As every parent knows, preteens and teenagers can drive you up the wall at times (perhaps a lot of the time!), and need a lot of patient handling! Giving them their own private space can do wonders for their development. Teens want you to trust them, and fiercely guard their independence at all times. Having their own safe space, where no one will bother them, and they can have all the privacy they need, means a lot to teenagers.

Interiors for teenagers must be explicitly designed for their interests and needs. While you should not make the room appear childish, you can be imaginative and create spaces that are functional and creative.

Here are some fresh interior design ideas to create fun spaces for your teens and tweens!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Is your child musically inclined? This no-nonsense black and white room interior will keep him humming to his rhythm! The blackboard on one entire wall allows for musical scribbles, and we love the decal with notes at the head of the bed.interior for teen

Blue on White

Blue and white have always been the perfect combination for a cool, restful interior. Your teen will stay calm and collected in this room that is as compact as it is well organized!interior design ideas for teenager

A Riot of Colours

The colour family of blues, pinks and mauve rules this pretty space that is tasteful and well-coordinated. Just right for your whimsical teen with her head in the clouds! interior design for teen

Chill Zone

Your kids can chill out and just be themselves in this neat-as-a-pin bedroom that draws its colour inspiration from the sea-green of stormy waves and the frothy white of the ocean.

Experimenting with Science

If Science is her thing, your teenage daughter will love this space that’s created to showcase her innovative experiments and kindle flights of fancy!

Pristine White on White

The turbulence of teenage angst can be tempered down by this lovely white interior that’s guaranteed to soothe troubled hearts. We love the neat storage racks that can house anything and everything.

Tepee talk!

This tepee tent offers a safe, cosy environment where your creative tween or teen can let their imagination run wild. String up some lights inside, and you will find that your child spends more time within than without! cool interior ideas for teenagers

For the Geography Genius

Does your teenager love to learn about faraway lands and social sciences? Nurture this interest with this space that’s centred around a large map of the world. There’s a trundle bed below that is perfect for the occasional sleepover.interior design ideas for geography lover

Make sure that your teenagers join in the fun! Brainstorm ideas with them, and let them feel like they are an integral part of this project. Together, you can create functional and beautiful individual spaces for your children that they will love!

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