Even if you’re straight out of college and still counting pennies, there’s nothing to stop you from having a stylish home. Decorating on a budget can be challenging, but it’s not impossible! There are plenty of simple things you can do to give your home a décor makeover, and they don’t come with a hefty price tag. Ready to begin? Read on!

Paint An Accent Wall

An accent wall is a fun upgrade that doesn’t cost a whole lot, and can be done in a single afternoon. And you don’t even have to paint the whole wall. Try just a half wall, leaving a jagged margin between the old and the new, and try experimenting with a colour gradient to add interest.

Throw Down a Rug

A rug adds colour, texture and pattern to any space and can uplift your décor in an instant. Any space that feels drab and unwelcoming can be made to look cosy and warm, just by adding an area rug that you love! Pick shades that match your colour palette, and designs that go with your décor style.

Add Fresh Flowers

For a pick-me-up that costs literally nothing, pluck some colourful blooms and arrange them in a wicker basket, letting a little sprig of leaves trail out. Perch them on a windowsill, side table or your work desk and take in a deep breath of scented freshness!

Wallpaper a Section of the Wall

Add style to your bedroom by using peel and stick wallpaper on a section of the wall. You could do it above your bed, or to one side, like in this pretty violet and white bedroom. Do up the room in colours that are picked up from the wallpaper print for a cohesive look.

Abstract Art

Shop around for artwork that isn’t expensive, but matches your sense of style. A large piece of abstract art can become the focal point in your room, and you can work the rest of the room decor around it. And if you’re handy with a paintbrush, you can even try your own art experiment.

Pick an Accent Chair

A bare corner near a window can be turned into a cosy reading nook by adding a wing chair that’s upholstered in a bold, solid colour. Put down a pretty area rug and add a reading lamp, and you’re all set to catch up on the latest page-turner.

Decorate With Clocks

This simple room gets a totally different look just by hanging up an interesting collection of wall clocks. Pick clocks in different styles, and arrange them in mix-and-match patterns on the wall. It need not be just clocks—whatever your hobby is, you can showcase it on a bare wall (and show the world what makes you tick)!

Fill Your Home With Greenery

Indoor plants are the simplest, most inexpensive way to add colour and freshness to your home. Arrange them in different styles and sizes of pots, and fill up wall ledges, shelves or table tops with a thoughtfully curated collection of lush green plants.

Simple Wall Ledge

This simple ledge is just a piece of wood, suspended from the ceiling with a thick rope. What a lovely way to showcase your collection of knick-knacks, or even your favourite books!

Amp Up the Lighting

Twist a string of twinkling lights on the wall above your bed, or string some lights through plants on the balcony to turn your home into an enchanting fairyland. Plan to have decorative accent lights at key spots in your home; focused on some artwork, for instance, or lighting up your breakfast counter.

Wall Art Using Duct Tape

You don’t have to be an artist to decorate your walls! Turn a bare wall into a work of art using nothing but coloured tape and your imagination. This simple cityscape uses just straight and angled lines to tell a story on your wall.

Corral Bathroom Supplies

Give your bathroom a spa upgrade by corralling all those pots and bottles in a wicker basket. Burn some vanilla candles and roll up fluffy towels, while you’re at it.

Pile On the Patterns

Create your own patterned cushions using scraps of leftover fabric in bold colours and pretty prints. Frame little rectangles with the same fabric, and put them up on your wall for a creatively coordinated, completely unconventional look.

Dress Up Your Dining Table

Dress up your dining table with a pretty table cloth, fancy table mats and some colourful plates and dishes. Add a centrepiece with fruits and flowers, light some pretty candles, and dine in style!

Get a Bucket Chair

A bucket chair is the perfect add to your living room corner. Plump up some cushions, add a pretty throw and a rug, and you have the comfiest corner in the world.

Try Some Decoupage

Decoupage is an art style that’s loads of fun, and is far, far easier than it looks. Turn an old wooden box into a lovely trinket holder for your dressing table, or convert a glass beer bottle into an exquisite vase for fresh cut flowers.

We’ve got plenty more simple and budget-friendly ideas where these came from! For a home upgrade that’s high on style but easy on the pocket, get in touch with the designers at HomeLane.

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