Do you ever feel like painting your kitchen bold with vibrant colours but the idea scares you? How about finding a middle route? Make your desire to add colour to your home come true with accent walls. A simple experiment, without fully committing to the idea of change, can be achieved through accent walls. Mix and match with colours, wallpapers, and other design patterns on your walls to create a unique look for your home. A kitchen accent wall can really change the mood of your space.

What are the Accent Walls?

An accent wall is a feature of home interior design, in which one wall is of a different style, colour, pattern, or texture than other walls. For people who love to experiment, accent walls are a fascinating option.

Trending Kitchen Accent Wall Designs

Using stylish colours or patterns will give your kitchen a charismatic appeal. You can play with the symmetry of your house by adding different dimensions of styles and shades. We have created a list of shades that can help you kick-start your experiment with accent walls. 

Warm Colours

If you feel overwhelmed with bold colours, a splash of warm colours will highlight your kitchen walls. Depending on the colours and texture of your kitchen cabinets, you can select the shades for your walls. 

White or brown cabinets will complement earth-themed colours, and most homeowners opt for shades of yellow to create the perfect look. 

Textured Wallpapers

Selecting accent walls based on colour is still the preferred choice by most homeowners, but textured wallpapers have topped the list too. People love to experiment, and textured wallpapers are an excellent choice that imitates natural colour selection. 

Whether you want to go for bold stripes or keep it low with a brick texture, textured wallpapers are a great choice.

Timeless Black

Create a dramatic touch to your kitchen by including an evergreen black accent wall. Black complements nearly every other colour. Whether a solid black wall or a textured black wallpaper, you can never go wrong with this timeless classic colour.

For an eccentric look, paint the countertop silver or grey and enhance the brightness of your kitchen by letting in natural light.

Freshness of Green

Pine, lime, olive, fern and more shades make the cut for the list of kitchen accent wall colours. Green is a fresh and sophisticated colour that plays a prominent role in changing the vibe of the entire room. You need to be happy while you cook and green makes everyone content and comfortable.

Choose any colour from the green colour palette and match the accent wall with a cream or brown cooktop to achieve that premium look.

Experimental Stone Wall

Consider adding a stone mural wall. There are plenty of stone murals that will give your kitchen a unique and distinguished look.

From white to brown, you can print the wallpapers in any form of stone and add much-wanted charm to your kitchen wall.

Classy Vinyl Tiles Accent Wall

If you are looking for a blend of contemporary and conventional wall designs, then vinyl tile wallpapers are the best choice. Vinyl tiles give the kitchen wall a polished look, making it a perfect choice to cover the entire wall of the room.

For a more appealing look, consider using a single shade for the kitchen counter shelf, bringing an artistic touch to your kitchen.

vinyl tiles Accent wall with Copper pots and pans

Yellow Brings Sunshine

Make your kitchen dazzle with a bright and vibrant yellow wall, which you can pair with a cream coloured countertop or cabinet. Yellow is the colour of creativity, so you can make cooking a more positive experience by adding bright yellow to your walls.

Uplift the vibe of your kitchen by choosing a bold yellow shade, bringing warmth and artistry to your home décor.

bright yellow accent wall

Classic Black and White Kitchen Accent Walls

When it comes to timeless classics, black and white usually does the trick. Using white walls with black countertops will remain a popular choice for years to come.

Black and white are timeless and with this option, you are provided with a plethora of patterns and can choose a design that complements your mood.

classic black and White accent wall

Pop-Up with Herringbone Pattern

An accent wall trend is incomplete without a herringbone pattern. Being one of the most popular and trending patterns, herringbone will add unique charm and appeal to your kitchen wall. This is an effortless design that includes both colour and pattern, giving a subtle look.

Get abstract and aesthetic with herringbone patterns to add an artisanal touch to your kitchen home interiors.

herringbone pattern accent wall

Joe Hendrickson

When it comes to ideas for a kitchen accent wall, you can never run out of options with HomeLane. Though colours are always the first choice, wallpapers and patterns are also widely popular. The best part about accent walls is that you can experiment with any colour or texture in any room.

What are you waiting for? Explore your artistic side with accent walls using shades and styles to give your kitchen a unique look!

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