Pillars are placed all over our homes to create a strong structural foundation. Visible pillars not only provide structural support but also add to the aesthetic value of the house. Wooden pillar designs are used in many different ways. To make the most of the available space, homeowners choose chic and timeless furniture to style their homes.

hand-crafted wooden pillar

This article will explore ways to add hand-crafted or simple wooden pillar designs to your staircase railings and the pooja room. We will explore a range of designs from delicately ornate or minimalist and classic styles. There’s something for everyone.

12 Wooden Pillar Designs for Staircase Railings and Mandirs

Consider the wooden pillar designs mentioned in this article which can be replicated for both staircases and pooja rooms, depending on your style and the available space.

1. Wooden Pillar Design with Glass Panels

The combination of glass panels with wooden staircase railing is a contemporary and chic design that is becoming increasingly popular. The wooden railing design doesn’t require carving; therefore, it is easier to clean, maintain and repair if needed. The gaps between the glass panels make this design suitable for a household with small children. The colour of the wooden railings can be coordinated with other decor elements of the living room.

wooden pillar with glass panels

2. Curved Wooden Pillar for Staircase

Wooden pillars don’t always have to be big and bulky. The same look can be achieved through clever design to make the most of your space. One way to do that is to add a curved wooden pillar to the end of your staircase railing. This wood pillar design isn’t too detailed but not too simple either. It finds the perfect balance between an eye-catching design and a minimalist aesthetic. The same idea can also be applied to the wooden pillars for the pooja room. Whether you have a small mandir in your home or a large one, these pillars add a classic charm to both staircase railings and mandirs.

wooden pillar for staircase

3. Classic Roman Style Wooden Pillar Design

This Roman-style pillar design is timeless and elegant for lovers of everything classic and old-school. It adds luxury to the room, decorated using classic elements like stone staircases and curved arches at the door. These traditional styles are popular in large family homes or farmhouses, where this wooden pillar design adds to the aesthetic instead of dominating the living room. While it catches the eye, it doesn’t diminish the other elements in the room. This design works just as seamlessly in the pooja room as well. Pair these pillars with a concrete or marble mandir for a regal look.

roman style wooden pillar

4. Ethereal, Ornamental Wooden Pillar

If you’re a lover of intricate details, this ornamental wooden pillar is guaranteed to appeal to your aesthetic. This wooden pillar design works equally well with or without the round top. It can be added to a room with an otherwise muted decor with simple furniture elements. It is designed to be the centre of attention. Try not to pair it with other intricate features that might seem too jarring or take the attention away from it. Pair this wooden pillar design with a simple prayer room aesthetic for a royal, ethereal look.

ornamental wooden pillar

5. Minimalist, Round Top Wooden Pillar Design

This is easily the most popular and classic wooden pillar design that might remind you of a chess board and pieces. It looks solid and minimalist at the same time. It has a quiet elegance that doesn’t take away from the other elements and gives a minimalist aesthetic to your living room decor. This pillar design works equally well in the pooja room. The top can be decorated or used for hanging paintings if required.

6. Unique, Carved Wooden Pillar Design

The entrance pillars of palatial mansions of the Mughal Era have inspired this wooden pillar design. It reflects elegance and opulence without being too jarring. The grey colour combined with the wooden slab of the staircase also lends a contemporary and minimalist look to this staircase design. Wood carving pillar designs are easily customisable to reflect the homeowner’s style. In the pooja room, they work best with an open-top mandir so that they are easily visible.

carved wooden pillar design

7. Red and White Spiral Top Staircase Pillar

We recommend pairing cosy colours together for a home that exudes warmth and comfort. This wooden pillar design is simple and sophisticated. The top spiral pillar has been added to make an understated and elegant style statement. These spiral pillars work perfectly well in outdoor and indoor staircase railings and mandirs. Contrasting colours of red and white are a classic combination that won’t go out of fashion any time soon.

 spiral top staircase pillar

8. Regal Square Top Wooden Pillar

While we have explored a few wooden pillar designs with round tops, it is worth mentioning square top designs too. This type of pillar looks regal and solid. It stands out compared to the metal bars in the staircase railing and looks minimal and chic. It can be added to the prayer room in many ways. Add two pillars to support the mandir for a smaller prayer room. If you don’t have a space constraint, add four wooden pillars for a mandir to give it an elegant look.

square top wooden pillar

9. A Pillar Made of Small Pillars

This wooden pillar has been designed using thinner, smaller pillars instead of a large block of wood. It gives a lighter look to the room instead of looking overwhelming. It pairs perfectly well with the wall decor since it doesn’t take the attention away from it. It can be used in hallways with limited space and the prayer room. However, we recommend using fewer wooden pillars, so the mandir doesn’t look too heavy and overbearing.

pillar made of small pillars

10. Floor to Ceiling Pillar Design

This wood design pillar supports the first floor, acts as the centre point for the staircase and looks graceful, all at the same time. Such wooden pillars are most suitable for studio apartments with limited space and little room to play with. It can be combined with a thin railing, or you can also do away with it altogether. These pillars can be painted to match the rest of the living room decor. Alternatively, you can choose a bright colour to make a bold statement.

floor to ceiling pillar design

11. Pointed Top Wooden Pillar Design

This wooden pillar design takes inspiration from cosy countryside homes in the rolling hills of England. The black colour also adds an element of minimalist, classic design. The carvings are delicate yet not too loud. They don’t scream for your attention; they quietly add style to your home. They can be used inside and outside the house. This design can also be used in the four corners of your mandir. The carvings can be customised to give them a more traditional Indian look.

pointed top wooden pillar

The Final Word

Wooden pillars add an element of grace and elegance to any space. When designed in accordance with your living room decor, they certainly bring opulence to the simplest of spaces. Whether you prefer intricate carvings or simple designs, these wooden pillar designs are guaranteed to reflect your style. Such designs that range from traditional to trendy can be seamlessly accommodated in staircases and pooja rooms.

countryside wooden pillar

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1. Is It Good to Have a Pillar in the Living Room?

Pillars work like a support system for the household. Usually, we end up with pillars in the middle of the living room if there has been an extension or renovation in the house. As per Vaastu, if there is a pillar in the living room, it is better to divide the area and separate the purpose. For example, it could be converted into a dining room or a home office.

2. How Do You Use a Wood Pillar?

A wooden pillar can be used in many ways. It can be added to the end of the staircase as a statement piece for your living room. Wooden pillars can also be used in the prayer room as a decorative element for your mandir. 

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