A house arch design is a must if you have a knack for amping up your home’s aesthetic through architectural intricacies. These minimalist dome-like structures can add to the volume of your rooms, enhance their dimensions, and highlight your tastes even better. Robust, rustic, or modern, these structures can connect different rooms, add a structural dimension to your doors and windows, and lift up the overall tone of your home.

Now that you are aware of what you can do with a house arch design, let’s dig into the kinds of arch designs for a home and determine which suit you the best. Confused about where to install a house arch design and how much it could cost?

Wait till we take you through all that you need to know. Given below are some of the most trending arch designs for a home that will acquaint you with home design. Explore these classic house arch designs and add that WOW factor to your home.

The Perfect House Arch Design for your Bedroom

Have you ever wondered what makes classic or heritage hotel rooms so royal? It is the perfect house arch design with a combination of light hues. A 3D arch over your bed is sure to add a heritage look to your room. Add a traditional dimension to your room with a simple combination of dim lights and light tones to highlight your bedroom better. These modern arches are best suited to accommodate various Indo-Western styles, including Roman and Sicilian styles of interior decor. Looking for a house arch design that best suits your aesthetic interior home design? We bet a bedroom arch will do the needful.

arch home design

House Arch Design for a Modular Kitchen

We all know the kitchen serves as the location that ties a family together. After all, what’s better than a plate of good food to keep the conversations flowing? Needless to say, it is vital to amp up the vibe of the kitchen through the right lighting and fittings. An arch will only add to the decor. It provides greater depth to your kitchen and also helps you save a lot of space. If you stay at a house with a common kitchen and dining room space, a simple arch on the walls can help you demarcate the two areas without the pain of installing a door.

Wondering the kind of house arch design will best suit your kitchen? We have the solution you are looking for.

house arch design for a modular kitchen

The Aesthetic Bathroom House Arch Design

We often fail to focus on stylising our bathrooms. However, that does not mean bathrooms are any less important. In fact, bathroom arches can serve both aesthetic and functional purposes. Suppose your bathroom does not have a separate bathing chamber; then, adding a house arch design can help you demarcate two places in your bathroom. Moreover, bathrooms with an arch have a royal look.

One can install bathroom arches even around the bathroom mirrors. Remember, setting up your bathroom and adding a distinct touch can be challenging. Thus, one of the best ways to design them would involve using 3D arches that perfectly complement the colour tone and texture of your bathroom.

aesthetic bathroom house arch design

The Heritage Veranda House Arch Design

There could be nothing better than having a royal balcony overlooking your backyard! Balconies help one observe activities through a new lens over a raised platform. It also adds to the elegance of your home. Moreover, a veranda arch design can be the best ornament to help your house carry a broad look.

You can use several kinds of arches for your balcony. Remember, a veranda arch design serves to be the prelude to the interior design style your guests walk into. Hence, it would be best to select a house arch design that summarises your home decor’s style. For instance, you can go for the classical and traditional arches or opt for a personalised 3D one. In contrast, you could also use a front elevation arch design for a house. What’s better than witnessing your guests or passersby look at them in awe?

veranda arch design

Living Room House Arch Design

Be it for the guests or your family, the living room holds a lot of stories. What you need apart from a broad mind is a broad space for your family and friends to spread out. The classic living room arch is an age-old house arch design that adds an extra dimension to your living room.

One can install various kinds of house arch designs in their living room, each with a different purpose and for a different style. If you are fond of classics, the traditional wall arch can help you highlight your living room aesthetics. Using a picture-perfect combination of dim lights positioned strategically can make your ceilings look higher and broader. Of course, we cannot go back to Victorian-era architecture; however, such a house arch design can help us recreate it.

beautiful arch design

Simplistic Window House Arch Design

How thrilling is it to outline those windows with a majestic arch? These beautiful arch designs can speak for your interior decor taste; there’s nothing better than witnessing rays of sunshine coming in from these arches. Let’s accept space crunch is a common issue with homes these days. So, if you are looking for innovative ideas to add volume to your rooms, a house arch design will be the best bet.

Trying out a double house arch design on your French door or windows can be the best way to highlight the dimensions of your room. Now imagine a set of beautiful curtains covering the majestic beauty. There’s literally nothing better.

window house arch design

The Vintage Brick House Arch Design

The vintage brick arch is one of the most trending arch designs for homes. These not just highlight your classy living room but also add a touch of old-school interior decor that can set your home apart. Try out a vintage brick arch design to relive the classical architectural style and pair it up with complementing colours. A few halogen lights or chandeliers with this house arch design can do wonders. What’s more? Such a house arch design can never go wrong with wooden furniture or floors.

vintage brick house arch design

Dining Room House Arch Design

What’s better than a minimalist dining room dotted with dim lights and an intricately designed arch? Installing compound arch designs in your dining room can be an effective way of adding to its volume and enhancing its beauty.

Install a wooden dining room arch, to add a textural difference to your room, and pair it up with complementary lights. In case you are planning to segregate it from your kitchen, beautiful arch designs for halls and kitchens might come in handy too.

dining room house arch model

Television House Arch Design

Often overlooked, the television arch serves several purposes. Not only does this house arch design offers a distinct textural element on your wall, serving as the perfect background to your 52-inch LED TV, but it can also offer enough room for you to tuck in minute showpieces or trinkets. Here’s the science behind it. An arch behind the television can add to the volume of the wall behind. Thus, it can enhance your binge-watching experience as you lay on your couch after a tiring day. Moreover, such a house arch design in the living room can also enhance the room’s lighting.

television house arch design


Though this home decor style was pioneered during the Roman Empire, it never grew old. Thus, whether compound arch designs or arch designs for halls and kitchens, these can always add a compelling exuberance to your home. Having said that, choosing the right house arch design that gels well with your interior-decor style can be challenging. What’s worse than being too confused about selecting the best arch? At Homelane, we make interior design hassle-free and exciting. Go through our house arch models, select the best house arch design for your house and grab the latest home decor ideas.


1. Which is the best arch design for the living room?

The house arch design you choose depends on the colour tone and overall vibe of your living room. However, if you are planning to add more volume to it or demarcate it from another area, like the kitchen, a wooden arch or a glass archway may be apt. One can think of several beautiful arch designs for their living room, and a wooden house arch design can add that aesthetical dimension to it. Pair this up with nude wall shades and halo lights to set up a living room that looks straight out of the movies.

2. What is an arch design for a house?

An arch is a semi-circular dome-shaped structure that can add more vo to your house. For instance, it can help you add volume to your otherwise less spacious rooms, demarcate various areas in the house, and enhance your home’s visual element. Arches have played a significant role in home interior decor for centuries, owing to their structural and functional characteristics. You can set up your home using various beautiful arch designs and add a unique touch to your rooms. In case you are looking for elements that can highlight your home better, compound arch designs are the best bet.

3. Can you install an arch on your balcony?

Yes, one can install an arch on the balcony. In fact, you can choose from a variety of veranda arch designs to add to the aesthetics of your balcony. Remember, the balcony and the entrance doors are the first things that attract guests, and a balcony arch can add to your home’s beauty. Moreover, a balcony arch can offer a cosy nook for your family and friends to relax. To put it simply, balcony arches are quite popular and can help you add a structural and visual element to your balcony.

4. What are the raw materials used in an arch?

The raw materials used in an arch depend on the type of arch design your choose. These raw materials have varied across different countries. For instance, most countries in Europe use red sand and bricks for a vintage arch design. In contrast, arches in India are made from cement, wood, etc. However, most arch designs use a few raw materials in common, which include cement, stones, etc. One may also find beautiful arch designs made of glass that add to the glamour of their house.

5. Is it expensive to install an arch?

Installing house arch designs can be an expensive affair. However, the cost of installing an arch also depends on the arch design you choose. For instance, arch designs for halls and kitchens might be more affordable than a front elevation arch design for a house. If you are looking for affordable and beautiful arch designs for your home, Homelane is your go-to place. We offer personalised arch designs for a home within one’s budget, helping you fulfil your home decor desires.

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