand, the opposite of this simple home interior trick may be used to create a high ceiling.

Use Contrasting Colors to Paint the Walls and the Ceiling

On painting the ceiling or the walls with a darker color, an optical illusion is formed, making the ceiling look lower. It looks even better if we use warm colors like red or orange, creating an “approaching” effect. 

Hang Lamps

Everything that hangs from the ceiling, be it a chandelier or a lamp, would make it look lower than its actual size. Using hanging lamps is an even better idea as they will light up the room, and the color and intensity of the light can also be managed. 

Create Horizontal Designs on Walls

Horizontal designs are trending because they look good and make the ceiling seem lower. This is because they make the eyes go from left to right, i.e., move horizontally, hiding how high the ceiling is.

Avoid lighting up the ceiling

Wall sconces can be used to avoid lighting up the ceiling. This will create the visual illusion that the ceiling is lower than it appears.

Use pictures to trick eyes

Using pictures on the wall will shift the focus of the eye from the ceiling by creating an alternative focal point. This trick is used so that a specific point can be made the focus, and the rest of the decorative scene can be ignored. Other decorative items like paintings, photographs, vinyl, etc., can also be used as distraction objects.  

You can either install a low false ceiling or create an illusion of a low ceiling using the tricks mentioned above. If you are still confused and need professional help, HomeLane is here!

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