The kitchen is the heart of a home. People like to spend a lot of time trying out new things in a newly built kitchen. But after some time, the same place starts to feel dull and boring. However, you can prevent this from happening by choosing something different in terms of colour. So, let’s go green! From sage to olive, light to dark, you can find fresh inspiration all the way!

Green is a trending colour for the kitchen. You can also style your home by using green kitchen paint colour ideas. From counters to cabinets to appliances to even your crockery and cutlery, you can add green kitchen paint colour ideas and refresh your kitchen with this great colour. Here are some green kitchen paint colour ideas to inspire you.

Explore green kitchen colour ideas

green kitchen color ideas

Why are Green Kitchen Paint Colour Ideas popular?

Green kitchen paint colour ideas have become extremely popular in the past few years. But there are many who are sceptical about going for green colour in the kitchen. But it is a hue worth considering because:

  • It is an extremely versatile colour and goes well with many other shades in the colour palette.

  • Mother nature is green, and hence it is a natural colour. It symbolises growth, harmony, balance, and renewal.

  • Adding green kitchen paint colour ideas adds colour to the space without making it look garish or loud.

    It is a refreshing and calming colour that is the best choice for the place that works the hardest in a home.

Here are some ways in which you can use green colour kitchen design

popular green kitchen colors

Green Cabinets For Your Kitchen

When you are designing a kitchen cabinet, the colour you choose is important as it makes a space date quickly. Among the paint colours, green is one that is modern and dramatic and can be paired with other colours and looks good especially on wooden modular kitchen designs. But there are many shades of green; so, which one to pick? Choose colours that will go with green kitchen paint colour ideas.

Checkout the best green color for kitchen cabinets

Olive palette

Choose the warmth of olive green as a green kitchen paint colour idea for cabinets and contrast them with white marble countertops. This looks ideal for a straight modular kitchen.

olive color kitchen

Pistacchio green kitchen

If there is any neutral colour like grey or white among the green hues, it is light green or pistachio green. Pair your pistachio green cabinets with a neutral-shaded countertop and white backsplash tiles. This is the best green colour for kitchen cabinets for those looking to have a well-lit and airy kitchen.

pistacchio green kitchen design

Mix dark and light tones

Dark shades of green are a great green kitchen paint colour idea for cabinets. It adds sophistication and elegance to the space, especially for a low-budget modular kitchen. You can even use darker shades of green for more drama. Check out mint color kitchen cabinets options.

Green Painted Walls For The Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design ideas, blue has often been the first choice. But off-late, the trend of green kitchen paint colour ideas is really catching up. The green colour kitchen design is timeless, as it can be paired with many other hues. You can get inspired by the colours of nature or even the lemon zest that is lying in the fridge; you can make a style statement in your kitchen. Depending on the shades of this colour, green colour in the kitchen can be used to style a modern, classic, simple, subdued, or make a statement space.

Know more about using green colour in kitchen.

green painted walls for the kitchen

Dark leafy green kitchen

A kitchen is a place where people often eat as well as cook. So, it makes sense to paint it with appetising colours. Deep green is one such green kitchen paint colour idea that really makes the space more appealing. Add plenty of white, gold, and wood-hued accents to make the space open, bright, and well-lit. It is great for a small kitchen and a parallel modular kitchen.

dark leafy green kitchen

Kitchen in Olive Green

Among the many green shades that are popular, olive green is a favourite among designers, and for a good reason. Olive green is one of the most amazing green kitchen paint colour ideas, as it gives an earthy and calming feel. Additionally, it can be styled in many ways, which include:

The earthy and neutral tones of olive pair with neutrals. Mix olive-painted walls with neutral-coloured worktops and cabinets for a tranquil environment. It is ideal for both small and large kitchens and can also be perfect for the island modular kitchen as it can keep it airy and also brighten the space.

Another combination you can choose for the olive colour kitchen is the grey and olive-green timeless combination. Paint the walls an olive green with grey tones to give depth. Use grey cabinets and a kitchen table or an island for a sophisticated look. To make the space more interesting, use different hues of grey to divide them into separate areas.

Find out options for olive colour kitchen

kitchen in olive green

Bright Jade

The jade is a vibrant shade of green and is a green kitchen paint colour idea for those who want something dynamic in a neutral kitchen. Blue-green jade is a vibrant colour for the wall that makes for a great distraction from unsavoury elements in your kitchen. Also, since it brings the image of tropical places to the mind, it can enhance the mood. Hence it can be a perfect fit for the PVC modular kitchen. It can also brighten a kitchen that does not have adequate natural light. Another tropical colour to choose is sea green. Find out more sea green colour kitchen ideas to add more personality

bright jade color kitchen

Kitchen Tiles In Green

When choosing green colour tiles for the kitchen, it is important to know the overall look you want to achieve. Using lighter shades of green and grey can be well-suited for modern acrylic modular kitchen designs. On the other hand, use darker green to achieve a classic kitchen style.

Single-colour green tiles

Single-colour tiles give a cohesive look to the kitchen. Opt for green quartz or other shades for semi modular kitchen designs to brighten up the space. To add more pop, you can use green cabinets, too.

Green mosaic tiles

It can be used on a full wall or the accent wall. It adds personality and colour to the kitchen. When choosing green mosaic tiles, consider the overall colour scheme like kitchen false ceiling designs so that it complements the other colour aspects in the kitchen.

 Green Kitchen Paint Colour Ideas is the best option if you are looking for fresh ideas for your kitchen design. As a colour, green is sustainable, looks natural, and complements well with most home interiors.

If you want more such green kitchen paint colour ideas and kitchen designs, contact HomeLane. We provide assistance in designing kitchens and also offer a range of kitchen products which includes cabinets, countertops, kitchen hardware, and more. Start your green kitchen colour ideas journey with HomeLane today!

green mosaic tiles kitchen ideas


1. What shade of green is good for a kitchen?

If you want to give your kitchen an airy and fresh look, green is the best choice. Mint or pistachio green which are cooler shades of this hue, work well with light-coloured wood or white accents. Lime green is another colour that is playful and adds a fun element. Green apple colour can be used if you want a darker shade. It gives a quirky vibe. Whichever shade of green kitchen paint colour idea you choose, go with a shade that you won’t get bored of easily.

2. What is the most popular colour to paint a kitchen?

Some of the popular kitchen paint colour choices are white, red, blue, yellow, and green. Every one of these shades adds a different feel to the kitchen. But the one thing in common is they create a welcoming space that looks warm and comfortable. Green is a trending colour as it brings the outdoors inside.

3. Does grey go with green in a kitchen?

Yes. grey goes very well with green in a kitchen design. A grey countertop looks good with green cabinets.

4. What colours go with sage green kitchen walls?

Sage green is a popular colour for kitchen walls. It goes well with grey to create a warm and organic feel. Sage green with navy blue creates a relaxed and calm feel. For a bolder look, choose red or burgundy with sage green.

5. What colour compliments green?

Blue and dark green; lime with beige/cream; dark green and orange; teal green and pink; mint green and turquoise; green and peach; bottle green and red; olive green and red; moss green and yellow; sky blue and lime are some of the colour combinations that look great.

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