Exciting trends are emerging in the world of bathroom design. A variety of materials, textures, and colours are making their presence felt on the bathroom design scene. Consumers are tired of playing it safe and want to explore new ideas and concepts.

One exciting trend that has caught the attention of consumers and designers alike is the bathroom backsplash. Granite walls and fancy fittings are not appealing anymore.

Materials such as rough stone, mosaic tiles, glazed tiles, funky colours, and exposed brick walls are the talk of the design world. Well, if you want to speak their language, maybe it’s time you gave your bathroom decor a second look.

Let’s check out some gorgeous bathroom backsplash designs.

Contrasting Grouts

An innovative way to add oomph to your bathroom backsplash tiles is by addressing the grouts. White cement has always been a staple for this purpose. However, by filling your grounds in a contrasting colour, you can enhance the joints you were trying to hide. The results are dramatic!

The best part is that you don’t need to spend extra money to add this exciting element to your bathroom backsplash!

Mosaic Magic

Mosaic tiles have a long history. These little wonders have been in use for centuries and are the perfect bathroom sink backsplash.

There is any number of ways you can use this versatile material to amp the look of your bathroom vanity backsplash.  When these chips are paired with a contrasting shade, the magic begins to happen.

The glazed-tile look is in trend, so go crazy with your mosaic chips! You can opt for symmetry or go wild with a medley of colours for a jazzy look.

Go Wild With Terrazzo

Terrazzo tiles are no more the go-to tiles we used to see in budget homes in the past. These wonders have morphed into works of art with astounding colour choices and patterns. This trending bathroom backsplash design says it all! The play of colours, so artistically interwoven in the decor is laud-worthy.

You can use the shades on the tiles to pick the colours for your fittings and your cabinetry. Wow!

Go Natural With Stone

Stone always fascinates. A natural material, rocks are steeped in a history of minerals and erosion, each piece telling its own tale. It never ceases to amaze! Be it marble, granite, slate, or quartzite, you can elevate your design to the next level. You can go for the polished look, or opt for rustic appeal with rough stone. Slates of stone in a herringbone pattern are exciting too!

Brick it up

For a rustic approach to your bathroom backsplash, you can go for exposed tiles on your walls. Leave them natural, or give them a whitewash for a refined touch. This backsplash goes well with storage baskets and wooden cabinetry.

Go Funky!

Bathroom decor just took an interesting twist! Patterned tiles are in, and the choices are endless. To tone down the look, you can use the patterned tiles on one wall.

A vertical band of patterned tiles makes for a great backsplash. You can put the bands on the accent wall, or you can frame the vanity area with the pattern. The possibilities are endless!

Mix and Match

Why restrict yourself to a uniform backsplash when you can play around with variety? A combination of glazed tiles in plain colours and mosaic is to die for! You can opt for shades of blue, sea green, or black and white to get this astounding effect.

A contrast of rough stone and glossy tiles is another interesting approach that you should consider.

Mosaic at its Best

The sheer glamour of this decadent bathroom will knock your socks off! Let the gold and brown mosaic chips take over every inch of your bathroom. You can go for white fittings, but black too will work with aplomb. Simply gorgeous!

Be sure to incorporate brass or gold fittings to give your bathroom decor that extra edge.

The Joy of Murals!

Patterned tiles and transfers allow you a lot of room for experimentation. Indulge your whimsy by letting the pattern sweep the floor too. To enhance this gorgeous backsplash, a screen is a perfect addition.

However, if you have space constraints, you can restrict the use of the tiles to the shower area or above your vanity.

A Play of Pattern and Colour

A busy black and white flooring is a perfect match for a white backsplash with contrasting grouts. The magnificent vanity and the brass accessories complete this fabulous look. If you are looking for small bathroom backsplash ideas, this one is right up your alley!

Artsy With Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles may seem tame when you look at more fascinating backsplash ideas. But, at the end of the day, it all depends on how you use them! Bathroom backsplash ideas have a lot to offer, and it’s not difficult to get the equation right once you get the hang of it.

You can achieve this amazing effect by cutting the tiles diagonally and fashioning them into a work of art. This design is ideal for a vanity backsplash or on the focal wall in the shower area.

There are no rules where designing is concerned. With a bit of creativity, you can elevate the look of your bathroom by mixing styles, colours, and textures. And if it seems overwhelming, professional help is always there. Try HomeLane.

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