A living room is usually the centre of all activity at home. The best way to design or re-do the room is to think of all the different ways you want to use the space. Then it becomes easy to decide the layout and plan the use of clever multifunctional furniture. You may be entertaining guests at weekends or occasionally. You may love some quiet time for reading or want to listen to music and exercise in the mornings. Here are some interesting multipurpose living room ideas to bail you out of these situations. These interior hacks will help you plan your room with a purpose and shop smarter.

For the Weekend Party Host

Pick side table stools that stack up and can double-up as flexible seating. They also serve as tables to rest plates and glasses during the party. Or choose coffee tables which tuck stools beneath like this one. Extremely handy when you have plenty of guests over.

Multipurpose Living Room for Conversation starter

For the Storage Lover

An entertainment unit with plenty of storage is a great idea to maximize space in your room. Stove away extra blankets, photo albums and other items which don’t have a home elsewhere. Some sofa-beds also come with storage options and serve the purpose well.

Think of other spaces in the room where you normally use only the surface. Coffee tables, ottomans/pouffes, walls, corners, and even ceilings. Opt for coffee tables and ottomans with storage underneath to keep magazines, knick-knacks, and extra cushions. Floating wall units or shelves that hang from the ceiling can free up floor space, allow more light to flow through, and can visually expand your room.

Multipurpose Living Room Design

For the Book Lover

You may want a reading nook in a sunlit corner of the room. Arrange a pair of comfortable chairs and a side table, and you have a comfortable zone for yourself. A secret bar unit which is a bookshelf-cum-hidden bar is a smart piece of multi-use furniture for your living area. You can find such a piece at HomeLane.

You can also use a bookcase to divide your living area into two and give you the privacy you need.

Multipurpose Living room for Book Lovers

For the Conversation Starter

If you have friends dropping in often to catch up over coffee, your reading nook can double duty as a conversation corner with a side table.Multipurpose Living Room Ideas

Modular Sofa

A modular sofa where the pieces can be separated to create multiple seating areas is a great idea here. You can also put them back together to lounge in as a family and watch your favourite series. You can even move some of the parts away if you want to make more legroom at a bigger party.

modular sofa design for multipurpose Living room

Instant Nook for Their Favourite Activities

You may be a music or dance lover, or a health-conscious person. Or your kids may want to use the living area for play. A quick hack is to use a room divider that suits your décor. Reuse the divider whenever you need to carve out nooks for games, work or any other activities.

Expert Tip: The lighting in a room is easily overlooked while decorating. However, it is one of the most important aspects to create the mood that you want in a space. Use smart lighting which can dim or brighten the room to suit what you are doing in this comfort nook.

use of divider

For the Stayover Guest

You’ve got a few guests coming over to stay, and your bedroom capacity is not enough. Use sofa-cum-beds to convert a living room by day into a bedroom by night. If space allows, consider a diwan or day-bed, an easy option for sleepover guests.sofa cum bed

Here are our last few tips:

  • Remember to pick a unifying theme for the whole room when designing the multipurpose living room.
  • Stick with 2-3 Colours so that the room looks cohesive and not too packed.
  • You can also demarcate functions using rugs.

Fresh thinking and a creative spirit can help you pull off the perfect multi-functional space. Need help? Get in touch with HomeLane today and speak to our design experts.

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