Do you know what’s trending in the interior world?? Welcoming GREEN inside your space!! Everything is going green these days. You can often hear people looking for Green interior design all over the internet. The green love is in the air. You feel like sitting in the lap of nature inside the green colour living room.

Are you an aspiring homeowner who wants your home to bang on trend with shades of green? Well, it’s not that easy. Lush green is nature’s calming colour with its endless shades. You need to discover which green shade can complement your interior. Worry not; you are not alone on this interior revamping journey. Let us take you on a tour of the green world that can beautify your space.

green interior designs

Adding the Magic of Darker Greens to your Living Room!!

Living room interiors never fail to catch attention. You can’t mess it up. Green colour can be the icing on the cake in your modern living room interior design. You can add brown and white ceiling tints for different shades.

 If you are a big-time dark shades fan, go for dark green interior design. Spice it up with hardwood flooring and a rustic couch set. It can be a classic solution to your search for elegant living room interior design.

add green to your living room

Green Interior Design to Bloom your Dining Room!

It’s time to give your dining nook a pleasant and lively look with the shades like Key Lime, Ocean Blue, and Off White. Off-white walls, calming curtains, plain cushions, and a patterned rug. It is a perfect interior recipe to decorate a visually appealing dining room!

green dining room

Let Your Bathroom Sink in the Elegance

Let us gift you a luxurious colour scheme for fulfilling your desire for an elegant bathroom. Go for an amalgamation of British racing green and dark wood to create a sophisticated look. Beautify it with wooden cabinets. White bathtubs and titles can be a cherry on top to get a more defined look.

green bathroom sink design

Green shade for an edgy Kitchen

Want your kitchen always to be the talk of the town? Combine dark green walls with light grey flooring. Add white cabinets, hanging lamps, and flower pots to create a magnificent look! Now you’ve more reasons than feeding your appetite for not leaving your kitchen.

green color kitchen

To Wrap Up

Are you already craving welcoming green interior design in your home? A green interior is something that you can always count on. It is not leaving the trend any time soon. Well, it’s time to take your green inspiration mode to a professional level.

No matter how genius you are with picking up the colour palettes, planning home interiors is a deadly task. Don’t worry. Being your interior buddy, HomeLane is always there to help you escape the worries of setting up green interiors.

Read more blogs where we have curated interior décor inspo to get you thinking. Happy decorating!


1. What is the concept of eco-friendly interiors?

Eco-friendly interior design has transitioned from just being a trend to a necessity. History is evidence of the disasters of not using nature-friendly resources. These days, many homeowners have found interest in minimalist living room interior design.  Green interior design promotes nature’s interest by enhancing people’s living experience. The concept is to utilise the indoor area that aesthetically benefits the environment! It becomes the interior designer’s responsibility to beautify the interiors with a maximum focus on promoting nature’s desires.

2. Is green on trend for interiors?

Yes, the Green colour interior design is trending. The captivating benefits give it an extra edge over others. Because all shades of green have a connection with nature. Many homeowners consider green interior design in their Indian living room interior design.

As it is popular for relaxing the brain and taking away all the stress. It creates a soothing living experience even in your 2 bhk design. Green colour has the alluring power to welcome a natural ambience with a calming vibe.

3. What does green symbolise in interior design?

The elegant green is a prominent colour. It can put life even in a 1 bhk design. No; matter whether you have a small living room interior design or a huge 3 bhk design, green interiors are worth it!!

The green interior design symbolises fertility, tranquillity, growth, and sound health.

Green home interiors make sure to let your home interiors radiate positive energy.

The green wall paint design set a peaceful and vibrant vibe. Homeowners sleeping in green wall interior design enjoy seven hours and 30 minutes of sound sleep every night.

Green reflects nature and is one of the best colour options for your contemporary living room interior design.

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