Chevron stripes or paisley prints, handloom textures or silken weaves—it’s no secret that throw pillows make all the difference to your sofa décor! Whether you’re looking for solid, functional back support, or just something squishy to hold on to when you’re binge-watching Netflix—the right accent pillows can add style and substance to your living room couch. And as the best decorators will agree, simply propping them up in a line just won’t do! Throw pillows must be beautifully mixed and matched, for that perfectly breezy, casual look of studied disarray.

Here are our best tips for nailing the perfectly mismatched look!

Brighten Up!

Looking for something to brighten up a dull day? These bold, solid cushions could be just what you need! Brightly coloured pillows against a silver-grey backdrop spark drama and make a sensational statement in this living room. Variously hued blank picture frames on the wall, and pouffes that pack a punch, tie the rainbow theme together.

Use Focal Colours that Match the Décor

If bright hues aren’t your thing, try picking out a focal element in the room, and match your pillow colours to it. It could be a brightly hued rug, a lovely piece of artwork, or even a designer accent chair. You can mix and match patterns that are centred on this colour, and throw in a few strategically placed bold cushions to provide lively counterpoints.

Play Around with Textures

Texture adds tactile interest and visual appeal to any material, and by interspersing pillows of a rough or shaggy texture in between soft or velveteen materials, you’re adding depth to your grouping! Playing around with different textures helps to achieve a layered look without too much effort. Pillows encased in faux fur, decorated with tassels and finished in hand-knotted fabric add playful, fun elements to the collection.

textured sofa pillow

Mix and Match Sizes

There’s no rule that says you have to stick to the same size—or even the same shape of throw pillows! Square cushions are mixed with bolsters in this comfortable mish-mash, and the single patterned black and white pillow throws in stark contrast to the gentle, pastel colour theme.

mixing different size sofa pillow

Create a Spectrum of Similar Shades

Another way to create interest is to keep the sizes and shapes the same, match the fabric, and vary the shades along with the same family. This pretty collection of cushions that deepen in hue from pale pink through blush rose to a soft violet, creates an enchanting effect, especially against the backdrop of the lush cream sofa.

pink purple and white sofa pillow

Play Around with the Same Shade

This stunning arrangement of cushions on the couch plays around with shades and patterns in the same colour. The leaf green sofa upholstery is set off by the motley collection of textured, patterned and plain green cushions, with the textured throw—also in green—emphasizing the monotone palette.

monchromatic sofa pillow

Experiment with Patterns

A play on patterns is fun to work with, especially when it’s within the same colour family. And when you’re using just black and white, you can never go wrong! Stripes, geometric prints, or leaf prints in these yin and yang colours add definition and style to this simple seating area. The trick to getting this look right is to experiment with small, medium and large sized patterns, and give equal importance to each of them.

geometric print sofa pillow

Work with a Two-Tone Theme

Dual colour themes are in! Pick two shades at opposite ends of the spectrum for a sharp contrast, or opt for soft complementary hues. This twin pairing of pastel pink and sand dune yellow go beautifully well together, and the lush velvet upholstery adds to the luxe effect. It’s a good idea to pick your colour story from elements in the room, so that you get a cohesive look in the end.

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two colour sofa pillow

Work in Groups of Three or Five

The rule of thumb for cushions on the couch is to go with odd numbers; three, if you want a more formal arrangement, or five or seven if you love to have them piled up! Whether you choose to work with a defined colour palette or experiment with patterns or textures, it’s important to have a unified idea running through the entire theme. This lovely ensemble in shades of blue and white uses rectangles and squares of varying sizes, all connected by the striking dual colour palette.

mix and match sofa pillow

There really are no rules to putting together a collection of pillows. Get as creative as you would like, while staying on top of your colour and pattern themes.  Ultimately, what’s important is that each print, texture or hue should speak to you and should go well with the overall design vocabulary that you have chosen for your home. There’s no underestimating the power of a throw pillow, so mix and match with care!

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