Wallpapers are a quick and hassle-free way to transform plain and drab walls without undergoing a new paint job. These long sheets of paper that are printed with abstract designs, patterns, etc. and then stuck on the walls have become a home decor staple all around the world. When it comes to decorating your teen’s bedroom, wallpapers are the perfect choice for a new look. Every teen has their own unique style, which keeps changing as they grow up, and what better way to keep up than with wallpapers. Create a space your teen will love and help them show off their interesting tastes and personality with these wallpapers ideas.

colourful wallpapers for teenagers

Pros and Cons of Using a Wallpaper in the Bedroom

Before you explore the wonderful world of wallpapers for your teen’s bedroom, here are some advantages and disadvantages of wallpapers to keep in mind:


  1. Wallpapers are available in a wide variety of colours, prints, designs, and textures.
  2. Wallpapers are easy to apply and do not take much time. You do not need to prime your walls, apply multiple coats like in paints, apply a topcoat, and wait for everything to dry. Putting up wallpapers is less than a day’s job.
  3. Washable wallpapers are easy to clean and do not stain.
  4. The peel and stick wallpaper types are easy to remove and replace. They do not damage the wall and leave no traces.


  1. Some wallpapers can be more expensive than paints, especially if you are looking for a custom print or design.
  2. When working with patterned wallpapers, the designs need to align perfectly to create a seamless flow of the pattern. This requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail, especially if it is your first time working with wallpapers.
  3. Wallpapers do not stick to rough and textured walls and you will need to smoothen and prepare the walls beforehand.
  4. Some wallpaper glues cannot withstand extreme humidity and dampness and might start peeling off the edges.

beautiful wallpapers designs for teenages

Wallpaper Ideas for Teens

If you are still not sure about how you can decorate your teen’s bedroom with wallpapers, read on and get inspired by these fabulous ideas that are guaranteed to change your mind!

Accent Wall Wallpaper

You do not need to cover the entire bedroom with bright and vibrant wallpaper to make an impact. Pick one wall, or even the middle section of one wall, and add a patterned wallpaper to create a bold statement. Pick a wallpaper that has colours that complement the rest of the room. This will ensure that the wallpaper grabs all the attention without sticking out like a sore thumb.

wallpapers for teenagers children

Black and White Wallpaper

Just because you are adding wallpaper in the bedroom does not mean it has to be colourful. A simple black, white, and grey wallpaper goes well with all different types of room decors and is perfect for when you want to add just a touch of fun to the walls without going overboard. Wallpapers with neutral colours make it easy to switch out furniture and home decor pieces without worrying about the colours clashing.

wallpapers for teen

Geometric Patterned Wallpaper

When in doubt, pick a patterned wallpaper with geometric designs – think circles, squares, triangles, etc. These designs are easy to pair with any kind of furniture and are often enjoyed by teens across all age groups. So if you have a young teen, you do not have to worry about them getting bored of the geometric wallpaper as they grow older. But keep in mind, geometric wallpapers can quickly look overwhelming if you cover a large wall space with the repeated patterns, so use the design sparingly and apply the wallpaper to only certain parts of the room.

geometric wallpapers for teenagers

Decal Wallpaper

If covering an entire wall with a different colour or design is not what your teen enjoys, consider adding a decal wallpaper to one of the walls. Decals are perfect for adding a touch of colour to a room without covering an entire wall. Decal wallpapers make the room look open and less cluttered, perfect for small bedrooms and compact spaces.

decal wallpapers for teen

Panoramic Wallpaper

Instead of creating an accent wall or adding a repeated patterned wallpaper to all four walls in the room, a panoramic wallpaper is a seamless design that flows from one wall to another. Just like a panoramic photograph, these wallpapers extend from one corner of the room to the opposite, giving you a larger horizontal space to add to the design.

panoramic wallpapers

Designing a teen’s room can be a lot of fun, but approach it without a plan, and it will soon turn into a challenge. Teens want a good blend of style and functionality, and to create a dream bedroom for your teen, you cannot compromise on either. Take the guesswork out of the design process by speaking to an interior and home decor expert at HomeLane. Here at HomeLane, we provide you with customised, efficient, and budget-friendly designs that will help you put together a bedroom that your teen will love to call their own. 

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