If you’re a bookworm, you will understand the need to have adequate space to house your ever-growing collection of books. These book showcases will give you home décor inspiration and set you up for some serious house envy from the neighbours.

1. Cosy Reading Nook

A book lover’s dream, this reading corner has everything going for it—shelves filled with books, warm wooden floors, a lovely window seat and a view to die for!

bookshelf designs

2. Minimalistic Showcase

Simple and sleek, this open shelf has minimalism at its core. The white shelves are set off by the bare wooden pole supports.

minimalist book shelf designs

3. A Sustainable Touch

A mishmash of recycled wooden crates and boxes are put together to create this innovative wall shelf, that is an intelligent exercise in sustainability.

sustainable book shelf designs

4. A Ladder for Books

We love this unique ladder bookshelf, supplemented by the rough-hewn shelf hanging on a rope which can also house your books. Tie the whole look together with chair seats made of wicker, and add plants in cane baskets for a lovely touch.how to convert old ladder into bookshelf

5. Arrow Bookshelf

Lightweight pinewood planks are used to make this delightful bookshelf, comprised entirely of arrows pointing any which way.

Arrow Bookshelf

6. We Heart Books!

This bookshelf brings out your love for books in a very visual way. Stack them up in piles, or prop them up vertically, and get your heart’s fill of reading.Trending Bookshelf designs

7. Black Beauty

The open bookshelf behind the sofa is the perfect foil for this boldly masculine, black-themed décor.

Black colour bookshelf

8. Niche in the Wall

A little niche in the wall is neatly fitted with transparent glass shelves to transform it into a bookshelf instantly. Make the most of the space available, and tuck your books out of sight.

wall mounted bookshelf designs

9. Simple and Utilitarian

This simple set of wall ledges can transform any bare wall into a functional bookshelf. Intersperse your books with playful trinkets and knick-knacks for added interest.

simple bookshelf designs

10. A Winding Bookshelf

This meandering line along the wall can hold your treasure trove of books and artefacts. Use solid colours that match your décor and showcase your cherished collections.

Bookshelf tips

Tips to Set up your Bookshelf

Now that you have the bookshelves you’ve always wanted, here are some tips to make them look stylish:

  • Rather than cramming up the bookshelf with too many books, have a lot of gaps in the middle. A small potted plant, a small photograph in a silver frame, or a piece of pottery in between the books can add interest.
  • Unless you are a very neat and organized kind of person, it’s nice to have mismatching book labels and some books stacked horizontally in between the vertical spines.
  • Matching paired bookends can create a sense of harmony among books of multiple sizes and colours.
  • Paperbacks that are placed vertically without adequate support could bend, causing the covers to get damaged. Hardcover books will be fine regardless of how you choose to stack them.
  • A plain bookshelf can be spiced up with a coat of decorative paint or lacquer to match your décor theme.
  • Establish a visual rhythm and solid-void balance among the books and objects you choose to display.
  • It’s always nice to have the bookshelf next to a comfy chair with a tall lamp so that you can settle in and get lost in the world of books.

Are you looking for some unique bookshelf ideas for your home? If so, do connect with the HomeLane team.

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