Arch window designs are back in trend for the right reasons. 

The Arch Window Design was widespread in traditional architecture due to its strength and beauty. Today, it can easily blend in with design styles such as rustic, modern, and traditional.

traditional arch window design

When paired with doorways, arch window designs provide a functional yet impactful touch. With multiple decor styles in mind, we’ve curated a list of the best Arch Window Design ideas for you. 

 1. Choose a Semi-circular Arched Roofline for Compact Spaces

semi-circular arched roofline

While finding the correct placement for the windows is essential, one should not neglect the power of a glass roofline.

An Arch window design is not just for the exterior; it will also change the house’s interior. You will find intriguing light patterns on the floors or staircases during the day. Instead of leaving the space with no windows, the arched roofline is a great focal point for the home. 

2. Arched Window Entryways Help to Create a Great First Impression

arched window entryways

With an arched entryway, one can quickly notice the home’s visual appeal right from the start. To create an exaggerated style, install a half-circle arch window design at the top of the entrance door. This will lighten the door’s vertical structure and allow for sunshine that will create an impression of a wide area. 

3. Reflect the Interior Design of the House with Brick Pointed Arch Windows

brick pointed arch windows

Without compromising on the natural light, the brick-pointed arch window design is a focal point for the house’s interior. While the upper half of the window can be covered for some privacy, the lower half can be opened. This allows the sunlight to come through even when the windows are closed. 

4. Add Some Mystery with Art Nouveau Windows

art nouveau windows

To add a touch of personal style, install an Art Nouveau window. These are also known as segmental arches with elongated curves. This arch window design will make the door height appear taller, and you will receive a lot of natural light.

The columns on the glass help to draw the attention of the viewer upward. Art Nouveau glass includes stained and decorative glass, which is coloured with metal oxides that are often melted before use. 

5. Consider the Element of Functionality with a Semi-circular Arch

semi-circular arch window design

An arch window design comes with multiple benefits apart from its aesthetic charm. An arch is considered more stable than a flat surface; this allows the weight to be spread and shared along the sides of the arch.

This arch window design is helpful for areas like attics, rounded roofs, and vaulted ceilings. Double-hung windows, casements, or single-hung windows are sometimes combined with arch windows for functionality.

Windows like the stand-alone circle, quarter-arch, or half-round window design can be operable. These can be opened inwards to let in some fresh air. 

6. Choose Multifoil Arch Windows for a Touch of Personality

multifoil arch windows

Arch Window Designs are customizable so that you can add your style. Soften a heavy window design with a multifoil arch. Instead of using rectangular windows to create some structure, the contrasting curves will help to add some character.

There are different types of lines to choose from as well. From straight lines to circular ones, decide on a shape that will showcase your style. 

7. Use Contrasting Colors to Make a Bold Statement

arch window design with contrasting colours

Add more depth to your arch window design with the help of contrasting colours. Work with two or three tinted colour glasses to add a pop of colour. Yellow and white complement each other very well, and during the day, you’ll receive colourful rays of light spread throughout the room.

Tinted glasses are a fun way to play with light, so that you can opt for a single colour or multiple colours. 

8. Infuse History with Design Using Curtains on Round Arch Windows

round arch windows

The Arch window design is popularly known for its historical authenticity. These were primarily seen in Gothic Revival Architecture and Romanesque Architecture. 

Style your arch window design with some colourful curtains and enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. If you want more privacy, choose blackout blinds. This arch curtain design will completely block the sunlight from coming through. Apart from the usual glass, you can select a blurred glass with a raindrop design.

9. Add Dimension to Your Rustic Walls with an Ogee Four-Centered Arch

ogee four-centred arch window design

Many homeowners try to make a statement using a red brick wall for the exterior. While these look great, an Ogee four-centred arch window design can be easily paired with this. This compliments the overall aesthetic and will help to create the perfect rustic-traditional look for your house. 

10. Custom Roman Arch Windows to Match the Aesthetics of Your Home

roman arch windows

You can draw much attention to your design by choosing a unique-looking frame or a pointed arch. Aim for a custom Roman arch window design to create a royal and ‘extra’ look. These go well with a steel Parisian Balcony. Choose a printed glass panel for the windows and watch your design come together as a piece. 

11. Pointed Gothic Arch Windows for a Traditional Look

pointed gothic arch windows

Traditional architecture included many gothic arch looks, which are popular even now. The windows have three divided arched windows; two of the dividers look like rockets, and the middle one is shaped like a diamond.

These also have classical columns that make them more fascinating. If you’re into the architectural style of churches, this Gothic-style arch window design is a perfect choice. 

12. Modernize Italy-Inspired Windows with a Soft Arch

italy-inspired windows with a soft arch

It is vital to incorporate the best styles for a unique style. Popular in urban and rural homes, Italy-inspired windows have rectangular shapes and lines. These can be paired with an arch window design to combine traditional and contemporary styles. 

13. Choose Simple and Minimal Round Arch Designs That Will Look Elegant

minimal round arch designs

Nothing can beat a contrasting colour palette. Choose a yellow framed arch window design that will stand out against the pink walls. A simplistic design helps to create more negative space, which in turn makes your home look luxurious. The curved window design and the colour palette create an illusion of height. 

14. Build the Perfect Bedroom with a Large French Window

french windows with vertical hinges

Wake up to the beauty of nature with the help of a large window. Regarding bedroom interior designs, French windows with vertical hinges are an absolute favourite of many individuals.

It makes your space look spacious and breathtaking. A white room with large white arch window designs will help you enjoy a beautiful bedroom. 

15. Traditional Wooden Windows with a Touch of Blue 

traditional wooden windows

Choose any shade of blue for your Roman arch window design and create a monochromatic, colour-block style. The white and blue here go very well together, and the windows don’t have see-through glass covers. These wooden frames and covers help to prevent the risk of glass breakage.

16. Repurposed Black Metal Frame for an Industrial and Indie Style 

black arch window metal frames

Black goes with every colour and requires less maintenance. Unlike white or lighter colours, one cannot easily spot some damage on black objects. Black arch window frames can be easily paired with neutral and earthy tones.

For a more industrial effect, use black frames against white walls. You can open some parts of the arch window design for ventilation while the other parts stay fixed.

17. Roman Arch Windows with Pastel Shutters and Grills 

arch window grill design

Take a look at this colourful window-style door that’s bursting with style. Filled with pink, blue, green, yellow, and red, it has the best of colours. Notice how the structure has been turned into a functional element.

You can choose to open the window’s upper or lower part as desirable. The arch window grill design gives a complete twist to the traditional style.

18. Give Your Balcony an Upgrade with These Beautiful Art Deco Windows 

art deco windows design

A classic white column arch window design perfectly matches the beige walls. This remarkable and stunning Art Deco design idea adds brightness to the ceiling. Large arch designs like these will make the space appear visually bigger.

It will also create a great reading spot, place a comfortable chair or sofa in front of it, and you’re set. These arch windows are an excellent addition to your minimal home without any patterns on the glass.

19. Don’t Forget Your Kitchen: Corner Windows for a Gentler Feel 

arch window design in the kitchen

Arch window design in the kitchen is an exciting way to soften the room’s corners. The natural light coming through the window helps to work during the day. The window’s curves reduce the room’s harshness and bring a gentler feel. The window is a classic piece with a column pattern on the glass.

20. Level up Your Relaxing Space with Cottage Style Arch Windows 

cottage style arch windows

You can add some industrial elements to your residential space with the help of multiple arch windows. The overall ambience of the area here is rustic, but the white gives a contemporary feeling.

The roof beams are exposed, and the white gives the room a smooth finish. The curved window grill design has rectangular doors open to the balcony. Bathe in the sun’s warmth during winter while sipping a cup of coffee.

curved window design

You can choose to incorporate these ideas into your next renovation or building project. An Arch window design can take your interior and exterior design to the next level. Grab a few pointers from here and give them your personal touch. For more inspiration and ideas like these, head over to HomeLane.


1. What Are Arch-Shaped Windows Called?

Arch-shaped windows can also be called Radius windows. This window style adds a unique element to traditional and modern homes while being elegant.

With endless design options, Radius windows can function as stand-alone windows or can be used to add architectural interest above a door or window. Different arch types are Cathedral Arch, Gothic Arch, Round Top Arch, Segmented Arch, Tudor Arch, and Oval Arch.

2. Can You Get Arched Upvc Windows? 

A subtle soft finish can be achieved only through an arched uPVC window. These are simple yet stunning curved windows that help to create a timeless look. The uPVC arch windows can be customized with a mesh, grill, or hardware.

Some pieces are multi-chambered, which helps to reduce heat loss. These windows need to be double or triple-glazed to ensure proper energy performance.

3. How Do You Modernize an Arched Window?  

It is easy to get a modern yet elegant arched window. Contrary to what many people believe, there are many to modernize your arched windows with a few simple tricks and ideas.

  1. Think of a style you would go for. It could be boho, rustic, modern, or fully luxurious. Don’t limit your creativity while sticking to a style.
  2. Be creative and think about how the arch would look from the outside and inside. The best way to do this is to match with the interiors and then pair it with the exteriors of your house, like yard setting, yard colour, brick look, etc.
  3. The wall colour and the Arch colour can play a significant role, along with the interiors of the room. Mixing “old” and “new” styles can be luxurious and modern.

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