The word minimalism conjures images of homes with less furniture and light shades of colour. In short, dull and boring. But hey, there is a lot more to this look than meets the eye.

Minimalism is all about simplicity and elegance. It’s about smart layouts and modern seating. And it’s also about infusing natural and earthy colours into your home decor.

You can infuse the mood you like into your home decor by toning down your favourite shades or themes. Confusing? Let’s check out some minimalist combinations for your home to make the job easier for you.

Tone Down Your Colours

We get it. You love the vibrancy of red, the delight of yellow, and the magnetism of orange. Does it go against the grain of minimalist decor?

Probably. But that doesn’t mean you don’t use these shades in your home decor. You will have to tweak the shades a little, though. So, how do you go about it? Well, your red may be more of dirty pink. Your yellow will have strong hints of ochre, and your brilliant blue, an understated bluish-grey.

Tone Down Your Colours

Try the Sandy Beach Colour Palette

This colour palette explores the bold blues of the ocean, the orange energy of the setting sun, and the gold of the sandy beaches. In short, it’s all about energy, fun, and joy.

How do you incorporate this palette into your decor? Remember, we are talking minimalism. That means toning down these glorious shades to suit the theme.

Your options? A rich beige on your walls, with accents of off-white, toned-down orange, and blue scattered around the room. You can opt for a blue couch upholstery with beige armchairs or vice versa. The colourful cushions will do the rest.

Sandy Beach Colour Palette

How About a Spring Theme?

Spring is about the lush green foliage, the exuberance of pink blossoms, and a clear blue sky. With such a colour palette, what more do we need?

Green is nature in all its goodness. Pink is utterly feminine. It’s about love and nurturing. Blue is trustworthy and dependable.

How do you infuse these colours into a minimalist home? Neutral shades such as beige or grey can predominate. Add pink or peach accessories to the decor. You can add plants for your green vibe, or even add a few pastel green accents to your decor.

Spring Theme

Colour Block Strategics

Shades such as orange and blue, or red and green are easy to add to a neutral decor. You can use peachy orange, teal, or moss green on your accessories to get a magnificent look.

These little splashes of colour will give you the desired ambience without going over the top. You will get the best of both worlds, minimalist combinations for home decor with bold colours running through it.

Colour Block Strategics

The Monochrome Look

For a striking minimalist look, try the starkness of black against white. For accents, you can add geometric patterns in black and white to amp the look. Grey tones work well too if you want to water down the effect. This magnificent look is minimalism at its best.

The Monochrome Look

Do it with Coffee and Beige

Earthy shades of rich coffee, rust, and nut-brown exude a cosy and stylish decor. It’s all about infusing an outdoorsy vibe into your home. These gorgeous colours invoke a Japanese vibe into your decor. Japandi home designs use a lot of warm oranges, beige and light browns, and are an amalgamation of Japanese and Scandinavian decor. Perfect for your minimalist decor.

coffee and beige decor ideas

Try the Coastal Theme

The coastal theme is about pebbly beaches, the golden sand, and soft blue shades that personify the ocean. To get this look right, all you need to do is play around with shades of blue and beige, with a bit of nut-brown thrown in. Blue is serene and evokes trust. Brown grounds the theme with its steadfastness.

How to use these shades in your decor? Let tones of a beige rule on your walls and your upholstery. Let the browns dominate on your flooring to bring out the dull beige tones. And to bring home the ocean theme, a splash of blue on your wall art or cushions will complete this magnificent look.

Try the Coastal Theme

Tame the Ocean Waves

Waves are turbulent. They thrash mercilessly on the beach, letting the water hiss on the sands before they recede. And yet, the sea is calming and peaceful. To channel this calming effect into your home, you can opt for the ocean theme.

Taking inspiration from the ocean, opt for the frothy off-white of the receding waves, or the gentle blue or aqua green of the water. Shades of grey can be your base colour. You can add hints of blue to your upholstery with benign or muted green shades as accessories. To bring home this look, you can add seashells and wicker baskets to your decor.

Tame the Ocean Waves

Less is more. And what better way to get your minimalist look right than by using a toned-down colour palette? For a novice, it’s not always easy to get this look right. But HomeLane is there to guide your choices. Visit us at HomeLane.

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