POP (Plaster of Paris) is made from calcium sulphate that has been heated to a high temperature and ground into a fine powder. This powder is mixed with water and then allowed to dry. The end product is known as the plaster of Paris.

A POP ceiling is a “putty” with a wide range of finishes, shapes, colours and designs. There are endless possibilities for customising and creating unique POP ceiling structures.

Choosing The Best POP Design for Hall

When looking for the best POP ceiling design for a hall, there are several key factors to consider such as design, colour, cost and installation. Here are some of the best POP ceiling designs for hall to get you started:

1. Subtle illumination

Warm lighting complements the POP ceilings well. Choose lighting fixtures with yellow lights. You may also choose mood lighting, which has varying degrees of brightness and colour possibilities.

Different light holders and lamps may provide character to a siple POP design for hall or drawing room without a false ceiling. For a small hall interior design, this kind of POP design works the best.

subtle illumination design

2. A Grand Plus Minus POP Design

If you are looking for cutting-edge modern designs for your hall ceiling, nothing could be more cutting-edge than a black and newest plus-minus POP design for hall and drawing rooms.

Place panels of dazzling LED lights in between the POP blocks to make your ceiling seem more intriguing. This POP design for hall is also suitable for other bigger spaces. It will provide a refined aesthetic to your place

grand plus minus pop design

3. Symmetrical Ceilings

symmetrical ceilings pop designs

4. Multi-Tier POP Design

Nothing enhances the look of your living space like some symmetry in your POP design. The symmetric POP design for hall adds refinement to the overall aesthetic of the place.

Simple vertical and horizontal stripe POP designs may be judiciously applied to create a symmetrical equilibrium to the ceiling of your hall. Strip lights may be used underneath each symmetric POP panel to create a dynamic living space.

One of the most common false ceiling POP designs is to use a structure that mimics a stair. This POP plus minus drawing room design provides for a variety of lighting arrangements, both in terms of forms and colours.

Since it offers a sense of additional space, this multi-tiered POP design for hall works well in small rooms. It could end up becoming the centrepiece of your hall’s decor.

multi-tier pop design

5. POP Design with a Floral Theme

One of the most popular and in-demand designs among Indian homeowners is a floral POP design for the hall. You may draw inspiration from antique ceiling decor ideas to create beautiful wall pop designs for halls, drawing rooms, or bedrooms.

Installing a chandelier, delicate floral carvings and POP ceiling plates may create a wonderful impression in your hall.

pop design with a floral theme

6. Unique Lattice from POP

POP designs for hall can be used to make a honeycomb lattice structure to highlight the ceiling. This sort of light fitting gives much-needed illumination.

The ceiling’s design helps to conceal excess wiring and plugs. It results in a more seamless experience for visitors and tenants. This POP design for hall with other modern decor pieces.

unique lattice from pop

7. Crisscrossed Pop Design

This POP design for hall can be seen in the majority of Indian home interiors. It makes great use of both vertical and horizontal lines. This plus-minus POP design is perfect for rooms with two fans.

Design your ceiling to seem like a complicated mesh of overlapping POP lines. It will give the POP a distinct and unique appearance. This plus minus two-fan POP design will look even better if you add matching furniture and artwork.

crisscrossed pop design

8. POP Design for a Luxurious Hall

Every homeowner desires a dreamlike living space. If you want your place to seem expensive, you may use a creative coffered or segmented contemporary design. This POP design for hall is common in Indian households. Stick to the ever-popular white or beige for the colour of your ceiling. This plus-minus design works great for lobbies, halls.                                                                                                                                                           pop design for a luxurious hall

9. Abstract POP LED design

POP lighting may take a modern and abstractly designed false ceiling POP design for hall to the next level. Your ceiling will stand out and be highlighted by this LED design. Try it if you want your false ceiling to be the main attraction in the room.

Those who want an elegant hall interior can complement this POP design for hall with minimalist paintings, furniture and art pieces.

abstract pop led design

10. POP with Pendant Lights

Adding hanging pendant lights and LED cove lighting as your POP design for hall is a great way to refresh it. The dangling pendant lights will refine the overall appearance and provide concentrated illumination.

Kitchens and dining areas are the ideal places for this LED design. You can even replace your chandelier with this POP to get a minimalist hall interior design.

pop with pendant lights

Wrapping Up

POP designs for hall bring a creative and long-lasting touch to any living space. POP designs offer a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics that enhance the beauty of any space. Be it artful curves, 3D wallpapers or murals, one can be assured of adding much-needed charm by using POP design for halls, bedrooms, or any other living spaces.

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1. Which POP ceiling is best?

The best POP ceiling to use depends on the size of the room, the aesthetic desired and the budget available. For a traditional look, a textured and patterned design works well. For something modern, a plain white ceiling with detailed borders can be an attractive option. Whatever is chosen, be sure to choose a ceiling that will stand the test of time.

2. Which colour is best for POP design?

Generally, lighter colours work better as they can make a space feel bigger and brighter. Soft pastels like whites, off-whites, creams and beiges are popular POP colours, as are muted shades of blue, yellow and green. For a bolder look, consider brighter colours such as oranges, pinks and yellows. Ultimately, the best colour for POP designs should be chosen based on personal taste and the style of the space.

3. How much does ceiling POP cost?

The cost of ceiling POP in India depends on various factors such as size, design and installation. Generally, it ranges from Rs. 30 – 40 per sqft. Higher quality and intricate designs can cost up to ₹100 per sqft. Installation charges vary from ₹10-30 per sqft based on the complexity of the job. Thus, the total cost of ceiling POP in India can range anywhere from ₹50-130 per sqft.

4. Is POP or gypsum better?

It depends on the purpose for which they are being used. POP is a type of plaster composed of calcium sulphate and gypsum and is used for a variety of applications including ornamental decorations, sculpture casts and constructing ceilings and walls. Gypsum boards, on the other hand, are used for the construction of interior walls and ceilings and offer far greater fire resistance and thermal insulation. Therefore, POP is better for ornamental purposes while gypsum is better for construction.

5. How can I ensure my POP ceiling will last?

To maximise the lifespan of your POP ceiling, use high-quality, durable materials and be sure to keep it free from moisture, dust and other airborne particles. Also, in areas prone to earthquakes, consider using metal mesh reinforcement with the POP ceiling. Additionally, you can apply a sealant after installation to further protect the surface.

6. What are the disadvantages of POP ceilings?

POP ceiling is not necessarily a durable material. It may require replacing or repair over time due to cracks, dents, moisture damage, and other issues. In addition, some types of POP ceilings may be hazardous to health due to the presence of certain materials such as asbestos. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the POP ceiling used is of high quality. It must be professionally installed to minimise any risks.

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